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Students typically begin applying to colleges of their choice the summer before or the fall of their senior year.

Here is a quick list of questions to keep in mind before submitting college applications:
  • Does the school require an application fee? Can I afford it? Can I ask for a fee waiver?
  • Does this application require letters of recommendation?
  • Does this application require an admission essay?
  • Have I sent my official high school transcript to this school?
  • Did I send my ACT/SAT scores to this school?
  • When is the priority deadline to apply for admission?
  • Does this school have an early action deadline?

College Applications

Apply at Viterbo

At Viterbo, we offer a free application for admission and only require your official ACT or SAT scores along with an official transcript from your high school.

Send us your test scores:
SAT Code: 1878
ACT Code: 4662

Send us your transcripts:
900 Viterbo Drive
La Crosse, WI 54601

Admission Requirements

Every school will have different, specific admission requirements. This begins with the amount of high school credits you need (an example of this can see below according to Viterbo’s requirements).

Other factors in admission decisions include your ACT/SAT score, cumulative high school GPA, class rank, admission essays, letters of recommendation, and community involvement. Most schools also consider things such as life circumstances, extracurricular involvement, and challenging coursework.

Admission Requirements at Viterbo

Viterbo seeks to admit students who rank in the top half of the academic performance range (in terms of standardized assessments and class rank). Therefore, we require an online application as well as your official ACT or SAT scores and transcripts.

*If ACT scores or GPA are lacking, Viterbo may require an admission essay or letter of recommendation.

Academic Criteria

  • four units of English
  • three units of mathematics
  • three units of natural science (chemistry is required for all nursing, dietetics, social work, natural science, and other allied health pre-professional students)
  • three units of social science or history
  • three units of elective credits

*Additional coursework in foreign language, fine arts, computer science, or other areas is encouraged.

Overview of Freshman Admission Information

Bringing College Credit to your University

Earning college credit before you even get there is a great opportunity to get ahead and save costs on college classes. Are you thinking about taking college credit courses while you are in high school? Use the resources below to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Talk with your school counselor about the program in which your school participates and how you can participate.

*When you are accepted and enroll at a university, we recommend communicating with your admission counselor to have your credits transferred as seamlessly as possible.

Bringing Credit to Viterbo

Viterbo accepts a variety of alternative credits that qualify based on university policies. For complete details and policies, see the links below.

*These lists are subject to change and credit is awarded based on current policy.

College Essays

Many colleges (Viterbo does not) require that students submit an essay explaining how they would be a positive addition to the university or why they are pursuing their degree of choice.

If your college list includes schools that require an admission essay, you may find the following tools helpful:

College Interviews

Some colleges require a professional interview with an admission counselor or department faculty. In these interviews, you can expect to be asked about your academic successes, extracurricular involvement, and/or your attributes that would be a favorable addition to the college in question.

Viterbo does not have a formal interview that is required, but professionalism is always encouraged no matter where you interview or apply.

Below are some suggestions from our admission team that may impress your admission counselor or interviewer:

  • Business-casual to business-professional dress (this might include heals, a business suit, khakis, a tie, a dress, etc.)
  • Prior research about the university you are visiting—impress the college representatives you are meeting.
  • Have a list of questions prepared ahead of time—show them that you truly care about your college career and higher education experience.
  • If there are any concerns with your academic record or lack of extracurricular involvement, be prepared to discuss why that might be or why you are still a great candidate for the university (include examples).

Fine Arts Auditions

For any fine arts program, you will find that it is standard for a university to require a live audition in order to be a candidate for their program. These programs and auditions are often competitive, as many schools with a recognized fine arts program are in high demand for music or theatre students.

At Viterbo, any students looking to be a part of the School of Fine Arts for music or theatre/music theatre must schedule and perform an audition with fine arts faculty.

Art Portfolio

Students interested in becoming a part of an art program are often required to submit a portfolio of work they have done as an artist. This review will also often entail meeting with art department faculty and discussing your strengths and interests as a potential art student.

At Viterbo, our prospective art students are required to submit an art portfolio as described above. For more information about the requirements, follow the link below:


Do you have any initial questions about Viterbo or applying for admission? We welcome you to contact your Viterbo admission counselor.

Commit and Enroll

Traditionally, May 1 is the national deadline to commit to the college of your choice. Many colleges require an enrollment or commitment deposit that will confirm your commitment to that school. Some universities prioritize housing based on how early you submit your enrollment deposit, so don’t delay.

TIP: If you commit to a school before May 1 and decide you no longer want to attend, you will need to communicate with the university that you will not be attending on or before May 1. This may allow you to receive a refund for any deposits that you already paid to them earlier on. Pay attention to individual schools, however. Every school has varying policies.

Accepted Viterbo Students

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