Drupal Goes Live Next Monday

By Pat Kerrigan, communications and marketing

The wait is almost over. Well ahead of our June deadline for the Ektron-to-Drupal migration, Viterbo’s website will officially switch over to the new CMS Monday, Feb. 16. The most widely used CMS in higher education will offer users a suite of amenities that will offer efficiencies for anyone using www.viterbo.edu

For example, the site will load five times faster. Because Drupal is hosted on the Cloud, the Viterbo site also will be shielded from power and network outages that plagued our previous site.

So far, over 100 Viterbo employees have been trained in Drupal and many have commented on the ease of use when editing and posting content.

The homepage and subpages will appear somewhat different taking advantage of a more responsive design allowing these pages to be viewed more easily on any device. Viterbo students also provided critiques regarding marketing/admission driven Web strategies which were factored in the redesign.