D.B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership

2008 Radio Series

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April 1
Scott Fritz: What Does it Take to Be a Hero?
A devastating flood brings forth a story of courage and heroic action.

April 8
Paul Wotzka: The Public’s Right to Know  
One scientist takes a stand and loses his job in the process.

April 15
Paul and Adelina: Teen Talk

Two middle school students, Paul Escher and Adelina Yankova talk about their hopes, dreams, and challenges.

April 22
Al McCormick: A Local Entrepreneur’s Story
Starting local, going global.

April 29
Nick Nichols: Going Green
Practicing environmental stewardship in a large organization.

May 6
Keith Knutson: Across the Political Divide
Can we get beyond partisan politics?  

May 13
Rick Stewart: A Passion for Teaching

A teacher of the year talks about the rewards and challenges of his profession.

May 20
Marilyn Pedretti: Living Simply
The builder of a straw bale house describes the joys of doing more for oneself.

May 27
Bud Hammes: Our Most Difficult Decision
How do we approach the end of life?

June 3
Dan Green: Caricatures of Choice

An American Indian shares his perspective on Indian mascots.

June 10
Dave Skogen: Selling Groceries and Growing People

A servant leader talks about the importance of focusing on people to build a successful business.

June 17
Ce Ce Mullenbach: Losing a Child
A mother talks about a life-changing experience.

June 24
Ed Kondracki: The Life of a Police Officer

A look at the human being behind the badge.

Sept. 2
Andrea, Eleanor, and Sara Hansen: Living and Loving

Three generations respond to the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease.

Sept. 9
Ben Logan: The Land Remembers

A prominent writer gives voice to the land.

Sept. 16
Wayne Oliver: Banking on Ethics

For responsible bankers, it’s all about serving people and helping them with their needs.

Sept. 23
Bruce Brown: Winning and Losing

A nationally renowned coach talks about sports and character development.

Sept. 30
Steve Meyer: Church without Boundaries

A pastor talks about ministering to people where they are.

Oct. 7
Judy Aufenthie: Meet a Life Coach

Helping people navigate life in an increasingly complex world.

Oct. 14
Barbara Kooiman: Historic Preservation

Can we save our historic buildings while meeting the demands of the future?

Oct. 21
Tom Skemp: Saving Souls Behind Bars

The life of a jail chaplain.

Oct. 28
Tom Rand: Aging with Dignity

A nursing home administrator talks about the challenges of caring for the elderly.

Nov. 4
Bill Reese: Understanding Religion

A theologian discusses the significance of religion in a pluralistic world.

Nov. 11
Jennifer Burelbach: Understanding Mental Illness

A psychologist offers her perspective.

Nov. 18
Nicole Milliren: Cycles of Abuse

A social worker advocates for compassion in dealing with child abuse cases.

Nov. 25
John Gaddo: The Place of Public Radio

Serving the public through radio that belongs to you.

Day to Day Ethics is produced and edited by Chuck Ericksen; interviews and production assistance provided by Pat Kerrigan; produced for broadcast by John Gaddo; music composition by Earl Madary; project advisor, Richard Kyte.