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Viterbo University welcomes applications for admission from all students who have prepared for a competitive collegiate program. Admission to Viterbo University is offered to those for whom academic and personal success seems likely. Each candidate is evaluated individually. Evidence of ability to do college-level work is essential. All qualified students, regardless of sex, race, religion, color, national or ethnic origin will be extended an offer of admission on a first-come, first-served basis as long as space remains available. Students will be evaluated for admission in accordance with the admission criteria stated below. 

Admission to Viterbo University will be determined after the applicant has submitted a secondary school record and after full consideration is given to the student’s class rank, grade point average, curriculum, ACT or SAT scores, and intended major in college. ACT is the preferred standardized assessment, but SAT is accepted. 

Viterbo University is seeking to admit students who rank in the top half of the academic performance range, as measured by standardized assessments (ACT or SAT) and class rank.  When a student seeks admission with one or more measured assessment (rank, ACT or SAT) that is not in the top half of the peer grouping for that student, the Director of Admission may refer that student to the Admission Committee for further review and consideration. The Admission Committee of Viterbo University will then offer a recommendation on the admission of the student, or ask that the student come to campus and take the Viterbo University placement test. 

Students with a strong college-prep background are considered well-prepared if they have been able to maintain the grade average that their school recommends for the college bound. Students not in college preparatory programs can be offered admission if ACT or SAT results, class rank, and grades show aptitude for college work. All students seeking admission must have graduated from an accredited high school or have earned a GED, or its equivalent. Successful applicants typically submit high school records of a minimum of 16 units of credit that include: 

  • three or four units of English (or its equivalent)
  • two units of mathematics
  • two units of natural science, (chemistry is required of all nursing, dietetics, natural science and other allied health pre-professional students)
  • two units of social science or history
Application Process 
Obtain an Application for Admission Form from the Admission Office of Viterbo University or the high school guidance office. Complete and return it along with a non-refundable $15 application fee (may be submitted at any time following completion of the first semester of the junior year in high school). Students should ask their high school (and any college or university already attended) to forward an official transcript directly to the Viterbo University Admission Office. 

Applications can also be accepted electronically via the World Wide Web. To apply in this manner, visit the Wisconsin Mentor Web Site at 

A college entrance assessment score report, preferably from the American College Testing (ACT) Program, is required. A Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) score report is acceptable. Candidates should take one or the other assessment and have the score report sent to Viterbo University. Those who submit more than one set of scores will be judged on the basis of best scores reported. Scores reported on an official high school transcript will be accepted. 

Applicants are notified of the university’s decision as soon as all required documents have been received and evaluated. After high school graduation, a complete transcript of your high school work must be sent to Viterbo University. 

Students should list their intent to participate in athletics, drama, music and other extracurricular activities on their application. 

After a student has been offered admission to the university, he or she will receive a housing contract and tuition deposit request. All freshmen and sophomores who are not living with their parents or spouse must live on campus. These students will be requested to complete a housing form and submit a room deposit of $100. A tuition deposit of $100 will be requested of all accepted students. Both amounts are fully refundable if a written cancellation request reaches the university before May 1. 

Registration and Orientation 
New full-time students are required to register for classes at special registration times scheduled prior to the fall term. Academic advisors are available to assist students with their selection of classes. 

Preceding the first day of fall classes, a period of several days is devoted to an orientation program for freshmen and other new students. During this time, students are introduced to the aims and procedures of the university and are aided in adjusting themselves to college life. 

Placement Testing 
Placement Tests are required before registration for certain new students based on their ACT scores and the student’s intended major. These tests cover writing, reading, and mathematics and provide additional information to academic advisors who help students select appropriate course work at the time of registration. Placement Tests are offered throughout the year and prior to the scheduled registration times. Students will receive notice of whether they need to take the Placement Tests after being accepted for admission. 

Special Consideration in Admission 

    Advanced Placement 
    Viterbo participates in the Advanced Placement Program whereby high school students may enroll in advanced high school courses and receive college credit. Areas in which credit may be granted include art, biology, calculus, chemistry, computer science, economics, English, history, music, physics, political science, and psychology. Contact the Registrar for further information. 

    International Baccalaureate Program 
    The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is recognized by Viterbo University for 
    purposes of admission, course credit and advanced standing or placement. The university awards credit for higher-level IBP examinations according to the respective academic department. The student must enroll as a degree-seeking student at Viterbo. For details on actual credit award and course placement, contact the Office of the Registrar. 

    Retroactive Credit for Foreign Language 
    From 4 to 14 credits toward the college degree will be granted for previous foreign language study upon successful performance on a departmental exam, and contingent on the student having had no previous college course work in the language. 

    Early Admission 
    Exceptional students who have met their high school graduation requirements may be admitted after completion of three years of high school, upon recommendation of the secondary school counselor or principal, and completion of the admission procedure.


Admission of High School Students to University Classes 
High school juniors and seniors who have not yet graduated may attend Viterbo University at reduced per credit charges and applicable course fees. They must also meet the other admission requirements described for freshmen. Viterbo University will issue credit to students upon successful completion of the course(s), with such credit being fully acceptable toward a bachelor’s degree. 

Viterbo University welcomes students in the Wisconsin Youth Options Program. 

Admission of International Students 
Applications from international students are welcome and actively sought. Scholastic achievement, use of the English language and financial resources are given particular attention in reviewing applications from international students. 

Students who are not U.S. citizens who wish to apply to Viterbo should request an International Student Application Form and return it with a copy of their high school record as well as grade report with any post-secondary education they have completed. Students are also required to attain a minimum score of 550 on the TOEFL exam prior to being admitted. 

A Declaration of Finances form indicating the financial resources available for financing the costs of an education at Viterbo is required and must be on file in the Admission Office before the Certificate of Eligibility (I-20 Form) is issued. This school is authorized under Federal Law to enroll non-immigrant alien students. Foreign students must have all admission materials submitted to Viterbo University 90 days in advance of the term in which they wish to enroll. 

Transfer Students from Post-Secondary Institutions 
Viterbo University welcomes applications from students attending two-year or four-year accredited schools. Credit for college-level work is granted in all areas that correspond to courses offered at Viterbo University as long as the student has earned at least a “C-” for the course. 

Transfer students will be considered for admission as long as they have a cumulative grade average of at least a “C” (2.0/4.0), are free to return to their previous college or university, and are considered to be in good academic standing both at their previous school and at Viterbo University. 

Transfer students to Viterbo must submit the following credentials: 

  • an Application for Admission Form along with the $15 application fee;
  • official transcripts of course work undertaken in high school sent directly from the school to Viterbo University;
  • an official set of college transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended (transcripts must be mailed directly from the institution(s) attended to the Viterbo University admission office; hand-carried copies are not acceptable);
  • results of the ACT or SAT taken in high school.
Please refer to the Academic Policy section of the catalog for greater detail on transfer credits. 

Degree Completion Program 
Adults who have been part of the working world, and have completed some post-secondary schooling, may wish to consider Viterbo’s undergraduate degree completion programs. Information on these programs can be found in the Academic Program section of this catalog. 

Re-admission of Former Students 
Former Viterbo Students who wish to re-enter the college should contact the Registrar’s Office for a re-entry application form. Application fee of $15 is required. Students need not re-submit copies of records already on file. However, a re-entering student who has attended one or more schools since leaving Viterbo must have official transcripts sent directly to the office of the Registrar. A student follows the catalog in effect at the time of re-entry, and the curriculum requirements contained therein remain in effect as long as the student attends Viterbo on an uninterrupted basis and completes a degree within a period of six years. 

Students re-entering Viterbo after having been academically dismissed may wish to consult the grade forgiveness policy in the Academic Policy section of the catalog. Application deadline for the fall semester is July 31 and for the spring semester is December 15. 


Non-Degree Seeking Students 

    Admission as a Special Student 
    Students desiring to audit or take selected courses for credit, but who do not expect to earn a degree at this university, may be enrolled as a special non-degree seeking student. Complete transcripts of high school and college records need not be submitted, but high school graduation, a GED or its equivalent is required. Students may be admitted to regular undergraduate status on a degree seeking basis at a later date. After regular admission, work as a Special Non-Degree Student will be evaluated. Credit may be granted for courses completed during the initial period of special status. 

    Adult Free-tuition Program 
    Viterbo University provides an opportunity for students who have no previous college or technical school credits and who have been out of high school for at least ten years to enroll tuition-free in a course of their choice. The only courses not available are those which have prerequisites and those which are filled by registration day. Enrollment is limited each semester and is not available during the summer. Students eligible for an adult tuition-free course must complete an “Adult Free” application form prior to registration. The form may be obtained from the Admission Office. If an “Adult Free” student continues to enroll in courses the semester directly following the “adult free semester,” a 20 percent discount of the total tuition charges for that subsequent semester will be made. 

    Senior Citizen Enrichment Program 
    Persons 62 years of age or older may audit selected courses at no charge. This program is offered on a space-available basis. Since no grade is given and no permanent records are kept, the course cannot be converted to credit at some later date. Interested students should secure a special “Enrichment” form in the Office of Admission. This program is not available during the summer. 

    Continuing Education Units 
    Continuing Education Units (CEUs) may be offered for some workshops with the understanding that at no time may these units be substituted for academic credits received in academic courses in the basic programs. The Continuing Education Unit is defined to mean ten contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction.