Take the Survivor Viterbo Challenge March 27–May 5

By Samantha Fitzpatrick, Viterbo wellness intern

Researchers agree that being well versed in all exercise types can help improve overall health and prevent injury. The Survivor Viterbo program is doing just that, giving you a feel for a variety of different exercise programs so you, too, can improve your health and prevent injury. Rec sports is challenging you to complete a variety of exercises each week and to meet the minimum point requirement to be entered in a raffle. Out play, out move, out fun!

Following the program is simple—complete the mini challenges and the main event each week to earn points and turn in your log by the following Monday at 5 p.m. Logs can be turned in by electronically filling out an Excel file and emailing it to wellness at Viterbo, or completing a paper copy of the Excel file and turning it in to the Mathy Center, or send via interdepartmental mail to rec sports. Logs will be sent to participants in a weekly email with health and fitness tidbits.

To register, visit the Mathy Center or fill out your mailbox insert and send back via interdepartmental mail to rec sports. Cost is $5 to participate, which must be paid before the end of the registration period. The challenge begins on Monday, March 27. Registration will close Friday, March 31.

Check out the website for more information or contact Samantha at wellness@viterbo.edu