Attend DNP Defenses this Week

The Viterbo community is invited to attend project defenses by Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) students this week:

Wednesday, Feb. 6 in the School of Nursing Building room 104

9 a.m. Ashley Nelson and Eukeria Epse Boila Nsameluh: “In thoracic surgery patients, does receiving a post-discharge follow-up phone call impact patient satisfaction or readmission rates when compared with those who did not receive a follow-up phone call over a six-month period?"

10 a.m. Courtney Beyer and Annaliese Wagner: "In veterans with Parkinson’s Disease at a local Midwest Veterans Affairs facility, will participating in therapeutic dance movement decrease symptoms and improve functional mobility and sit to stand scores over a three-month period?"

11 a.m. Chelsea Holst: “In all patients seen at a Midwestern family medicine ambulatory care clinic and the nurses and providers who work at the same clinic, does the implementation of a set of communication recommendations for both the patients and providers/nurses improve overall and communication specific patient experience scores when evaluated at six months compared with current practice?”

3 p.m. Sara Sorensen and Katie Lemke: “Will a nurse-led educational program on advance care planning components (ACP) improve understanding of ACP among community-dwelling adults ≥ 65 years of age as evidenced by improvement by 10% in post-test compared to pre-test results?”

Saturday, Feb. 9 in the School of Nursing Building room 195

10 a.m. Nancy Formella: “Over a three-month period, how do home hospice nurses with at least six months of experience perceive themselves on the life balance/satisfaction, spiritual, mental and emotional scales of the short form of the Integrative Health and Wellness Assessment (IHWA) before and after three structured nurse coaching sessions compared to hospice nurses with at least six months of experience who do not receive nurse coaching?”

11 a.m. Lindsey Durham and Stephanie White: "Does an interactive nutrition and lifestyle education program provided to children age 6-12 who are overweight or obese demonstrate a reduction in basal metabolic index (BMI) and waist circumference at six months compared to pre-intervention?"

1 p.m. Shelly Copley: "In residents who reside in a long-term care facility in southeast Minn., can a structured ACP process model improve ACP note completion rates by 50% and demonstrate increased satisfaction and knowledge from NPs and PAs, compared to current practices over a three-month time frame?”