Publications Policy Statement

Procedures for Preparing Viterbo University Publications

  1. Any printed materials bearing the Viterbo University name will be prepared in a professional manner to assure that all information is accurate, style is consistent, grammar is correct, and publication format is attractive and commensurate with the image of the institution.
  2. Procedures apply when the following circumstances are evident:
    • a commercial printer is required
    • the project is prepared and intended for distribution off-campus
    • compliance with postal regulations (i.e., bulk mail permits, business reply cards, etc.) is a factor
  3. Not all printed materials need comply fully with the Procedures for Publication. Exceptions include, but are not limited to, letters, internal notices/flyers, and other kinds of informal communication. We have put together some Desktop Publishing Tips to assist you with internal jobs that you may produce on your own computer.
  4. Communications and marketing will prepare publications requiring outside printing, professional design/writing/artwork. Communications and marketing will contract with other designers or printers in situations where scheduling or time constraints necessitate other options. This may be more costly for you so it is very important that you plan ahead and give communications and marketing time to schedule your project in-house whenever possible. All contact with commercial printers should be coordinated through communications and marketing.
  5. Standard templates and specific vendors exist and should be used for certain items such as name pins, stationery, forms, business cards, etc. Communications and marketing has the procedure for ordering any template items.
  6. Logos and other official representations of Viterbo University must be tastefully and professionally presented in publications. Several of the university's symbols enjoy copyright protection and cannot be adapted or reassembled without permission.
  7. Depending on circumstances, certain brochures or envelopes containing a postage-paid or business reply will need to be produced by a commercial printer, not the Viterbo University copy center. U.S. postal regulations are very specific about card thickness, "hash mark" placement, and size specifications. The Post Office will delay delivery and assess a surcharge to violators. Check with communications and marketing regarding specifics for your publications.

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