LIVE Learning Outcomes


with AAC&U VALUE rubic links

1. Students contribute to their communities through service and leadership.

 Social Justice
(modified from AAC&U Civic Engagement)

2. Students respond to ethical issues, using informed value systems.

Ethical Reasoning & Moral Development 

3. Students understand their own and other cultural traditions and demonstrate a respect for the diversity of human experience.

Intercultural Knowledge 


4. Students comprehensively explore issues, ideas, artifacts, and events before accepting or formulating an opinion or conclusion.

Critical Thinking 


5. Students transfer learning to new, complex situations within and beyond the campus.

Integrative Learning 


6. Students identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively and responsibly use and share information in a variety of contexts.

Information Fluency 

7. Students speak and write to suit varied purposes, audiences, disciplines, and contexts. 

Oral Communication
Written Communication 


Learning Outcomes 2009-10