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Timetable of Applying For Grad School

Deadlines and timetables vary from institution to institution, but the following timeline provides a general outline for  graduate school exploration.  While everyone's circumstances are different, it is often recommended that individuals apply to multiple schools, including both those they feel confident about admissions and those that would be a stretch.



  • Discuss your personal statement with faculty members, your advisor, or Career Services and Academic Resource Center staff
  • Request letters of recommendation from people who know your personal skills and qualifications
  • Become familiar with the application process and establish your personal timeline
  • Sign up for the required grad school admissions tests.  These may include the GRE, LSAT, GMAT, MAT, AND MCAT


  • Take the required admissions tests
  • Request application materials to schools in which you plan to attend
  • Adjust personal statement to meet the guidelines for each school
  • Order transcripts
  • Provide the necessary information, such as schools and content info, to the people you asked to write letters of recommendation for you


  • Photocopy the actual application form and then do a draft


  • Submit applications by the deadline.
  • Keep copies or records of everything you submit.


  • Plan to visit the schools you are interested in