Branding/Graphic Identity Guide

Because the Office of Communications and Marketing is responsible for maintaining a consistent brand image for the university, all promotional and program advertising for external audiences utilizing print, radio, television, or social media is produced in conjunction with the communications and marketing staff.

The Office of Communications and Marketing develops, and budgets for, annual advertising and marketing campaigns to project a positive image of Viterbo University and to support the university’s overall enrollment goals. Working and coordinating with the Office of Communications and Marketing enables individual departments and programs to benefit from volume discount pricing based on the entire university’s investments. If your department would like to place additional, specific advertising not included in these plans and can pay for the ad(s) out of its own budget, we will be happy to assist with design and placement.

Be prepared with your budget, some direction as to who your target market is, and what you wish to achieve via the additional advertising. Requests for advertising must be brought to the communications and marketing department at least three weeks prior to the run date.

PDF iconGraphic Identity Guide

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