Internal Communications/Posting

Viterbo employees and students have many effective ways in which to share their message with the campus community.

  • VU Today – To submit news items for VU Today, the campus email that is sent to all employees and students each morning, email As a general rule, VU Today is for campus news and events only.
  • Connections – To submit news items for Connections, Viterbo’s weekly employee newsletter, email Connections is published weekly during the academic year. The deadline for submissions is Wednesdays at 4 p.m.
  • Social Media – To promote campus events via social media, email Martha Boehm, Viterbo’s digital marketing and media specialist, at and she will post an announcement to Viterbo’s Facebook page and Twitter. Viterbo community members are welcome to make their own posts on Viterbo’s Facebook. See the university’s social media policy and guidelines.
  • Campus Bulletin Boards – Deliver 15 posters to the communications and marketing office in Reinhart Center 007. The posters will be stamped and posted on the campus bulletin boards. An additional 23 posters may be delivered to residence life for distribution in the campus residence halls. Poster dimensions should be no larger than 8.5 by 11 inches.
  • Campus Building Monitors – There are eight digital signs/monitors in buildings on campus.

Campus Digital Signs/Monitors

There are eight digital signs/monitors posted across campus for the purpose of promoting campus activities and event advertising. These signs are controlled by each of their respective departments, but with some shared content. The digital signs/monitors are located in the Reinhart Center lobby, the Fine Arts Center box office area, the School of Nursing Building foyer, Brophy Center commons, Brophy Center entryway, Murphy Center entryway, Mathy Center entryway, and the Student Union commons near Marian Courtyard. Encourage students and staff to utilize this option for campus publicity.

General Publicity Requirements:

  • Publicity must be for activities or events open to the campus community or of an educational or informational benefit to students.
  • All publicity should include the name of the sponsoring organization, club, or department.
  • Any advertising/publicity content deemed degrading or is contradictory to the mission and values of Viterbo will not be allowed.

Submitting a Slide for Display on Campus Digital Signs:

  • Publicity advertisements can be submitted in the form of an individual PowerPoint slide formatted for 8" width x 6.5" height in the page setup.
  • Send the PowerPoint file to
  • The Subject Line should read: Campus Monitors

If using another graphics software program to create your slide, send it in the horizontal (landscape) format, 8" width x 6.5" height with a minimum 150 dpi resolution as a JPEG or PNG file.

Keep your slide easy to read with good contrast between the slide background and the text. Each slide is shown for only 8-10 seconds so make sure those viewing your slide can read your information in that time.

Most slide announcements can remain on the digital signs/monitors for up to 10 days.

Bulletin Board Posting

The Viterbo University bulletin boards are designated specifically for general announcements. These include:

  • Viterbo University events
  • Off-campus events
  • Classifieds (for sale items, for rent, etc.)

Commercial, for-profit advertising is not allowed.

Political signs are approved on a case-by-case basis, preapproved by the Associate Vice President of Communications.

All posters must be approved and stamped by the Office of Communications, Reinhart Center room 007. All items to be posted (no larger than 8.5”x 11”) should include the sponsoring club/organization and the pertinent event information.

Posting is done twice per week, generally Tuesday and Thursday mornings, so plan accordingly. Posters/flyers should be received by communications at least 10 days prior to the event.

In addition, posters/flyers must not be taped to walls or doors in any of the academic buildings. All items not in compliance will be removed and recycled.

  • Classified ads will only be posted on the board located next to the library.
  • Off-campus events are posted on the board located next to the library and on the board in the RC Commons.

Number of posters needed for all academic building boards: 15

For posters for student housing, send/take 22 copies to the Office of Residence Life.

Board Locations:

  • Fine Arts Center – 2 copies 
  • Student Development Center – 1 copy 
  • Student Union – 2 copies
  • Brophy Center – 1 copy – by vending machines
  • Mathy Center - 1 copy
  • School of Nursing Building – 1 copy – by door closest to Assisi Courtyard
  • Reinhart Center – 2 copies – second floor north hallway and basement Commons area
  • Murphy Center – 5 copies - first floor next to library; first floor by back door/elevator; second floor by elevator; third floor by elevator; fourth floor by elevator

Sdewalk Chalk

  • Limit the number of locations
  • Limit the size of the message to one sidewalk square
  • Spell correctly with only the pertinent information (time/date/location/name of event)
  • Never use chalk on buildings/concrete walls along the sidewalk/grass or the archways (in the back of Murphy), etc.
  • No offensive/derogatory/slang wording/or references to alcohol, etc. 

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