Web Audit

Results of External Web Usability Audit

The Office of Communications and Marketing contracted Bob Johnson Consulting to test the user experience of the Viterbo University website. The test subjects were high school juniors who had applied or inquired about Viterbo University. The testing was done Jan. 12–21, 2016 and there were 84 valid responses.

The goal of this type of testing is to understand what the top tasks of web users are when they come to the university website and how well these tasks are performed.

From the company website: "By continuously improving the performance of your customers’ top tasks, you will maximize the performance of your website. We have been developing customer-centric strategies for websites since 1994, identifying the top tasks of thousands of customers and employees for organizations such as Microsoft, Cisco, Tetra Pak, VMware,, European Commission, OECD, etc. We have partners in the UK, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Canada and United States."

The Viterbo University website ranked fourth out of 234 overall sites that the company has tested.

And second out of 37 university sites the has company tested.

The Customer Centric (CCI) Index asked users to rate the tested site against 13 critical customer-centric factors, grouped into three major categories. Users were asked to choose the three factors from a list that best described their actual experience on the Viterbo University website. The Viterbo site was above the averge CCI on all 13 factors.

The voting spread showed overall high marks for the 13 factors.