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Summer Commencement

ProSeminar Commencement will be held Friday, July 15th in the Viterbo University Fine Arts Center Main Theatre at 2 p.m.

(Master of Arts in Education only)

Summer Candidates for Graduation
Driving Directions

Ceremony Etiquette and Instructions 

  • A cap, gown, and hood are required academic apparel. (The cap and gown are black and the hood is black with a cardinal and silver lining and light blue velvet trim.)
  • The cap should be worn so that the mortarboard is level and not cocked to either side or placed on the back of the head. The crown of the cap should come to approximately one inch above the eyebrows. The deeper portion of the crown is the back.
  • The gown should be pressed and worn with dark shoes. Women should not wear flowers, pins or other jewelry. A simple straight dress without a high neckline gives the best results. Men should wear a white shirt and tie that will compliment the gown. Coats may be left off for comfort. Nothing should be pinned or attached to the gown.
  • The tassel is worn on the right side before the degree is conferred. It is customary to change the tassel from the right to the left side after the degree is conferred. The president will direct you when to do this during the ceremony. 

Line Up 

  • Line up in the Dance Studio in the Fine Arts Center.
  • Committee members will give you a reader card. Carry this with you onto the stage and give to the reader at the first podium.
  • Do not carry anything with you, other than the reader card, into the arena for the ceremony.
  • Do not chew gum.

Ceremony Instructions

  • Graduates will be led into the main theatre and to their seats. A marshal will direct you to fill in the rows of the theatre. Fill in ALL seats. All graduates should stand in front of their chair and wait until the music has finished. 
  • A marshal will give you a commencement program as you are seated.
  • A marshal will indicate to your row when to stand for the presentation of candidates.
  • Proceed to the steps on the right side of the stage. Do not wait at the bottom of steps.
  • Step onto the stage and present your hood to the person hooding and then turn and face the audience. After you are hooded, proceed to the reader podium and hand your card to the reader.
  • Once your name is read, proceed to the table, accept your diploma cover from the president with your left hand, and shake his right hand with your right hand.  
  • Move on to the Board of Trustee chair who will congratulate you and shake your hand, then to the alumni representative who will present you with an alumni pin and also shake your hand.
  • Continue off the stage, a marshal will assist you back to your row. 
  • Follow the directions from the marshals for the recessional. Graduates are the last group to leave during the recessional.  


  • Guests may take photographs at any time from their seats.
  • The ceremony will be streamed live via the Web, however, video of the ceremony will not be available afterwards.

Special Accommodations

Any ceremony participant needing special assistance and/or reasonable accommodations (wheelchair, physical disability, etc.) for himself/herself or a guest should contact Jane Eddy at at least two weeks prior to the ceremony to make arrangements.

Contact the Registrar's Office

If your name does not appear on the list of Candidates for Graduation or you have questions, contact:
Nancy Oelke, 608-796-3183,

Contact the Commencement Committee

If you have further questions regarding the commencement ceremony or activities surrounding commencement, contact:
Linda Hinkley, 608-796-3090,