BioChem Environmental Club

High-way Clean-up Fall 2006

 highway 10  highway 11
 You missed some garbage!  Look what I aluminum can!
 highway 12  highway 9
 We're looking good in our orange vests!  Don't even take a picture
 highway 13  Highway Clean-up 1
 Posing for a quick picture!  You have to pick up everything!
 Highway 5  highway 7
 Look at all the trash we collected... Bio-Chem Environmental Club rocks!
 Highway Clean-up 3  highway 8
Yeah, I'm doing my job and posing at the same time!  It's a beautiful day, what more could we ask for?
Cookout Cookout2
 Watch out, Dr. Rodgers is grilling! Mmm...we're hungry after all that hard work!