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Cover Letter Checklist

Is the cover letter written in a standard business letter format?

Are there approximately one-inch margins on the left and right sides? Is it centered on the page vertically?

Do your name and full contact information appear on the cover letter?

Is the cover letter addressed to an individual? If no name appears in the position posting, make every effort to find a name. It shows extra effort has been expended. Call the employer when possible.

If you are unable to obtain a name, address the letter to "Human Resource Representative" or "Hiring Manager."

Does the first paragraph clearly communicate why you are writing?

Is the letter tailored to an individual organization and position? Did you address the qualifications specified by the individual employer in your letter?

Does the letter add to your self-marketing campaign? Does it emphasize the positive attributes and qualifications you bring to the employment world?

Does the tone of your letter communicate a positive attitude and enthusiasm for the position and organization?

Is the letter written in grammatically correct language? Have you utilized a couple of proofreading strategies to ensure that it doesn't contain typos, misspelled words, or other mistakes?

Did you avoid starting too many sentences with "I"?

Is the letter printed in the same font as your resume? If applying with hard copies, is the letter printed on paper that matches your resume? Use good quality bond paper for job correspondence.

If applying with hard copies, did you sign the letter?