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In order to administer its financial aid program in the most equitable manner, Viterbo applies the nationally accepted “Federal methodology” of need analysis to each financial aid application. This system determines the amount of aid you need to “bridge the gap” between you and your family’s resources and the actual cost of your education. Taken into consideration are such extenuating circumstances as large medical expenditures and other obligations affecting the family financial situation. 

All Viterbo financial aid awards are for one year only. Students must reapply each year of attendance. Renewal is dependent on continued need for aid and maintenance of academic standards outlined in the Student Handbook. 

Students are awarded aid drawn from approximately 25 federal, state, and Viterbo programs. Students are usually offered a combination of scholarship, grant, loan, and employment opportunities. The average financial aid award package for Viterbo students is $8,000. 

In order to be eligible to apply for financial aid, a student must be: 

  • Admitted to a degree program at Viterbo University
  • Enrolled at least half-time (minimum of 6 credits per semester)
  • A U.S. citizen or able to provide verification of status as a national, permanent resident, or refugee.
The following forms are the minimum requirements to apply for financial aid: 
  • Application for Admission (all first time students) or Viterbo Financial Aid Application (returning and reentry students)
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Additional forms or documents may be requested on an individual case-by-case basis as needed. 

Financial aid is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to those applicants who demonstrate financial need. Because of the large number of applications and limited amount of funds available, students are strongly encouraged to complete all necessary application forms as soon as possible to be given consideration for all types of assistance. Although financial aid applications will be accepted at any time, first consideration for available funds will be given to those students who have submitted all necessary forms by March 15. 

Awards are made for the entire academic year (August through May) unless specifically stated otherwise. No aid can be disbursed to you until the signed offer of financial aid has been returned to the Financial Aid Office. 

If financial aid does not cover semester charges, all students must be prepared to pay the difference between their financial aid award for the semester and their charges through personal funds. 

If a student decides not to enroll for the first semester but intends to enroll for the second semester, the Financial Aid Office must have written notification. Failure to notify this office will result in cancellation of the financial aid award. 

If a student withdraws from Viterbo, a portion of the aid may be required to be returned according to the refund policy (copies available in the Financial Aid Office). 

Students must notify the Financial Aid Office of a change of address, marital, academic, financial or enrollment status. Changes in any of these areas may result in a revision of the student’s original financial aid award. 


Fine Arts Scholarships - Incoming full-time freshmen and transfer students talented in the areas of Art, Music or Theatre can receive scholarships of up to $1,000 per year. 

Dr. Scholl Scholarship - A full, four-year tuition scholarship is awarded each year to one deserving incoming freshman majoring in a health profession major. Student must enroll full-time and maintain a 3.50 G.P.A. for renewal. 

Tuition Exchanges - Viterbo University participates in the Catholic College Cooperative Tuition Exchange and the Council of Independent Colleges Tuition Exchange. Dependents of employees at participating institutions may be eligible for tuition benefits at Viterbo University. 

Viterbo University Scholarship - Incoming freshmen and transfers are automatically considered for these awards. Amounts range from $1,000?$7,500 per year based on the student’s academic history. Awards are renewable providing minimum G.P.A.s are maintained. 

Additional Programs 
Friends and alumni of the university have established the following scholarships to promote Catholic university education and provide financial assistance to qualified students. These awards are made as part of the need-based process and do not require a separate application unless indicated. A partial list of these awards follows: 

    Dickinson Family Scholarship 
    Dr. and Mrs. John J. Satory Nursing Scholarship 
    Jessie R. and Clarence B. Smith Scholarship 
    Joseph Kawatski Scholarship 
    Juliette Low Scholarship* 
    La Crosse Foundation Scholarship 
    William Case Chemistry Scholarship 
    Linda Mulrooney Memorial Scholarship 
    John & Anna Mann Scholarship 
    Robin (Brewer) Lemens Memorial Scholarship 
    St. Francis Medical Center Auxiliary Scholarship* 
    Coulee Region White Cane Club Scholarship 
    Jason David Koppelman Memorial Scholarship* 
    Lutheran Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship 
    Madame Curie Science Scholarship 
    Patricia Walz Helbing Endowed Scholarship 
    Paula Gelatt Scholarships 
    Robert Sprague and Janet Sprague Soell Scholarship 
    Sacia and David Morris Scholarship 
    Sister Celestine Cepress Alumni Scholarship 
    Sister Grace Clare Beznouz Nursing Scholarship 
    UPS Student Scholarship 
    Gateway Foods Scholarship 
    Grandview-Henke Scholarship 
    J. Senty Family Scholarship 
    Kwik Trip Scholarship 
    New Car Dealers Scholarship 
    Ron Houser Scholarship 
    Industrial Safety Council Scholarship 
    Archie A. and Ellen E. Skemp Scholarship * 
    *separate application required


    Bureau of Indian Affairs Grant 
    Federal Pell Grant 
    Wisconsin Indian Grant 
    Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant 
    Talent Incentive Program (TIP) Grant 
    Wisconsin Tuition Grant 
    Wisconsin Valedictorian Scholarship 
    Paul Douglas Teacher Scholarship 
    R.O.T.C. Scholarship 
    Wisconsin Deaf/Blind Handicapped Grant
    Federal Nursing Loan 
    Federal Perkins Student Loan 
    Federal Stafford Student Loan 
    Minnesota SELF Loan 
    Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students 
    Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan
Federal College Work Study employment opportunities are available on campus. Students are limited to a maximum of 20 hours per week while in school and a total of 40 hours per week during vacation periods. Paychecks are issued twice monthly in the Business Office. The Financial Aid Office will provide the necessary job referrals. 

All on-campus degree programs are fully approved for the education of veterans and veterans’ dependents under both federal and state programs. The off-campus programs are in the process of seeking approval. For assistance with veteran education programs, contact your county V.A. office or the Veteran Official in the Financial Aid Office.