Georgia Hammell Tributes

Georgia Hammel, FSPA

She was a very gentle and beloved teacher.

Sandra '66, former student

Sr. Georgia was an awesome teacher.

Dorothy Phelps '67, former student

I took care of Sister Georgia at the Villa and stopped by to see the Sisters this Nov. (I retired a year ago) Sister Georgia still had her sweet smile when I greeted her. I have fond memories of her.

Jo Ronning, former student

As a graduate of the nursing program at Viterbo University, Sister Georgia Hammell left an everlasting impression upon me for her devotion to the profession. Blessings to her family during this time of loss—she is still with us in spirit.

Suzanne Horkan, RN '78, former student

I remember Sister Georgia as a smiling quiet woman who positively influenced everyone she met. I just mailed her Christmas card but she'll be celebrating in heaven this year!

Patricia (Cardine) Fritsche '69, former student

If I recall correctly, Sister Georgia, at age 70, after teaching nursing at Viterbo for more than three decades, took a year's leave of absence to move to Majuro in the South Pacific to help to stabilize the nursing department the FSPA had started at the state college there. And after that year, she stayed on to teach 10 more years. What dedication!

Patricia Tekippe, FSPA '74

Sr. Georgia was our favorite instructor because of her kindness and patience. She gave me great empathy when I came back to class after the death of my little brother on the farm. I believe I am the caring, skilled nurse I am today thanks to great examples like Sr. Georgia.

Cathleen McCabe '81, former student

She always knew your name, always had a smile and was the most positive person I ever met. She was just a great lady and teacher.

Mary (Kamrowski) Ta, former student

I remember Sr. Georgia as being my most influential instructor at Viterbo. Her guidance was so appreciated. I remember our junior year three of us from nursing class were sitting on our porch enjoying the warm weather and having a beer or two when Sr. Georgia walked by and we were all trying to hide the beer. She said hi and walked on and got this cute little smile on her face! She understood college girls.

Vicki Brennan '83, former student

Sr. Georgia was one of the most caring people I have ever known. I had her as a professor and knew her family personally. She will sadly be missed by everyone.

Karen (Voight) Privet '80, former student

There are four nuns who served as role models and mentors during my education at Viterbo and life in La Crosse. Sr. Grace Claire, Sr. Joyce Bantle, Sr. Thea Bowman, and Sr. Georgia. I have physically lost all of them but my memories and their influence on how I am the nurse that I am today will persist forever. Sr. Georgia was the most quiet of the four but her steady positive attitude taught me how to listen attentively. Years after my BSN education, Sr. Georgia presented me an award from VU in the same quiet steady voice that I remember her doing while encouraging me as a student nurse. I will miss Sr. Georgia but will not forget her affect on my life. RIP dear Sister

Greg Lind '76, former student

Sister Georgia was a lady with a lot of class. She was a stellar educator. A fellow faculty member explained to me,"Georgia has a velvet sword."

James R. Sauer ’79, former student

Georgia and I were office mates many years ago. She is one of the most kind and gentle women I have ever met. Her quiet and simple approach to life served her well for 97 years! She taught me so very much about listening and observing, I will forever be grateful.

Debra Randall Anderson, colleague