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Parents often have questions about the career development process and the services provided by Viterbo University Career Services. The information on these pages is designed to help you understand the mission of Career Services and the nature of the interaction we have with students.  Encourage your college student to use the free services offered by the Career Services office--career counseling, internships, resume development, mock interviews, career fairs, and special events for networking and skill development.

If you have further questions about our office or our services, please contact us at or (608) 796-3828.

Encourage your student to consider the following courses as they build their course schedules. 

UNST 110: Major Exploration (1-credit, 7-week class offered fall/spring)
This course is designed for first-year and undeclared students. This course is will facilitate life and career decision making. Students will be involved in activities that encourage examination of personality characteristics and interest, personal and occupational values, as well as abilities, skills, and aptitudes. Students will explore the world of work and requisite academic preparation, generate occupational and academic goals, and make knowledgeable and appropriate decisions. 

UNST 310: Career and Professional Development Seminar (1-credit, 7-week class offered fall/spring)
- This course is designed for students who wish to further refine their career goals and begin preparation for activities to pursue those goals. Students will investigate possible career paths and research the feasibility of internships, graduate school, and other career-enhancing activities, as well as develop application materials, place search strategies, and practice interview skills to prepare for the next steps in their career development.

Four-Step Guide to Career Success  

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