Newly Approved General Education Courses
   (Excludes generic VUSM sections)


Course Number        Course Title       GE status   
ARTS 286 (summer 2012)   Exploring Fine Arts    G5  
BIOL 296   Microbiology for Health Professionals   Natural Sciences/G7  
COMM 110   Visual Culture   Artistic Awareness/G5  
COMM 230        Media, Technology, and Culture   Social Science/G8  
ENGL 486-01 (f 2012)        JK Rowling and Harry Potter (Honors)   Literary Analysis/G6   
HIST 347       The Civil War and Reconstruction, 1850-1877   Historical Analysis/G4  
MGMT 300
  Business Reporting   Information Literacy Foundations    
OMGT 302   Business Communication   Written Communication 2 Foundations   
PHIL 375   Philosophy and Film   Philosophical and Moral Inquiry/G3  
RLST 311   The Gospels        Theological Inquiry/G2  
RLST 342   Perspectives in Christian Theology   Theological Inquiry/G2  
VUSM 120   Franciscan Tradition and Christian Theology   Theological Inquiry/G2  
VUSM 140   Bartolome de las Casas   Historical Analysis/G4  
VUSM 150   Music and More   Artistic Awareness/G5  
VUSM 170   Franciscan Sustainability and Praxis   Natural Sciences/G7  
VUSM 180        Franciscan Values and Social Justice   Social Science/G8  
VUSM 201   Introduction to International Business   Social Science/G8  
VUSM 226       Religious Diversity and Leadership   Integrating Faith and Practice/G2   
VUSM 252        Women in Theatre   Literary Analysis/G6  
VUSM 260   Multicultural Literature   Literary Analysis/G6  
VUSM 280   Diversity and Social Justice   Social Science/G8  
VUSM 291   Communication across Barriers   Social Science/G8  
VUSM 325   The Common Good in the Life of a Christian   G2  
VUSM 330        Classical Conceptions of the Common Good   Philosophical and Moral Inquiry/G3  
VUSM 340   The Lakota of the Great Plains   Historical Analysis/G4  
VUSM 431   The Ethical Life from the New Testament Gospels   G3  

last updated: 6.11.2012