Viterbo Inclement Weather Plan Reminder

Viterbo’s inclement weather plan is invoked only in the most serious times when conditions make travel to and from campus dangerously imprudent or other events cause serious safety concerns.

However, in cases of severe weather, conditions throughout the region vary significantly. Individuals should exercise prudence in determining the safety of a commute from their respective location. If the condition warrants, suitable arrangements between instructor and students will be made to make up for the absence.

Individual class cancellations: Faculty are asked to post their class cancellations using Moodle to notify students. In the event that classes are cancelled, communications office staff will notify the media. Those responsible for directing a special event (i.e., fine arts performance, athletic contest, music lesson), may or may not determine to hold or cancel the planned event. The responsible party is required to provide appropriate notification to participants.

When conditions warrant (dangerous temperatures, snow, ice, wind or rain) or other events (e.g., electrical failure, chemical spill), a decision will be made in consultation or upon the authorization of President Glena Temple or her designee to determine if classes are cancelled. Based on changing conditions, the plan can be implemented at any time.

Hourly employees who do not report to work, report late, or leave work before the end of the work day because of weather conditions, will be allowed to make up lost time during the remainder of the work week, as much time as is beneficial to the office and university. Leave without pay or vacation pay, if preferred, may be used to cover the absence. In the case of a salaried employee, the immediate supervisor should work out an arrangement to make up for lost time in a manner consistent with the employee’s work assignment.

As a reminder, if the president or her designee cancel classes, Viterbo employees are still required to report to work. If the President or her designee closes campus, employees who provide non-essential services are not required to report to work. 

Contact Heather Butterfield, human resources, with any questions.