Community Interpreting Certificate

Internships and Community Service

The impact of the program is remarkable and speaks volumes about the caliber of students and their accomplishments.We are proud of the many bridges that we have built within our own community, with local agencies, and with international partners.

Medical Mission in Guatemala (Refuge International)

Every February a medical mission is organized by Refuge International in San Raymundo, Guatemala, where more than 50 volunteers from around the US provide medical care in this clinic. Viterbo University collaborates with Refuge International to offer a hands-on practicum experience for graduate and undergraduate nursing students, as well as for 2 students in the Community Interpreting Certificate. The Viterbo Community Interpreting Certificate provides a scholarship to help the students in the program with the cost of this experience.

Students who have attended:

  • Megan Baumgartner, 2017
  • Ariane Lydon, 2017
  • Kris Ward, 2015
  • Carla San Raymundo, 2013
  • Carla Townsend, 2012
  • Gregg Attleson, 2011
  • Ismelda Reyes, 2010
Rebecca Liebert
Assistant Professor
NRC 417

Nicaragua and Global Partners

Viterbo University also participates with the Global Partners medical brigade in Nicaragua. Social workers, medical teams, educators and students from Viterbo have been working with this project since 2011 to work on various community projects in the Matagalpa region. Pediatrician at Gundersen Health System and graduate of the Community Interpreting Certificate, Dr. Richard Strauss attended this project in 2015.

Students who have attended:

  • Richard Strauss, 2015
Taylor Corbett
Study Abroad and Academic Integration Activities Coordinator
MRC 377

Internship at Mayo Health System

Since 2012, seven students in the interpreting program have had the opportunity to benefit from the partnership between the Community Interpreting Certificate and Mayo Health System in La Crosse. These students will be able to complete their internships by observing and working with medical interpreters. This internship is a result of efforts made by two graduates of the certificate, Jennifer Carr and Ismelda Reyes.

Jennifer Carr
Language Services, Mayo Health System
608-392-7912, ext. 27912

Sparta and Other Area School Districts

Students in the interpreting program have served as interpreters in teacher/parent conferences in the area school districts.

Michelle Pinzl
Assistant Professor
Coordinator, Community Interpreting Certificate

St. Clare Mission in Sparta and La Crosse

All local students in the interpreting certificate are required to observe interpreting and often carry out internship hours at these two mission sites in our community.

Call with questions:
St Clare Mission in La Crosse: (608) 392-9544
St. Clare Mission in Sparta: (608) 269-1770