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Skype Interviews

An increasing number of businesses are conducting job interviews via SKYPE, particularly for screening or first interviews.  

How to prepare for a Skype interview: 

  1. Identify a quiet room without visual distractions in which to participate in the interview.  Rooms 112 and 113 in Brophy are set up with all the equpment you need to do a Skype interview.  Be sure to reserve the room in advance by signing up on the sheet outside the door.  
  2. You must create a Skype account.  Instructions for creating an account are here. 
  3. Learn how to make and receive a Skype call.
  4. Prepare for the interview as you would for any other interview.  The websites below may be helpful.

Thirteen Tips for Nailing a Skype Interview
Ten Tips to Avoid Bombing Your Skype Interview
The New Secrets to Rocking Your Skype Interview