A Busy Summer for IIT

By Sarah Bearbower, IIT

We have a very busy summer planned in Information and Instructional Technology. A number of our projects will happen behind the scenes, including server updates, network updates, wireless access point upgrades, computer hardware upgrades, etc. However, there are a few we want to bring to your attention in case you need to plan for these changes.

  • Windows 10 is Coming: We plan to start our roll out of Windows 10 to all podium computers and labs over the summer.
  • Office 2016 Campus Wide: While some areas have already made the transition to the new Office software, we will update all university computers throughout the summer months. You will receive an email from Chad Gilbeck prior to the upgrade. If coordination is needed you may work with Chad at that time.
  • Moodle Upgrade to 2.9: Moodle will be upgraded the week of May 9. Instructional design will communicate about changes and training materials following the update.
  • Upgrading Ensemble: The server will be getting upgraded the week of May 9. Instructional design will update their training materials over the summer months.
  • Turning Point Software End of Life: Turning point is the classroom response system clickers utilized by a number of classes. This system requires an upgrade of the software and a new subscription model for students. The current version loses support in July 2016.
  • Office Moves for IIT Staff: Steve Wenger, Neil Rouse, Aaron Larson, Sarah Bearbower, Mary Mormann, Andrew Anderson, Mark Bateman and Cynthia Goede will move to the 5th floor of Murphy Center over the summer. Our email and phone numbers will not change. We look forward to having an open house in the fall.

We ask that you shut down technology devices, printers, desktops, monitors, etc. if you plan to be away from you office more than a day. This assists with energy costs and equipment heat over the summer months. If you are a student returning in the fall, remember to conduct your windows updates and virus scanner updates over the summer months and watch for news from residence life in the fall with TV, computer and wireless recommendations. If you are a graduating student, review the Helpdesk FAQ related to your account access.

If you have any technology needs or requests that you’d like to put on our radar, let us know ASAP. Our summer is looking very full and the earlier we know of your needs the easier it will be to determine timelines.