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Graduate Record Examination

There are two types of GRE, the GRE General Exam and the GRE Subject Exam.  

The GRE is taken by students applying for graduate school. The test is composed of a verbal, quantitative and analytical writing sections. The GRE General test is offered ONLY as a computer delivered exam. More information on the GRE General Exam can be found on the GRE website. The exam is available at the UW-L test center twice daily on  Monday - Saturday.  The registration fee is $185.  To register for the GRE General Exam, call the UW-L Computer Based Testing Center at (608)785-8968  or go to

The GRE Subject tests are offered ONLY in a paper and pencil format.   The exams are administered at UW-La Crosse three times per year in October, November & April. More information on the GRE Subject Exams is available on the GRE website. The registration fee if $150.  Register online at
ID Requirements: Passport or a valid drivers license.
If testing outside your country of citizenship a valid, signed passport is required.  See the GRE website for more about I.D. requirements.Your Photo ID must be current and valid. You may be denied admission if your ID is not current and valid.

Estimated Length of each Exam:  Four hours and thirty minutes.

Study Guides: GRE Power Prep is available for free download on the GRE web site.

Other study materials are also available for on the GRE website or in reference sections of larger bookstores. The Viterbo University Academic Resource Center also has services and resources to help prepare for the GRE.  General information and study tips are available at Online Masters Exam Prep.

What is an acceptable score?
What Is a good GRE Score? There is no official minimum, and individual institutions may have different standards.  In the event you get a lower score than you would like, you may consider retaking the exam.  However, if the rest of your application offers very competitive features (professional career so far, secondary studies, etc.), your time may be better spent putting together a quality application packet.  Certainly consider retaking the GRE if you've made a mistake  and your score was significantly lower than the one you did during your preparation.

GRE Guide to interpreting scores

For more information visit the GRE Homepage at