D.B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership

2007 Radio Series

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May 1
Carl Bargabos: Soldiers at War
Carl, a retired colonel, shares stories about our veterans, the virtue of fortitude, and their ability to survive the trauma of war.

May 8
Stuart Robertshaw: Prescription for a Good Laugh

Known as Dr. Humor, Stuart takes a serious look at the need for laughter in our everyday lives.

May 15
Gail Vaughn: Advocating Peace and Justice

Gail, Wisconsin's Peacemaker of the Year, talks about what motivates her to work for causes important to her.

May 22
Leslie Slauenwhite
: New Beginning….New Life
Once homeless, Leslie shares her story and that of other women who struggle socially and economically, and how the Matthew 25 ministry changed her life.

May 29
Brian Rude: Politicians and Ethics

Highly respected for his integrity, Brian, a former politician, explores ethical issues that confront our elected officials.

June 5 
Linnea Jackson: Compassionate Care for Our Dying Days

Linnea talks about her experience with hospice, the power of love, and the importance of dignity during the final chapter of life.

June 12
Pat Ruda: Alcohol and Teens--What's the Limit?

Pat, from Coulee Council on Addictions, talks about the all-important role of parents and the challenges they face in confronting this complex societal and family issue.

June 19
Ron Malzer: Marriage for Better or Worse

Ron, a marriage and family counselor, reflects on how to keep a marriage alive and thriving, as well as the pitfalls to avoid.

June 26
Terry Rindfleisch: A Reporter's Story

Terry, a newspaper man, talks about what it is like pursuing the truth, confronting deadlines, and chasing down stories that we all take for granted in reading the morning paper.

July 3
Carol Dammon: Once Bottomed-Out, Now Halfway Home

Carol was full of despair until the YWCA’s Ruth House came into her life. Now she is a role model who talks about the importance of a safe and supportive environment.

July 10
Jim Nissen: Serving the Public Good

Jim works for you and me managing the Mississippi River. There are a lot of competing interests, so how does he get us all to agree on these common interests?

July 17
Jearold Holland: A Personal Perspective on Being Black in La Crosse

Jearold talks about race, stereotypes and his life in the Coulee Region.

July 24
Skip Jones: Storyteller and Community Folksinger
Skip says there's more to a good yarn than telling a tall tale and that stories have the ability to give us a better understanding of ourselves and our world.

July 31
Dick Swantz: The Inner Work of Leadership
Dick, a highly successful local leader, talks about the ingredients that nurture the competent and respected leader.

August 7
Holly Briggs: The Making of a Teacher

Aside from parents, our teachers spend the most time with our children. Holly talks about the qualities that go into this very important profession and the people who love to do it.

August 14
Fr. Tom O’Neill: Hope….a Virtue When All Else Fails

Fr. Tom works in college campus ministry and he talks about hope, one of the least known and most misunderstood virtues. 

These broadcasts were developed with assistance from:
John Gaddo: Production and editing assistance
Chuck Ericksen: Production coordination and editing assistance
Earl Madary: Music-original composition
Richard Kyte: Project Advisor
Pat Kerrigan: Interviewing and production assistance.