Working with the Media

Why is it a good idea for Viterbo faculty and staff to work with and grant interviews to the media? Here are three important reasons:

  • Media appearances are an excellent way to share information about Viterbo University and its students, activities, educational offerings, and events.
  • Media appearances have a positive affect in terms of overall branding and promoting a positive image of Viterbo. This is crucial in the recruitment of students.
  • Media interviews promote the expertise and talent of people employed by Viterbo.

When working with local media, remember that “gotcha” questions are extremely rare. No one is out to portray his or her interview subject in an unflattering matter. Be pleasant and friendly, and answering the reporter’s questions honestly and thoughtfully.

Other quick tips:

  • Smile and relax. You’ll do just fine.
  • Feel free to bring a few notes to the interview.
  • Be positive and answer the questions the way you want to answer them. Stay on message and stick to your talking points.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact the communications and marketing office at 608-796-3047.

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