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All students must be enrolled for a minimum of at least one course in the semester in which they plan to graduate. 

Students may complete all of the degree requirements listed in the catalog on three possible dates?December (last day of the semester), May (designated date), or July (last day of summer school). Candidates for graduation are encouraged to attend the commencement ceremonies which are held in December and May. Students who complete all degree requirements during the summer session are invited to participate in the preceding May ceremony. 

An application for degree form must be completed and on file in the Office of the Registrar no later than October 1 for December graduates and March 1 for May and July graduates.  A graduation fee will be assessed in the semester of intended graduation regardless of whether or not the student participates in the commencement ceremony. 

The transcript, not the degree, is proof of an earned degree. 

A candidate for a degree must have completed a minimum of 128 semester hours of credit. A minimum of 43 of these hours must be upper division level (300 and 400 numbered courses). All students seeking a Viterbo degree are required to complete the General Education requirements and competencies as well as all of the specified requirements for one of the major fields of study listed under degree offerings in this catalog. Also, to fulfill the Community Skills requirement to provide service to the community, students must complete a service component designed by his or her major program or department. Students who change majors or have two majors need only complete one required service requirement. This requirement applies to students who enter under the 1999?2001 catalog. No student whose grade point average is below 2.00 shall be recommended for a degree. All students must take as a minimum the last 30 consecutive semester hours at Viterbo. In extended learning programs students complete 45 of the last 60 semester hours from Viterbo University. 

All students seeking the Bachelor of Science degrees must complete 7 credits of natural science and/or mathematics in addition to the 4 credits of natural science in the General Education requirements. 

All students seeking the Bachelor of Arts degree must complete the equivalent of 14 semester hours of the same modern foreign language. From 4 to 14 credits for previous foreign language study will be granted upon successful performance on a proficiency-based exam for those students with no previous college course work in the language. See the Foreign Language section of this catalog for more details. 


In order to be a candidate for graduation, a student must complete all the curriculum requirements of the General Education program and of a major. 

Curriculum requirements indicated in the catalog at the time of a student’s entry into Viterbo University remain in effect as long as the student attends Viterbo on an uninterrupted basis and completes a degree within a period of six years. 

A change in major may necessitate a change to the catalog requirements in effect at the time of declaration into the new/different program. 

Curriculum changes that occur between catalog publications are communicated to the college community. A student may choose to follow the new requirements or the old requirements, but not a combination of both. Reasonable substitutions will be made for discontinued and changed courses. 


A student may receive a double major provided he or she has earned the minimum number of semester hours of credit required for the degree and has met the requirements for each respective major. A student may receive a double major when one of the majors is an interdisciplinary major, however, only if a minimum of 18 semester hours not included in the interdisciplinary major are completed in the other major. 

A student may receive two degrees simultaneously provided the following conditions are met: 

  1. All specified requirements for both degrees are met.
  2. The curriculum offered for the second degree includes at least 30 semester hours of credit which are not counted towards the first degree. This means a minimum of 158 semester hours is required.
  3. The degrees are truly different; a student may not receive two B.A. degrees or two B.S. degrees simultaneously.
When a student who has earned a baccalaureate degree from another accredited college or university seeks a second baccalaureate degree, Viterbo University will accept the completed bachelor degree as having fulfilled the general education requirements at Viterbo University except for courses in Religious Studies which are unique to a Catholic education experience. Students must take all courses required for the second major or minor and any other requirements for that degree. Students must accumulate no less than 30 semester hours from Viterbo University subsequent to the awarding of the first degree. 

Honors are conferred on those students who consistently demonstrate a high degree of scholarship. Students who have submitted their appliation for degree and have a minimum grade point average of 3.5 on October 1 for the December graduation ceremony and March 1 for the May/July graduation ceremony receive honor cords. However, final honors are determined and confirmed after all grades have been issued and credit checks are completed. These honors are noted on the diploma and the transcript. Students are eligible for honors upon degree completion if they have earned the required number of semester hours on a letter grade basis and have met the required grade point average. 
Honors Required Viterbo Grade Point Average Required Hours Completed at Viterbo on a Letter Grade Basis
With Academic Distinction 3.50 Minimum of 45, maximum of 59
Cum Laude 3.50 Minimum of 60
Magna Cum Laude 3.70 Minimum of 60
Summa Cum Laude 3.90 Minimum of 60
•Effective Fall, 1999-2000