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Graduate/Professional School Resources:

Why Grad School?

 There are a number of reasons pursuing a graduate degree is a good move for many individuals:
 - It is something that can set you apart from those who have earned a baccalaureate degree.
- It may make you more marketable and more skilled at what you do.
- It may provides you with a sense of control in your career.
- It may give you the chance to advance in your career.
- It may enable you to earn a higher income.
- It may be required for your career path.

However, graduate school is not for everyone.  Review Peterson's article, A Guide for Potential Grad Students:  Should You Go to Graduate School?, to identify some considerations about whether and when you should pursue graduate education.   Career counseling may be helpful in this decision making process.  To schedule an appointment for career counseling, call the Career Services office at 608-796-3828.

Selecting a Graduate School

There are a number of considerations when selecting a graduate program.  Some considerations are scholarly--Does the course of study meet your academic and vocational needs?  Does it have a positive reputation?  Does it offer research options that interest you? Is it accredited by key organizations your field?  Other considerations are more pragmatic--location of the program, online options, cost of completion, or scheduling of classes.  In any case, important first steps in selecting a graduate school are clarifying your goals and gathering information about available programs.  The following resources may be helpful during the selection process:  

Graduate School Information Websites

What to Ask Grad Schools
Find out about the graduate school programs offered by Viterbo University at  Graduate Studies.


Admission to Graduate School

The process of  applying to graduate schools involves significant thought and time.  The resources below may be helpful as your complete your applications:  

Princeton Review:  Graduate Admissions Guide   (Download your free copy)
Timetable of Applying for Grad School
Admissions Tests
Statement of Purpose (Personal Statement)
Letters of Recommendation
Graduate Admissions Interviews
Healthcare Admissions Forums:  Student Doc Network   (Follow Articles and Interviews to Interview Feedback)

2010 Webinar:  Getting Into Graduate School, Donald Asher

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