Broad Field Social Studies

broad field social studies two female students

Career Opportunities

History/BFSS graduates have many career opportunities in non-profit, private, or public sectors. Teaching, of course, is a typical career choice. But an undergraduate BFSS degree provides a solid foundation for graduate study in history programs specializing in, for example, archives, historic preservation, museum studies, or specific areas of historical study, as well as related fields such as government service, law, or international relations.

Some Career Options (some require advanced degree)

  • Archivist
  • Director of historical associations and societies
  • Editor
  • Elected official
  • Historical writer or editor
  • Insurance
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer
  • Legal researcher
  • Legislative assistant
  • Librarian (catalog, reference, research, or technical)
  • Market research
  • Museum curator
  • Public policy researcher
  • Public relations specialist
  • Publication specialist
  • Park service
  • Preservationist
  • Professor
  • Records manager
  • Teacher
  • Travel and tour guide