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Dahl School Renovation Project

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Our vision for Dahl School business students is that they will experience here what we hope they lead their organizations toward in the future—collaboration, creativity, and meaningful connections to each other, the community, and the environment. We aim to instill in our students the importance of "big picture" thinking, innovation, and interconnectedness in leading positive change.

A Space to Build Community, Connections, Collaboration, and Creativity

Dahl School faculty go above and beyond to connect our students to the business community and build their confidence while instilling in them a sense of purpose and ethical identity. Our renovations provide the foundation in a number of ways.

  • An open space (student commons) with natural light and access to an outdoor gathering space fosters an even stronger community of learners.
  • Accessible technology available in an open space promotes creative thinking and increases our students' proficiency with these increasingly critical business tools.
  • The executive atmosphere and technology in the mock boardroom help prepare students for engagement in a business setting.
  • An inviting auditorium with updated technology provides a space for our many visiting speakers and leaders to address all traditional undergrads or graduate students and offers a space for us to gather as a student body and faculty for large group meetings, celebrations, and addresses.
  • Collaboration spaces of various sizes creates a comfortable environment for group work required in nearly all business classes and the technology for students to collaborate and innovate.
  • A large meeting center provides an ideal classroom setting for group discussion and learning
  • An airy and accessible entrance to the building invites community members and helps to strengthen our identity on campus and beyond. 
  • Offices on second floor converted into interviewing labs allow students to get "hands-on" experience with career-related activities (interviews, giving and getting feedbacks, practicing presentations, conducting focus groups etc.) in a risk-free environment using video technology for analysis.
  • Updated  windows, restrooms, lighting, hallways, floors, ceilings, doors, and stairwells create an efficient and welcoming business environment that is inviting to the hundreds of undergraduate adult learners and MBA students working as professionals during the day and coming to campus in the evening, business leaders from the community who come to meet with students or faculty, and the many area nonprofit leaders who come to campus for Dahl School offerings each month.
  • The updated environment is aligned with the environments we hope our students ultimately create in the organizations they one day lead: active, collaborative, applied, connected, innovative, and forward-looking. The first phase of renovation of Brophy gives our students spaces in which to practice speaking and learning in an executive setting. The second and third phases give our students and faculty a space in which to create.


A Space to Grow

The Dahl School's degree program enrollments have grown nearly 40% since 2005. In addition to the students in the traditional undergraduate, degree completion, and MBA programs, the DSOB also serves a growing number of greater community members through its non-degree offerings (including a nonprofit leadership certificate program and executive leadership workshops for specific business executives and managers).


Phases I, II and III of the renovation were completed during the summers of 2011, 2012 and 2014. Fundraising for final phase of the project is underway.

We are grateful to each of our alumni, community partners, corporate partners, and friends who understand our mission and have invested in the future of our students.

To learn more about the Dahl School renovation project, contact Tom Knothe, J.D., Dean of the Dahl School of Business, at teknothe@viterbo.edu.

The mission of the Dahl School of Business is to value every student and prepare each one to make a difference as an ethical and effective leader in organizations and society.