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All expenses should be paid on or before your assigned enrollment confirmation day. For full-time students, a minimum cash payment of $500, exclusive of financial aid or any deposits, is required on the first day of each semester. For part-time students, a minimum cash payment equal to 20% of tuition plus all fees, exclusive of financial aid or any deposits, is required on the first day of each semester. Student account balances are subject to an interest charge of 1.25 percent per month on the outstanding balance. 

Official grade transcripts and diplomas will not be issued until all accounts have been paid in full. Further, any student whose account is delinquent will not be permitted to register for the following semester. 

Any student who wishes to withdraw from one or more classes must obtain written approval from the Registrar's office. The date on which such written approval is granted by the Registrar determines the amount of tuition adjustment. Failure by the student to obtain such approval makes the student ineligible for any adjustment and accounts will be payable in full. 

Any student who withdraws or reduces their credit hours to fewer than 12 with written approval of the Registrar’s office shall receive a tuition adjustment for the difference in total tuition cost according to the following schedule: 
Week of Withdrawal (includes weekends) Refund
Days 1-10 100%
Week 4 50%
Weeks 5-8 25%
Week 8 No Refund
(Refunds for all non-16 week courses will be prorated.)  
Example: For a student who drops from 7 credits to 3 credits during the third week of the semester, the difference in tuition is $2,755 less $1,065, or $1,690. The refund is 50% of $1,690, or $845. This refund will be credited to the student’s account. 

Note that this refund formula applies specifically to 16 week courses. This formula is modified on a pro rata basis for non-16 week courses. 

Fees will not be adjusted and are not refundable. 

Room and Board adjustments are calculated on a pro-rata, weekly basis, provided approval has been given by the Director of Residence and/or the Food Service Manager. Any adjustment will be placed on the student’s account. 

Any student who is suspended or dismissed from the university by university authorities will not be entitled to any refund of tuition, room or board. 


University Bookstore 
Textbooks and supplies may be purchased from a bookstore which is located in Marian Hall. Students are allowed to charge books to their account the first week of each semester, excluding summer session, but are subject to a $2.50 service fee per charge. 

Student Identification Card 
Every student is issued a photo id/access card. The photo id (or front) part is obtained from the AMPS department. It must be validated each semester and is used by students for admission to the library facilities, food service, lectures, plays, concerts, athletic events, equipment checkouts, and other programs. There is a $20 replacement fee for the photo id/access card if it is lost or stolen. 

The access (or gray back) part of the card is obtained from the Physical Plant office and grants the student after-hour access to select academic buildings (where applicable) and full time access to that student’s residence hall. As it serves as a key, it is property of Viterbo University and must be returned when that student is no longer enrolled at Viterbo. The same $20 replacement fee applies to all cards not returned or are lost/stolen. 

Group Insurance 
As part of the student health program, health and accident insurance is made available. Students who are no longer covered under their parents’ family health insurance plan are strongly encouraged to avail themselves of this opportunity. If desired, coverage may be obtained for one semester only. Application forms are available in the Business Office. All international students must carry health insurance. 

Tuition (per semester: 1999-2000 Academic Year) 
1 credit hour $355
2 credit hours $710
3 credit hours $1065
4 credit hours $1420
5 credit hours $1775
6 credit hours $2290
7 credit hours $2755
8 credit hours $3265
9 credit hours $3920
10 credit hours $4785
11 credit hours $5570
Full-time (12-18 credit hours) $6110
Each credit over 18 $355
Auditors pay the regular tuition amount
Tuition-Other Designated Courses 
RRN/Fast Track/ADVANCE Programs $240/credit
Dietetics Internship Program $325/credit
RRN Portfolio Charge $95/credit
Room and Board Charges (per semester: 1999-2000 Academic Year) 
Residence Double Private Triple 4 occ/apt 5 occ/apt
Marian Hall-North $965* $1450 $745* N/A N/A
Marian Hall-South $840 $1260 N/A N/A N/A
McDonald/Treacy N/A N/A N/A $1135** $1010**
Rose Terrace N/A N/A N/A $1305 N/A
Houses/Apts N/A 1705 N/A $1135 N/A
 * All Marian Hall North X47 rooms pay the Double rate 
** Treacy #3 and #9 occupants pay the 4 occupants/apt. rate 
Meal Plan 
Advantage (19) Select (14) Freedom (10) Flex (7) Block
$1235 $1115 $985 $925 $1115
All university housing contracts extend throughout the academic year rather than a single semester. A room deposit of $100, along with a completed contract, is required for each academic year housing is desired. To reserve a room, the deposit and contract should be mailed to Viterbo University as soon as the student is notified of acceptance if a new student, or by April 1 if a returning student for the subsequent academic year. The room deposit will be applied to the student’s account balance once the academic year begins. If the student terminates the contract prior to May 1, the deposit will be refunded. If the student terminates the contract after May 1, but prior to the beginning of the academic year, the deposit is non-refundable. 

Other Fees and Charges (per semester: 1999-2000 Academic Year) 
Student Activity Fee (1-11 credits) $4.00/credit to maximum of  $16.00
Student Activity Fee (full-time) $35.00
Technology Fee (1-11 credits) $10.00/credit to maximum of $60.00
Technology Fee (full-time) $100.00
RRN/Fast Track resource fee, excluding RRN portfolio $5.00/credit
ADVANCE resource fee $8.00/credit
Nursing Clinical Fee $80.00/credit
Nutrition & Dietetics Clinical Fee - 
Coordinated Program for designated clinical courses, add to tuition
Application Fee $15.00
Bookstore Service Charge $2.50/charge
Challenge Exam Fee $75.00/credit
Course Fees 
Applied Music 
Art (depending on course) 
Biology/Chemistry/Earth Science/Physics Lab Courses 
Education (depending on course)
Credentials (minimum of 5) $3.00/set
Deposit - Housing $100.00/academic year
First Year Experience Course $10.00
Graduation Fee (paid in semester of graduation) $50.00
Late Confirmation Fee $50.00
Returning RN Exam Fee $155.00
Summer School Registration Fee $25.00
Transcripts $3.00
Interest Charge of 1.25%/month on outstanding student account balances. 

All expense items are subject to change.