Sr. Mynette Gross Tributes

My prayers for Sister Mynette and to all who mourn her loss. I remember Sister as a capable, competent leader! I had the privilege of seeing her several times in the recent years while I visited Sister Blanche Marie at the Villa. God speed you to your rest Sister Mynette.

Donna Weber '64
Former Student

Too bad that she couldn't hold out for two more years to make 100 years old. She was absolutely wonderful. I never saw sister get angry or raise her voice. Some of us among ourselves called her Minnie. She was adorable, poised, intelligent, and always super tactful and a perfect lady at all times. I remember one thing that I did that Sister Mynette questioned. She calmly sat me down and we had a peaceful talk, never interrupting me or challenging me. She accepted me entirely. I was a lot to deal with then. Never a dull moment. I remember having dinner with her one time. That was very special. It was over forty years ago, and it is still one of my favorite times in my life. Sister was always available for people to pop in to chat. She became a good friend who was always there for me. As I'm typing this, I'm crying. I will miss her very much.

Diane Janas '69
Former Student

 Sister Mynette was always a wonderful example of the spirit of St. Francis. She always had a way of encouraging students to do their best. We knew that she gave her best and she expected the same of us. Her skill at teaching and leading have followed me throughout my lifetime. May she rest in the peace of the Lord forever.

Marge Dobbs Spiering '62
Former Student

 Sister Mynette was never my teacher, but was a deep and close friend. Often times when I would be walking along and would meet her, we'd walk together and talk. She always showed great interest in me and my progress, both academically and mentally, since she was aware that I had some emotional problems. She actually seemed like a mother to me. I loved her dearly, and am very sorry to hear that she has passed away....yet knowing that of all people, she will surely go straight to heaven. Now I can talk with her once again through the Communion of Saints!

Dianne Lotter '63
Friend of the Family

 During my years of working the desk at Murphy Center, I looked forward to Sr. Mynette's quiet greetings. Her gentle smile and wise eyes were always welcome during the rush of activity that surrounded the reception area. A true lady, indeed, and a true woman of God.

Rachelle Dyb Miller '77
Former Student

 Sister Mynette was my teacher in my Education classes. She always stressed that we needed to be well prepared and professional. I am grateful to her for the many years that she has given to Viterbo!!!

Rochelle Potaracke '64, FSPA
Former Student

Sister Mynette was one of those who cared about everybody, and she was just such a kind person.

Tom Faas '76
Former Student

 I did not know Sr. Mynette at Viterbo, but I worked with her in Jail Ministry which she founded. She invited me to be a Board Member and also to share Prayer Ministry with the people serving time. She cared so much about the people who were in jail and did all she could to make certain they had an opportunity for prayer. The love she had penetrated her work.

Leclare Beres '56, FSPA

Sister Mynette was gracious, inspiring, and thought-provoking. She encouraged us to learn and to live with courage, caring, compassion and gracefulness.

Margaret Lansing '67
Former student

 Sister Mynette was Academic Dean during a long part of my tenure at Viterbo. She did not look at the little things but viewed the whole picture. Student evals could sometimes be worrisome and I remember meeting with Sister Mynette over them. At one time I received one that I didn't like and actually shed tears over it, but dear Mynette said, "Carlene, that is one, look at all the other wonderful remarks". She was a sensitive and caring person.

Carlene Unser, FSPA

What a shock to hear of Sister Mynette's death! She was my teacher in 7th & 8th grade in Stratford, Wisconsin, in 1941-1943. Having come from Marathon County Public School with 8 grades in one room, she assigned other students to help me get missed information, like music theory from Alice Kaiser, later FSPA. In the convent, Sr. Mynette showed me special attention since I entered St. Rose in my Freshman year, with class rooms and teachers at newly constructed Viterbo. Now we make connections from her heavenly throne. Bless you, dear Sister Mynette!

Dorothy Wenzel '61, FSPA
Former Student

I had two encounters with Sr. Mynette. The first my first day in class. I entered the main building and was greeted by Sr by name. I had never met this person before, but she knew who I was by name. I later found out that she greeted every student in the same manner as they entered the building which made the feat even more impressive. The second time was when I dropped a class. She was very insistent that I remain in the class and I was just as insistent that I drop the class. In the end I prevailed, but it took some talking to make it happen. During the entire meeting she used very quiet persuasion and never once raised her voice. She was a very good role model for all.

Janet K Muenzenberger '73
Former Student

S. Mynette was Academic Dean when I chaired the Education Department. I always found her easy to talk to about any concern or questions I had. She was not only understanding in her responses but also very helpful. One of my memories is what she said and wrote for my first-year evaluation: "You do everything with dispatch." I had never heard that expression before so it stayed with me. I'm grateful for the influence S. Mynette had on my personal and professional life. May she rest in peace!

Mary Ann Gschwind '65, FSPA

The first time I saw the gentle look in those eyes was in August, 1967. Sister Bernyne Stark and Sister Mynette Gross greeted me when I first stepped on LaCrosse's soil. Extreme fatigue from over 20 hours of flight from Guam and indescribable apprehension for being so far from home for the first time overwhelmed me. However, Sr. Mynette's caring gaze comforted me and convinced me that everything would be okay. Merci beaucoup, Sister Mynette Gross.

Dolores Indalecio Camacho '70
Former Student

I will never forget my conversation with Sister Mynette two days after I arrived at Viterbo for the first time, a wide-eyed fifteen year old. In my fledgling English I told her in very serious tones that I wanted to be an astronaut that specialized in the psychological factors involved in space flying. She responded just as serious and genuine by asking me how Viterbo could help me fulfill my dream. I will never forget her respectful and encouraging response that she conveyed with words as well as with a warm smile. Thank-you Sister for your wonderful leadership and caring that you gave to so many.

Mariangel Flynt '65
Former Student