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Research Fellow 2012–13

Vicky Eiben, Ed.D.

Vicky EibenAssistant Professor
School of Education

Vicky Eiben is a faculty member in the School of Education. She teaches Introduction to Education, Professional Issues, Creative Arts for Early Childhood, Science Methods for Grades 1–9, Biology Curriculum Project, and supervises student teachers as well as advises undergraduate research in education. She has two undergraduate degrees, one in biology/outdoor education and the other in elementary education. She earned a master’s degree from Antioch University and an Ed.D. from Fielding Graduate University. Eiben's dissertation was on the success and sustainability of visionary grassroots education initiatives. Ongoing research and writing projects focus on educational innovation and place-based education in rural communities.

Eiben’s fellowship research continues research begun with her dissertation and examines the impact of visionary and ethical leadership of a community-based educational organization on the health of a poor, rural community in Down East Maine. This organization may serve as a model for other rural communities faced with similar issues. One goal of the research is to provide information and inspiration for educational organizations in rural communities.


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  • Eiben, V. (publication pending). Living Systems, a Paradigm for Life and Learning In Spicer, C. &  Kumar-Paul, S. (Eds.), Education, Development, and Enlightenment.
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