Encourage Students to Take the National College Health Assessment Survey

By Sue Danielson

On Feb. 27, Viterbo students will receive an invitation to complete the American College Health Association National College Health Assessment (ACHA-NCHA) survey online. The ACHA health assessment offers national data about student health habits, behaviors, and perceptions. It includes a wide range of health issues, such as:

  • weight, nutrition, and exercise
  • personal safety and violence
  • mental health
  • sexual health
  • alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use

The NCHA is an easily completed online survey that takes about 20–30 minutes. Faculty and staff are asked to encourage students to compete the survey. Students will be randomly selected for incentive prizes.

The ACHA recommends using the survey results to help:

  • identify the most common risks to academic performance and retention
  • better understand students’ health trends and determine the health areas of highest priority
  • report on-campus behavioral norms
  • design new health programs and evaluate current strategies
  • compare your specific campus data with national ACHA-NCHA data