Viterbo Website Update

By Eric Weinberg, communications and marketing

Members of the communications and marketing office would like to thank the campus community for their contributions to improving our website these last few months. As many of you know, we have been making changes on the site to enhance its marketing and recruitment focus. Most evidently, we have rolled out new designs and content for academic major pages along with improving the university homepage. As a result, our targeted marketing goals have risen. For example, the last four months have seen a 31 percent increase in traffic to our campus visit page. Other goals have risen as well.
Alongside these positive markers, we have seen an increase in user satisfaction. Users are showing longer engagement and returning with more frequency. Metrics for our site show that it ranks very well in page load time and other key performance indicators. A recent external audit confirmed some of this positive news. After assessing our site using a standardized usability and satisfaction questionnaire, a website auditing firm scored our site in the top five percent of all higher education websites that the firm analyzed. Although a small sampling, this assessment revealed positive results, further highlighting the benefits of these ongoing improvements. We would like to acknowledge the input from the campus community which has contributed to this progress. There are more changes to come as we are reviewing proposals to choose a firm to further update and enhance Viterbo’s Web presence and recruitment efforts.