Core Curriculum

VUSM 300 Serving the Common Good

Following in the Franciscan tradition and Viterbo value of service, Serving the Common Good gives students experience in civic engagement. Students will participate in activities designed to foster the common good while reflecting on their values and practices of community, servant leadership, and collaboration. Partnerships and collaborations with community partners will allow students to demonstrate a developing competency of community engagement and responsibility. Prerequisite: Any VUSM200 course.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will connect a service-learning experience to their understanding of social justice and their commitment to the common good.
  2. Students will interpret a service-learning experience using principles of servant leadership, the common good, and course-specific content.
  3. Students will analyze how a service-learning experience clarifies their understanding of their own cultural beliefs, attitudes, practices, and communication strategies.
  4. Students will demonstrate understanding of cultural differences and respond with appropriate communication strategies.

Service Learning Parameters

Student-Learning Experience: The structure of the service-learning component will be diverse from section to section of VUSM 300 and VUSM 470. However, all sections are required to meet the following requirements:

• Total Service experiences total a minimum of 25 hours over the semester the course is being offered.----OR-----
• Students have 10 separate service experiences over the course of the semester

• All service experiences adhere to the principles of service learning and are a response to community need while also meeting course objectives.
For sections running in compressed, seven-week format, the numbers above are 20 hours or 8 instances.

All students who complete service learning through VUSM 3XX must:
- Complete the Filewaiver_releaseof_liability_form.docx
Microsoft Office document iconoff_campus_medical_information_form.doc
Please contact Kirsten Gabriel at at 3-4 weeks prior to students engaging in off-campus service to verify that the above-listed items have been taken care of.

Faculty facilitating off-campus service experiences must
Soul of a Citizen by Paul Rogat Loeb, common text for VUSM 300
Learning through Serving by Cress et al.
Theory of Justice by John Rawls

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FileServing the Common Good Final Assignment Guidelines and Rubric 2014-2015 draft