commencement theater graduates

Graduation Requirements Information

  • DIPLOMA DATES:  There are three possible diploma dates:   December, May and August. 
  • CEREMONY TO ATTEND:  Candidates will attend the commencement ceremony in the term for which your degree will be posted, ie, if you will be finishing your requirements in December, you must attend the December ceremony.  Students completing their requirements in the summer attend the May ceremony.  MAED students will attend a ceremony held on the Friday of Proseminar week.
  • Applying for graduation:   DUE DATES:   All students who will complete their requirements in the fall semester must submit the application by September 15th for the December ceremony; all students who will complete their requirements in the spring or summer semester must submit the application by January 15th for the May ceremony.  MAED students graduating during Proseminar will be contacted by the Education Office and will submit the application when Proseminar materials are due.  If your graduation date should change, please contact the Registrar’s Office immediately.   There are many implications to not correcting your graduation date, including financial aid. How to apply for graduation
  • DEGREE REQUIREMENTS:  Review your degree requirements with your advisor prior to the end of the semester to ensure your requirements will be complete at the end of the semester.  See also Honors
  • POSTING OF DEGREES:   After the Registrar's Offices does a final check of your requirements to determine completeness, degrees will be posted to your permanent record (transcript) after grades are submitted .  Transcripts can be ordered online at any time; please be sure to indicate they are to be held for final grades/degree.
  • DIPLOMAS:  Diplomas will be processed and mailed approximately 6 – 8 weeks after the final grades are due.   A "student copy" transcript is mailed with the diploma.  By applying for graduation, you are authorizing the release of the transcript with the diploma.  If you have an outstanding encumbrance with the Business Office, your diploma and transcripts will not be mailed until the balance is paid in full.