It’s Never Too Late for a Library Intervention

By Annie Baumann

As you sift through students’ submitted outlines, thesis proposals, and first drafts, you may realize that your students are less prepared for college research than you initially thought. Don’t give up hope. There’s still plenty of time for a library intervention.

In addition to the always popular librarian guest lecture, the library has other research tutorials available upon request to aid your students specifically in the areas in which they are struggling the most. The How do I…? research guide contains several short library tutorials that you can select and use at your discretion to provide your students with a concise overview of the available library services and tools.




If your students are completing an assignment that is far from generic, we can customize tutorials specifically to your discipline or assignment. Our available tutorial platforms range from streamed video tutorials to step-by-step interactive tutorials (see the image at left, for example). If you are teaching an online class and your students are most comfortable within the Moodle course page framework, an instruction librarian can work with you to develop a tailored Moodle activity (like a lesson, quiz, wiki, or journal) or to embed a non-Moodle tutorial within your Moodle course page.

Curious? Here are some tutorials created for the religious studies department, for MGMT 300, and for a class completing an annotated bibliography assignment.

Interested? Contact Annie Baumann by email or ext. 3278 or Kim Olson-Kopp by email or ext. 3263.