Meet Lee Bushong

Name: Lee Bushong

Position: Assistant professor, sociology and criminal justice

Education background: Currently completing a Ph.D. in public safety administration. I have a master’s degree with a concentration in human remains identification and trauma analysis and forensic behavior analysis. My undergraduate degrees are in psychology and criminal justice.

Previous employer and position/Past experience as related to current position: I hail from Florida Gulf Coast University where I served as both a visiting instructor and as adjunct faculty. Previous to my employment there, I was a deputy sheriff holding positions as patrolman, detective, homicide detective, patrol sergeant, detective sergeant and detective lieutenant. Additionally, I served with the Florida Emergency Mortuary Operational Response System.

Hometown: Fort Myers, Fla.

Why did you choose Viterbo as your next employer? I chose Viterbo because of its location and Catholic identity.

Of the five Viterbo values, which resonates with you most and why? The most resonating value is that of integrity. This value is fundamental in all aspects of life and in my opinion, defines one’s character as it reflects upon the other values.

Hobbies: I am an avid diver and like to be outdoors. I recently tried sailing.

Unique fact about you: I am a former active duty Marine.

Anything about your family you would like to share: I have two sons and a one daughter. My oldest just enlisted in the Marines. My middle son is an MMA fighter and wrestler. He just started school at Holmen High. My daughter just entered kindergarten.