Notice -- Viterbo University is no longer accepting students into the CIS major.  The major is being phased out.  The Management Information Systems (MIS) major is not affected by the discontinuance of the CIS major.

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) major involves the study of how people, data, computer hardware, software, and other technology work together to satisfy the information needs of people who are involved in making business decisions. In addition, the CIS major also provides a thorough understanding of the business issues that form the environment in which these decisions are made. Modern, competitive organizations require that information systems professionals fully understand the impact of new applications of technology on the company, the environment in which they compete, and are capable of communicating that knowledge.  The CIS major prepares learners for creating, using, and managing effective information systems using PCs, workstations and mini-computers with related software in heterogeneous networks that serve the information needs of any organization.  CIS continues to be one of the fastest growing and highest salaried professions in the world. As a consequence, those individuals who are well prepared in this area will continue to be in high demand. The Dahl School of Business helps prepare you for a long and successful career in this exciting, innovative field.


The computer information systems major prepares learners for careers creating, using, and managing effective information systems on networks that serve the information needs of any organization.

Program Goals

The goal of the computer information systems program is to prepare learners in the business core curriculum with a special focus on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary in the computer information system field.