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2006 Day to Day Ethics Radio Series

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April 28 and May 1
Mike Quillin: Battling the
Bottle – A prominent business person and family man speaks about his struggle with alcoholism, the damage it caused, and the choices he made to straighten out his life.

May 5 and 8
Barb Quillin: Living with an Alcoholic – Barb talks about the personal challenges of being married to an alcoholic and the choices she had to make throughout the recovery process.

May 12 and 15
Tom Thibodeau: Making a Place at the Dinner Table
– Tom, as one of the founders of the Catholic Worker House in La Crosse called Place of Grace, talks about a form of hospitality where everyone is truly welcome.

May 19 and 22
Father Michael Gorman:

Who’s Knocking at the Door – Fr. Gorman, a priest at St. Joseph the Workman Cathedral, talks about the Front Door Ministry program and the church’s role in caring for others. 

May 26 and *Tuesday, May 30
Scott Horne: A Prosecutor’s Perspective
– Scott, La Crosse County’s District Attorney, talks about ethical questions related to representing the public and determining what justice requires.

June 2 and 5
Keith Belzer: Seeking Justice
– As a private criminal defense attorney, Keith speaks of the ethical obligation of zealously representing a client while searching for justice.

June 9 and 12
Lindy Saline: Retirement: It’s Not the End of the Line
– Lindy, an active community volunteer, speaks of how retirement can be enriching and expand one’s view of life.

June 16 and 19
Dr. David Banner: Living Simply in a Modern World
– David, a former business person from Sacramento, Calif., talks about choosing a simple life in rural Wisconsin. 

June 23 and 26
Deb Woerpel: People and Their
Pets – Deb, who works for the Coulee Region Humane Society and helps run a Pet Therapy program, talks about the ethical treatment of animals.

June 30 and *Wednesday, July 5
Sue Kastensen: When the
Sentence is Over – Sue, a successful business person who recently sold her business to start a non-profit called Fair Shake, talks about her efforts to help those about to be released, or recently released, from prison.

July 7 and 10
Gary Holthaus: Stewards of the Land
– As a writer of a soon to be published book on farmers and farm life, Gary speaks of the many ethical choices farmers make every day.

July 14 and 17
Hubert Hoffman: When No One Else is Watching
– Hubert, a Hunter Safety Education instructor, speaks of hunting ethics and raising children to be ethical hunters.

July 21 and 24
Mark Schultz: Trust Me: I’m Working for You
– Mark, who worked for years in the public sector, talks about public trust, public service, and the common good.

July 28 and 31
Dr. Alan Fleishman: Healthy    Alternatives
– Dr. Fleishman, a family physician and the Vice President of Regional Medical Affairs for Franciscan Skemp Healthcare, talks about ethics related to prescribing complementary medicine therapies.

August 4 and 7
Jenny King: What’s Fair about Fair Trade
– Jenny, manager of the natural foods department at Quillin’s, talks about how we can support producers and growers when we buy Fair Trade products.

August 11 and 14
Dr. Richard Kyte: Everyday Ethics
– Rick, director of the Institute for Ethics in Leadership at Viterbo University, speaks about the institute’s efforts to bring about dialogue on a wide range of ethical issues.

August 18 and 21
Kelly Krieg-Sigman: Protecting Both Public Space and Intellectual Freedom
– The director of the La Crosse Public Library talks about the new challenges confronting the libraries of today. The Internet and the post-9/11 climate have indeed changed the way we look at accessing information.

These broadcasts were developed with assistance from:
Gene Purcell: Production and editing assistance
Chuck Ericksen: Production coordination and editing assistance;
Earl Madary: Music-original composition
Richard Kyte: Project Advisor
Pat Kerrigan: Interviewer and production assistance

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