Viterbo University Web Style Guide

The Viterbo University Web Style Guide has been developed to help ensure that Viterbo University’s website is effectively utilized in the recruitment and retention of students, that continuity and cohesiveness exists across the entire website, and that the site promotes a ­positive image of the university.

This page contains some points from the more comprehensive Viterbo University Web Style Guide.



  • Your introductory/home page should provide contact ­information, including address, phone, fax, and email (with link). Alternatively, a clear link to this contact information may be used.










Web Terminology

  • email (no hyphen, capitalize at the beginning of a sentence only)
  • Internet (always capitalize)
  • log in, log out (verb)
  • log-in (noun, adjective)
  • online (one word, no hyphen)
  • the Web (capital W)
  • website (one word, no capital W)
  • World Wide Web (capital Ws)


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