BioChem Environmental Club

 relay38  relay2
 Yeah, that's us!  Part of our wonderful Relay team at the beginning of the night
 relay10  relay11
 Hey Peter!  Some of the girls, bright eyed and bushy tailed!
 relay12  relay13
Cassie and Peter on the walk! Kartick and Cassie on the walk!
relay5 relay4
 Look at all those pillows and blankets!  Our first lap!
 relay14  relay15
 Shake it!  Manda and her father, a cancer survivor!
 relay16  relay
 Hmm..what am I going to do for the next 12 hours?  We're the "cool" nerds!
 relay18  relay1
 A view from up above!  Let's go for a walk!
 relay20  relay21
 The group...around 2 am  Rockin' it out on Sheila's leg
 relay22  relay23
 Grrr...Cassie's hungry  "Macho Man" theme
 relay24  relay25
 Yeah, we're some tough dudes!  Meet our "Dude looks like a lady" participants!
 relay27  relay30
 Pumping some iron...  I'm one tough man!
 relay31  relay17
 Look at our manly muscles!  Yum...doritos, breakfast for nerds...
 relay34  relay35
 Hunting/Camo Theme...we're game!  Little nap...
 relay7  relay8
 Do I look smart?  Go Eagles...I mean Go V-Hawks!
 relay39  relay33
 Let's do the Electric Slide at 3 am, why not!  80's theme...let's workout & sweat to the oldies!
 Yeah, it's 5 am and we're alive...barely...