Earl Madary Tributes

Following are tributes to Earl Madary and reactions to his death. 

To Marci, Rachel and Joseph, The Viterbo Community and all friends and family: My deepest sympathy to you in the loss of an incredible man. Earl was my advisor as I completed my masters in Servant Leadership program. His kindness and encouragement was a balm to me at a very stressful time. I remember gathering one night after class with classmates and Earl and Marci stopped by the gathering. They needed to leave a bit early in order to get home and decorate the house for one of this kid's birthdays - and I was in awe at their love for the kids and the magic that they were about to create. Earl loved his family deeply, and I am sure you know this. He loved so, our Lord, the Viterbo Community, his co-workers, students and the Franciscan sisters. I am still in shock and cannot fully comprehend the hole that is left with his passing. But I can see him singing, pain free along with the angels and saints and asking a lot of questions right now. May you find some comfort in the gifts that Earl left behind. With love and hope for peace.

Amy Moore, 2004 MSL

My wife and I are very sad to hear of Earl's passing. We both had classes with Earl and he was a wonderful teacher. He will be sadly missed by Viterbo and its alumni.

Jeff  '00

Earl, My heart is so sad today. I will remember always your warm smile, enduring friendship, and cheerful laughter. Please greet my Irish father for me...he will remember when you sang "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" at his funeral. Love you so much! --Red

Carol (Ryan) Wilkie '87

Earl was an amazing man who touched everyone in some way. I was blessed to be able to know him and share music in St. Francis Choir and the love of St. Francis with him. He was a true example of God's love and Franciscanism. He will be missed greatly, but his life will live on in the memories of those he touched. Thank you for everything, Earl. Prayers and thoughts to his family and friends. Pax et Bonum!

Molly (Nesbitt) Maka '03

Earl was a more than wonderful mentor and professor! He was unforgettable! He had more knowledge of religion and philosophy than anyone I know outside of Viterbo! I take his presence in my life as a lucky experience. My heart goes out to his wonderful family that he always spoke so so highly of! He will be greatly missed from Viterbo Alumni! So sorry Earl...and family you were an exquisite teacher!

Sara Hanoski '03

Earl, you will be greatly missed. I took as many of your classes as I could and really enjoyed them. You are a great teacher and made me a better person. Rest in Peace knowing how much you meant to people.

Shelley Gabrielson '01

My husband, John and I had the opportunity to go on the Assisi pilgrimage with Earl and Marcie. The four of us went out to eat one evening in Assisi and we cajoled Earl into singing. All the kitchen and wait staff came out to listen to him sing. The appreciation of the staff for Earl's impromptu solo was nothing short of overwhelming. It was a performance and reception worthy of Pavarotti. It's one of our fondest memories of Assisi. My deepest sympathies to Marcie and family. Earl embodied the joy of St. Francis. What a tragic loss to our community.

Margaret Grenisen '80

I had the privilege of having a religion class with Earl and present the day that he shared with the class that he was diagnosed with cancer, we stopped the class, and prayed. It was an unforgettable moment! Earl was not only a great teacher in class but also in life. We joked about his new hairdo (bald), he had shaved his head because he did not want his children to see his hair loss, stating that the little hair he did have provided insulation. Earl pronounced baldness as being cold. Earl missed only two classes as he valiantly battled through his treatments.

I have since had several friends experience life with cancer and have been able to use Earl's experience to assist them. Earl will live in our memories and will be a constant source of encouragement. Prayers and thoughts for the family. 

I heard a song, as I was driving that I believe Earl would have appreciated with its message "Celebrate Me Home" by Kenny Loggins, that is inspirational and comforting as we celebrate Earl's life and the knowledge of him in his heavenly home.

Penny Blank, Former student

I remember Earl's bell-like tenor so well. I always thought his voice rivaled the great tenors of the day and had he pursued such a life he would certainly have succeeded there. However, I know he had an impact where he wished to have an impact - through his music, through his teaching and through his family. Earl will certainly be missed, but I firmly believe that no one who is remembered with Love is lost to us.

Sarah (Buche) Serdin '88

As a student in Ed Media I worked with Earl helping him with his projects. To say it was fun would be an understatement. Earl would bend the rules ever so slightly resulting in me keeping on my toes!!! His infectious laugh, sparkling eyes and wide grin would really connect with you and you would have to laugh right along. Working with Earl at Viterbo was a true joy. When we would talk I would always know he was listening to me, a genuine and caring type listening and concern. I will always remember Earl and his beautiful voice, I have been blessed to call Earl a friend. I will miss you my friend, teach the choirs of angels how to sing.

Deb Siebenaler
Former student
Friend of the family

What a tremendous loss to Viterbo University and to everybody who was ever fortunate enough to encounter Earl. As former students at Viterbo, we have myriad fond memories of our experiences with him. From movie marathons at Marian Hall to sharing the stage with him in the Viterbo production of Carmen, and the endless Messiahs at Christmastime, he will forever be a cornerstone in our memories of all things music at Viterbo. But what has become apparent over the many years since leaving Viterbo, is the spiritual direction Earl's life took. His calling to lead Viterbo to even greater levels of liturgical music excellence truly spoke to his dedication and commitment to nurturing the human spirit through music. How blessed was Viterbo University to have him lead the way. We can only imagine Sister Anna Rose (Sarge)waiting for him with open arms and a twinkle in her blue eyes--perhaps with an unpaid library fine in hand. Earl, we love you, and we will miss you. Blessings and strength to your family, and we thank you for everything you have done to grace our planet. Fondly,

Steve Hinz '88 and Lisa Hinz-Johnson '86

Earl continues to teach us even in death...that life is short, but rich in opportunities for us to make the way better for someone else. That's what Earl did in the 42 years we had him with us. It was an honor to know him, and at age 55, when I received my Master of Arts in Servant Leadership degree from Viterbo, to say that I learned some of the greatest lessons in life from him. Thanks Earl.

Pat Kerrigan '05

Earl was truly a remarkable man. As kind-hearted and helpful as any person I have ever met. As a society, we can only wish to have more men like himself. My thoughts and prayers go out to Earl's family and friends in this very difficult time. Earl, you will truly be missed by all.

Scott M. Domine '01

Earl was one of the kindest people I have ever met. Since my time at Viterbo, I have been pursuing a PhD in Spanish Literature. Of all of the professors I had as an undergraduate, it is to Earl's comments that I turn when I need encouragement and to be reminded that I have a voice of my own. This is an unspeakably tremendous loss. I have never been a particularly religious person in the common sense of the term, but if there was ever a person that made me think about the possibility of a power beyond that which I could create myself, it was Earl. I had Earl as an instructor while at Viterbo. His gifts have made me the teacher that I am today. All my condolences to his family and to the entire community.

Courtney Kay Lanz '00

To me, Earl was an underclassman who quickly distinguished himself for his good nature and kind heart. He also had a remarkable singing voice. During the Met competitions, the judges were very impressed. They told him that, with a bit more maturity, he had a promising opera career. I'll always remember him as Don Jose, the romantic lead, when Viterbo did Carmen. Earl wasn't what one would normally picture for the role but he sang and acted the part so beautifully that he was utterly convincing. Earl's faith was stronger than his need for opera fame. He dedicated his life and his gift to the greater glory of God, enriching the world and Viterbo through his works. He is a blessed soul that will be sorely missed.

B. Ward Holz '86

It's hard to imagine a world without Earl Madary. It's impossible to fathom how many lives he touched. It's tragic to think of all the young people who will never meet Earl Madary and experience his spirit. There is no way I could put into words the influence that Earl had on my life as a religious studies major and a member of the St. Francis choir. I cherish the memories I have of Earl and his family. If there was a way to say thank you for all that he is done I would shout it from the roof tops. All we, whose lives were touched by Earl, can do is to take what he taught us and bring it into our every day life. That is how we can keep the spirit of Earl alive.

Kristin (Krocker) Johnson '02

What an inspirational man who lived, loved, and served well! I will always remember Earl for the many things he taught me inside and outside the classroom and for the witness of faith that he was. I'll never forget his laugh, his great sense of humor, and the never ending "action" game suggested by Earl on the Kansas City Service Trip. Though my heart hurts at the loss of such an admirable friend and role model, I rejoice that Earl is with his creator, who he taught us about so passionately through word and deed. My prayers & love will continue for Earl's family!

Tessa '03

Earl was an outstanding person of integrity and compassion. I will greatly miss his music and wonderful Franciscan spirit of life. His life was filled with much giving and gratitude for the blessings God graciously gave him in family, friends, colleagues, profession and person. My deepest condolences to Marci, Rachael and Joseph - may they always feel his presence and ongoing love.

Lucy Slinger FSPA, '73
Former student

Earl taught me about reflection and prayer, patience and understanding, the way no one else could. Without these gifts, I wonder if I'd be religious. In essence, Earl helped save my soul. I owe him so much for that.

Emily (Heser) Dawson '02

Earl was the kindest, most open-minded, Christ-like person I have ever had the privilege to meet. When I came to college, my faith was not an important part of my life. Frankly, I didn't even know if I had any faith, or what I believed. Earl was the first person to show me that being a Christian isn't a black and white, word for word, this or that kind of thing. It's about love of all of God's Creation. He was a key player in me finding and solidifying my beliefs, even though he might not have known it. I'll remember him as a wonderful professor, but also a friend. We went on canoe trips, joked about the lack of electricity and music back in his day (though he claimed he knew who the Foo Fighters were ;)), and he counseled my husband and me before our marriage. I literally *would not* be where I am or who I am right now if it weren't for Earl. I know he's joyful walking with Christ as we speak, and I can only hope that those of us who knew him can pass on even a tiny bit of the wonderful man he was.

Becky (Morphew) Morse '04

Earl often signed his e-mails and closed his voice mails with the Franciscan saying - Pax et Bonum (Peace and all good); Earl Madary was the epitome of peace and goodness. I will miss him as will this entire community. Earl was a beloved colleague, outstanding teacher and musician, mentor, and friend to all.

He embodied our Franciscan values and touched the lives of thousands of students and colleagues.

Our prayers are with the Madary family during this very difficult time.

Rick Artman

In 1991 Earl was music director for St. Elizabeth Church in Holmen and sang at our wedding in 1991. All of our families and friends remarked on what a beautiful voice he had. It was obvious that his talents were to stretch into his success at Viterbo University which I am also an alumni. It is indeed a great loss to Viterbo and to all those who knew him.

Jeanne (Hundt) Keyser '87

Earl was always the type you could count on to be a good friend, especially when it was needed the most. Deepest sympathies goes out to Earl's family and the whole Viterbo community, whom he has greatly blessed.

Jeffrey J Koenen '89

I thoroughly enjoyed Earl's free spirit during the Assisi Pilgrimage in Sept. of 1998 where we all enjoyed his fabulous humor and marvelous musical talents, especially during liturgy! Back here I often enjoyed hearing the wonderful remarks that Viterbo's students made about their fantastic teacher, Earl Madary, while they worked at Bethany Riverside, while my mother was a resident there 2003-2005. They often said the canoe trip they took during his class was a magnificent spiritual experience, a time they felt really close to God.

Julie Tydrich FSPA, '72

I can't seem to recall a specific memory of my time spent with Professor Madary, maybe its because Earl was to humble to allow himself to stand out, or maybe it was because you don't really appreciate what you have until its gone. Now I can honestly say he did truly stand out as a person and teacher, he will be deeply missed.

Jon Orman '05

Earl was an amazing person which all of you know. He was gentle yet firm, he was a teacher yet friend, he was an amazing human individual, who made a huge impact on my life. He helped me through rough, life-threatening moments at college and taught me not to be afraid of life or death. he helped me keep an open mind towards everyone and to have faith in myself and my abilities. He showed me what kindness is and lived this example everyday of his life. He will truly be missed as a teacher, a friend and so much more. Prayers and thoughts are with his wife and children. Bless you Earl as you enter into the heavenly kingdom of heaven. You will be received with arms wide open. Thank you for changing my life in so many ways and helping me see the power of kindness and the power of a wonderful spirit. You will truly be missed

Jillian Palmer '05

As a member of St Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish in Holmen, I was privileged to meet Earl when he became the director of music and the youth group just following his graduation from Viterbo. Earl was an instant success with his amazing talents...a voice that was truly a gift from God, a natural talent for teaching and a warm, witty personality. We were so disappointed when he left our parish but knew he was destined for great things. We have many great memories of Earl that we shall always cherish. My prayers and deepest sympathy to Marcy, Rachel and Joseph. May you find comfort in knowing how many share in your grief and loss.

Judy McHugh '71

Earl's love, grace, and overwhelming faith has long inspired me to make every attempt rise to the challenge of love. The time I was blessed to learn and share with this amazing man remains entrenched in my soul as the image of what true community can be and should be. Every class, conversation, and choir practice was hope; hope that true peace and love--physical, emotional, and spiritual--could be achieved in our world. I will never forget what he told us our job was when we graduated: "As a graduate of Viterbo University, it is your charge--responsibility--to change the world." I thank God that Earl sought to live this. His life touched so many. I cannot express how blessed I feel that my life was one of that host. I now that at this very moment and forever more, our teacher and choir master is singing in Glory. I look forward to the day that we can join him to sing along once more.

Mandy Burnham '07

It is so hard to accept the death of Earl because he was a person who showed so many how to live. He absolutely radiated kindness from the depth of his being. Our best tribute to our friend is to be as kind and considerate in our lives as he was in his....may he rest in peace.

Deb Stover, Colleague

Seeing the e-mail with the subject line simply saying Earl Madary, I knew that the Viterbo community had lost a great person. Earl, such a grand and joyful spirit! Gifted with both music and intellect became such a "Renaissance Man". I count it among my greatest blessings to have come to meet the "gentle giant" he was when I transferred to Viterbo so many years ago. It was my honor to make music with him, joke with him, and even get to share a house with him in our final year as students! Later we would take a group of high school students from Holmen to eastern Kentucky for a week of service with the Christian Appalachian Project. Suddenly we were no longer the followers, but the followed! To say we had lost touch over the years is partially true -- mostly due to living on separate sides of the state. But every so often some notice would be posted in the pages of Strides and I could "keep tabs" on my friend from many years ago. I remain deeply saddened despite the fact that I know Earl is joining his voice with Sr. Thea in praising the God who meant so much to him! Like Sr. Thea, it was cancer that took him. Like Sr. Thea, there will be a large hole left in the Viterbo and FSPA Communities. But we still have that magnificent speech that he made on his being named "Teacher of the Year" and I continue to marvel at the reflections and challenges he left with all of us that day! He might have been uncomfortable with my saying this, but I can now say that I have known a saint. His name is Earl Madary of La Crosse!

Tony (Bud) Dombrowski BA -- Religious Studies Viterbo, 1988

Earl Madary is one of the finest human beings I ever met. He was a joy to know and a wealth of knowledge. He would always listen and take seriously the thoughts or concerns that were expressed to him. When my mother died he was there to talk through the trauma. He had recently lost his mother as well and we explored a lot together. I know his words of wisdom and bent ear helped me get through one of the toughest periods of my life. He had a voice that was a privilege to hear. Hear a recording or remember a time you heard him sing and be glad to have had that treat.

Jake Dunham '99

I was deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Earl. I took Environmental Spirituality from him and I really learned to challenge myself, thoughts and ideas. He was a wonderful person, so caring and willing to help others. Earl is one of the professors at Viterbo that I thoroughly enjoyed and students could see that he really loved his job. Even though this is a difficult time for family, friends and staff at Viterbo, I feel comforted knowing that he is in Heaven. He will be missed.

Katie Klokkenga '04

It's only after hearing this news that I realize it's been 20 years -- or nearly that -- since I actually saw Earl -- but he's been in my mind and in my heart nevertheless. Earl and a handful of others reached out and befriended me -- a lowly, geeky Freshman while they'd achieved Sophmoredom -- my very first year at Viterbo. Those friendships grew into some of the most profound I've ever had when we all roomed together for the rest of my college career. In that time Earl became a brother to me (sometimes a big brother, sometimes a little brother) -- and though we'd fallen out of regular contact, I've been always about-to-call or about-to-e-mail him for years. His was that kind of friendship -- even when contact was irregular, it was still felt, still remembered. And though I never saw him in his teaching career, I envy those of you who were his students -- I have no doubt but that he was as brilliant in the classroom as he was on stage, singing in that beautiful voice, or sitting around a cluttered dorm room playing guitar. Only now do I feel like I'll begin to miss him properly.... Marcy, you and your family have my deepest, sincerest condolences.

Ray Lacina '88

I was a senior at Viterbo when a lively freshman by the name of Earl Madary came into the music department. Most of us found Earl to be a happy diversion to the "seriousness" of studying music. But we soon found out what a gift he was. Earl sparkled. I will fondly remember our times as Campus Ministry musicians... Earl, Jay Nelson, a. Beth Saner and the gang. It was there that it became apparent to me that Earl's life had been already marked as a servant of God. Most of Earl's earthly acclaim will be recounted in the weeks to come. I am blessed to believe that his ETERNITY will be his greatest achievement. Welcome home, Earl.

Shelly (Kieffer) Clark '84

"What a beautiful difference one single life made." Earl - you must know by now the impact that you have had on so many people. I will truly miss your visits to our candy dish for chocolate; your laughter in the hallway so loud and contagious that I would laugh just hearing it through closed doors; our conversations on who we would vote for on American Idol (don't forget Bucky)!; your beautiful voice that so often brought tears to my eyes - that, I will miss so very much; our heartfelt conversations about our families; your comforting words when I lost my father just a short while ago; your smile and so so much more. You are loved by many and that love will be strong for your family in the days to come. "How fortunate we are that in our hearts we keep forever the memories of those we love....and the time we share together." I will cherish my memories of all that you are Earl - I am lucky to call you friend. May God grant you and your family peace and love.

Chris Sanger, Colleague

My condolence to Earl's family. I pray for God's comfort upon you during this difficult time. I still have Earl's music he gave me while I was adding nursing school in Viterbo. He will will be miss! Blessings

Philomena Ofori-Nipaah '01

I would first like to extend my deepest sympathies to Earl's entire family. As I heard the news today, all of the memories flashed through my head. I first met Earl in my freshman year of college. Throughout my entire college experience he not only served as a teacher, but as a spiritual advisor and a friend. I can truly say that it is thanks to Earl that I found my deeper relationship with God and I am forever thankful for that. I will forever hold Earl in my memories and my heart. I thank him for sharing his life with me and touching so many other lives.

Rose Reinert-Allen '01

Earl had an infectious spirit and was a true gift to everyone he touched in his short and powerful life. His smile and grace will be missed by ALL. My prayers and sympathy to his family and the entire Viterbo community. God Bless.

Traci Lien '07

Earl was one of my favorite people in the world. He was a truly good person with a great sense of humor. Earl was also infinitely patient and was kind enough to humor me when Kaleesha Dittler and I suggested we start a canoe club at Viterbo. This resulted in paddling events every Friday as long as the river wasn't frozen for a whole academic year. So many fond memories! Earl used to tell us students in his classes that he'd want his funeral to be a party. His life is worth celebrating and I feel lucky to have known him!

Margaret Elvekrog '04

I am so sorry to hear about Earl's passing. My heartfelt sympathy to his wife, children and the entire Viterbo community. He touched so many lives in so many ways in his short life on earth. I am sure there will be great singing in heaven this Christmas.

Rochelle Filla Williams '01

As a teacher myself, I have often thought of writing Earl to thank him for the many lessons he taught me. And, I suppose, this may be my only chance to do so. Whether I was at Place of Grace, choir (Camina and the Messiah, of course), or Sunday church choir (led by Earl himself), he was always an inspiration to me. Often, I was one of those silent admirers, watching and learning from him on the side. One thing I will never forget was this little lesson on giving, told in an almost fleeting moment. We were at church talking, joking and laughing (between practice and before mass), when, in all seriousness though, he told us about a man on the street who had asked him for a quarter on his way to church that day. He talked about how people usually will walk past someone like that and either ignore them or say, "No, I don't have one. Sorry." But he told us to give. "Give that quarter, free yourself---be generous. It is a feeling of being free. Your gift is a blessing to them." I'll never forget it. And now, he really is free. To me, Earl was a present day, walking, earthly example of Jesus. I never saw him angry, he was very wise, his eyes always filled with love and compassion, and even if he hadn't seen you in a while it was like he saw you yesterday. He was an example of God's love on Earth. I will never forget what he taught me, and will always remember those little moments. I'm not sure if Earl was aware of just how much he meant to all of us, but his loving, kind spirit will never be forgotten. I will truly miss him and am extremely sadden by his loss. To Marci and his kids, my deepest sympathies, I'm so sorry for your loss. . .

Serena (Dolato) Bahe '00

It is very difficult to say in words all that Earl was to each one of us. The very first class I took at Viterbo was Environmental Spirituality and Earl was my Professor. I had already attended four other colleges/universities, and by far, I can say with conviction that Earl was one of the most magnificent & intelligent professors I have ever come across. I could feel and see how he loved his job, and that made all us students look forward to our next class together. Earl's genuine smile and spirit filled presence that filled his soul that he carried with him to Viterbo daily will be forever missed. My thoughts and prayers are with Earl's family as well as with Earl's Viterbo's family. Rest in Peace Earl and thank you for all your Servant Leadership examples and benevolence you achieved and passed on while you lived on this earth. We will always be grateful for your kindness that came so genuinely.

Michel Stegall '05 & Current MASL Student

My first great memories of Earl are from my freshman orientation weekend at Viterbo. I was excited to be in college but hadn't been there long enough to meet many people other than my new roommate, and she and I were both feeling pretty homesick. We convinced decided to attend the "Tom & Earl Show" in the Marion Hall cafeteria, and the humor and fun that went into that night was enough to convince us that being away from home wasn't such a bad thing. That same weekend, we ventured to the campus mass and sang with Earl and the choir as a another way to meet new people, and again, Earl knew just how to make us and everyone around him feel invited and welcome. My great experiences with Earl continued through my four years at Viterbo....the classes I took with him were outstanding and gave me a great perspective on my life during some very trying times in it. Some of the most meaningful and thought-provoking classes I attended in college were the ones where Earl took us hiking through the forest, and our only assignment for the day was to look around and enjoy nature and all it offers. For a few hours each week, Earl's classes drew us away from the rigor of college life and taught us to stress the importance of pure simplicity and the enjoyment of life. Thank you, Earl, for all my memories of you, and the kindness and wisdom that surrounds each one. You will forever be missed!

Stacey '05

I remember having several classes with Earl, both in ministry and music. The fondest memory is when the choir took a trip to N.Y.C. in the spring of 86. Earl, Claudia Grosz, Jay Nelson and I took a subway late at night and accidentally got on a train going in the wrong (and as we later found out, dangerous) direction. Earl had a big sombrero on and we had other signs of "tourist" written all over us. We were luckily helped by an underground police to quickly get on another train back to the part of the city where we needed to go. Earl's hearty laugh was the thing I remember most about him. I lost touch after graduating from Viterbo, but always enjoyed reading about him and seeing pictures in the Strides publishing's. I am shocked and saddened to hear the news of his passing. My prayers and deepest sympathy go out to his family and friends.

Kathleen (Ross) Rusovick '89

I believe I will never meet a more compassionate and genuine person than Earl Madary. If a man's legacy is measured by the number of lives he touched, than Earl will be remembered for a long time. I say with no hesitation that I am truly a better person today, for having known him. My thoughts and prayers are with those closest to him.

Eric Slette '02, '05

Earl was a mentor to me from the day I walked into his New Testament class. We worked together and prayed together frequently during my first four years at Viterbo, often meeting in his home. We were very close for a time. In my fifth year, as I slowly lost my faith, Earl was the one member of the religious community (at large, not just at Viterbo)who consistently treated me with love and never with judgment. Though we lost touch eventually after my graduation, I will forever remember him as the jolly, passionate man who never gave up on my relationship with God, even though I did. Earl was the best Christian I have ever known, and one of the best teachers. Even though I never took an education class from him, he is one of the strongest role models I had in becoming a teacher myself. I only hope that I can be a fraction as good to my students as he was to me.

Brian Allard '99

My heart goes out to the Madary's and all of Earl's friends. This is a loss to all of us- he was such a wonderful man. His spirit, kindness, and strength will stay with all of us who knew him well. I thank God he was brought into my life and will keep him and his loved ones in my prayers.

Elizabeth Vacek '00
Friend of the family

I had Earl for Search for Human & Christian Values my freshman year, and I enjoyed him so much that I took the other two required religious courses with him. My favorite memory of Earl, though, does not involve class. It involves a knock-down, drag-out game of Taboo at the Madary's house with the other members of Campus Ministry. When I heard of Earl's passing, my mind immediately sprang to Marci & the kids as I thought of the fun times I had spent in their home. My thoughts & prayers are with their family as they grieve, yet I know at the same time they will be celebrating a faith-filled & joyful life.

Kim (Porter) Franek '01

Earl was very supportive of me in my professional development and instrumental in my staying at Viterbo. Earl exemplified what Viterbo is and should be, a teaching and nurturing institution. I still see Earl canoeing down the Kickapoo in front of my cabin. Every time I look at the river I will be thinking of my friend.

John, Colleague

Earl's presence at Viterbo will be deeply missed. He was the quintessence of Franciscansism: a sincere respect for others, a commitment to social justice through Place of Grace, an unrestrained joy in teaching and learning, and a profound sense of stewardship. I always recommended his introductory religious studies classes when advising new students. I remember many times in Faculty Assembly or at Chairs' meetings that Earl had just the right words to express the sentiments of the group. This was especially true in his "Teacher of the Year" address to the faculty and administration. In the words of a song he often led us in at assemblies or gatherings, "How Beautiful" -- that was Earl.

Michael Smuksta, Colleague

I am saddened to hear of the death of such a wonderful man. I remember Earl as a vibrant, caring, compassionate man in love with God and the life God gave him. My sympathy to Earl's family, friends and Viterbo Community.

Pam (Lindner) Alt '88

There is so much to be said about Earl, but one word is all that is needed -inspirational. I never had him for a teacher (something I wished I could have experienced), but I don't believe I lost out on his teachings. You see, it didn't matter how you knew Earl, or even how long, he always remembered your name - he always said hi - and he always showed up when you needed him in the most mysterious ways. When my grandpa passed away just about a year ago, I was having a particularly bad day. I opened my email and there were words from Earl. I will share apart of that email with you as I hope it gives some of the same peace it gave me that day. "There is green yet in the world, the resurrection is more than idea, and you will see him again. Your Grandpa is fully alive in Christ. He loves you completely and is with you just as he was before if not even more fully than before. If there is ever anything I can do please do not hesitate to let me know. Peace and all good, Earl Hope is the only virtue that is given to us by another human being and the only virtue that can be taken away. Let us live like Earl and never lose hope that "meaning in life is not a fabrication of the mind, but a truth uncovered by the soul" (Victor Frankl) I will miss his amazing voice, his cheerful smile and pure spirit. I can say this with all honesty, Earl's singing voice is the only one that has had the capabilities of making time stop and moments stand still, radiating such spirituality within the room, and giving me chills just listening to his magic. I told him that one day. My prayers are with you Marci, Rachel, and Joseph as well as the entire community of people Earl has touched in some way. As Earl would say, Peace and all good.

Linsie Sanger '08

Earl, May the Good Lord take you in His Arms for everlasting resting place. Your memories still live on with all your friends and loves one. Your are not going to be forgotten as you left a vacuum in the Alumni community that we would never be able to fill. MAY YOU REST IN PEACE.

Godfried Sarpong, Former student

He was so fun I never missed his classes. Earl was a very understanding and wonderful man. I can't imagine Viterbo without him. All the hope and love he has given over the years is such a great gift. I am very thankful.

Charity Jolicoeur '00

 I am deeply saddened to hear the news of Earl's passing. I remember the amazing times we shared together when I was a senior in college at Viterbo when he stepped in to lead the choir at Campus Church. He had a way of helping students understand that music ministry is more than just singing songs of worship. He made our experiences fun and made us want to be a part of the worship service. I had the honor of being a part of one of the first service trips to David, KY in May 1996. We left the day I graduated and spent a week in the mountains assisting residents of David. Earl was a total prankster and helped assure that the students got a laugh or two on my behalf. At the time I was embarrassed, but now I can look back and laugh as well. My heart goes out to Marci and the kids. I will always remember my times with Earl both as a student and a colleague.

Rob Anderson '96

 I remember that there was a semester I had three classes with Earl in one day and one of those met for three hours at night. Oddly enough I never tired of listening to him. He always brought a freshness to each class that is truly inspiring. He has truly blessed my life with his wisdom. In part because of his teaching, I entered the lay ministry and have never looked back. Heaven holds a very special place for him, but he will be missed here.

Amy Berry '04

My deepest sympathy and prayers to Earl's family and to the staff at Viterbo who lost a valuable colleague. Earl was a great guy who was always will to help me at a moments notice. He will be fondly remembered and greatly missed!

Rick Pederson '01

Earl was the voice of reason. I always thought he would be a guiding light as Viterbo entered into a new era, and hoped he might one day be our AVP. He had a profound impact on me, and I know I join others in the Viterbo community as we mourn the loss of a truly great person. I think Viterbo will feel his loss for many years to come. God speed, Earl.

Dorie V. Beres, Colleague

I think this page will be full of memories of Earl. He is just one of those kind of people who touched everyone he met. At first I was shocked to hear the news, then all I could think of were the fun memories from college and listening to him sing. The two memories that first come to mind are; the first time us innocent freshmen music majors went to a Theatre party at the Theatre House (across from the Recovery room) back in 1983 - remember those parties???. We were shocked and amazed to see what we saw. I think our jaws were on the floor most of the evening. Obviously we got over it and went back to many other parties. Another fun memory is when Earl and his Tracey House roommates spent a week playing with an Owiji board, and became convinced their apartment had spirits in it moving cups and things in their cupboards. I also remember listening to him sing - a one of a kind tenor!! Or the year he was a King in Amdahl, and Mark Frank and I spent the entire production trying to make him laugh. Never worked and we tried really hard. Earl will be missed!!! but I find some comfort knowing the kind of life he led and how he touched so many lives and know his memory will live on and he will always be remembered by so many people. Not many people lived a life that is so full. My thoughts are with Earl's family.

Bridget Lyons '88, '96

I had the privilege of having Earl lead my Freshman Studies class at Viterbo. What an amazing experience! He made each and every one of us feel special, welcome and at home. That is not an easy task. It was a no-brainer for me to choose Earl as my religious studies professor later in my college career. Each class had nearly 100% attendance. That is all because of Earl and speaks to how important he was to each of us. His classes were thought provoking, entertaining (Earl had great stories) and enlightening. Earl was open minded and was a leader by example. Earl always greeted me by name, even years after I had him in class. He was a professor one will never forget, truly touching each students heart. He will be missed by all who ever met him.

Tricia '01

My deepest sympathy to Earl's entire family. Earl was a truly extraordinary person and we were all so blessed to have known him. When I received news of his passing I was confused and angry that God would take him away from us. Then, I remembered how he touched my life and all he taught me far beyond what was in the books. He was God's peace during a stressful semester or finals week; he was a listening and non-judgmental ear when I needed to talk about life's struggles. I distinctly remember the overwhelming peace that I felt simply listening to him sing praises to God late in the evening after a hard night of studying. Beyond this, I recall a discussion in particular about death long before news of the cancer. He spoke about heaven with joy and hopeful anticipation; he spoke of heaven not with fear of the unknown, but instead with a calm knowledge that heaven is where home is. When someone so beloved by an entire community, as Earl was, goes home we all naturally feel a great void; but the truth is, we are all passing through on this earth on our way home. For those left in his absence, life is less sweet, but death has lost some of its sting as well knowing he is home. Welcome home Earl.

Abby DeSanto '06

I do recall with warmth the day Earl entered into Viterbo, I being a foreign student, simply the humility and warmth that emanated from his inner soul. We were not classmates, but colleagues on campus, though I was almost through my senior year. Earl extended his heart to every one that surrounded him, a reflection of his the sun rises and sets for perpetuity, so will he beside the Creator... My sincere condolences to the Viterbo Family and to his LOVED the refrain's NOT GOODBYE FOREVER, BUT SEE YOU SOON...GOD BLESS YOU EARL....AND KEEP YOU IN HIS STEADFAST CARE....

Gustavo Matus '85

I first knew Earl as a student in my Vocal Literature class, then as a student in Choral Methods. He was around to watch me find my way as a new assistant professor in the Music Department. He was a favorite among students and faculty, and many people have stories about his student days. I got to watch him grow and find his own path combining music with his calling of ministry and mission. Then he became my colleague and I watched him lead and serve on the Viterbo faculty. I was always struck by his honesty and his way of mediating and mending. And one of my favorite memories is his leading the faculty in singing. The world needs more singing, and Earl always made that happen. He will be missed by many, but his inspiration will go on for a long time.

Diane Foust, Colleague

 Earl will always be someone I remember as being a person who loved his job, family and life. Through attending his classes and knowing him as a person, there was always a feeling of comfortness about him. He is the kindest person I have ever met and was truly a great person! We'll all miss you Earl...

Gabe Riege '04

"Though I do not believe a plant will spring up where no seed has been, I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders." -Henry David Thoreau I stood with Earl when he first accepted his Catholic Faith. I was there before wife and children. Sitting at his mother's kitchen table sipping hot cocoa every morning, I assure you that my faith could never have prepared me for the wonders brought forth from that seed. I am humbled, and in awe.

Aaron J. DeLonay
Friend of the family

I am shocked and saddened by the loss of such a wonderfully spiritual man as Earl Madary. He loved the outdoors and made sure that many of our classes were out in the open, surrounded by nature. The stories we read expanded our minds, hearts and souls. I am forever grateful to have been his student. He wrote the most wonderful note of praise and support for my final semester's portfolio. He encouraged me to pursue my photography and writing and consider getting published. His passing is a great loss but I am so thankful to have known him.

Arlene Schwartz '04

Earl was a kind and gentle man. He was accepting of all, regardless of their situation. Earl was the greatest example of goodness that I have ever known, and he will be missed deeply. I only hope that I can live my life as a reflection of his teachings.

Audra Pfannebecker, Former student

Earl was one of the very first music students I met when I arrived at Viterbo College in 1987 as a freshman music major. He asked me where I was from; I told him, "IOWA": The name "Cornhead" was immediately born. I don't believe he ever used my real name again from that point on. He would also enjoy wrestling with me stating "I thought you Iowa Cornfed boys were strong!" With my face flushed, hair messed up, and completely tired out from the struggle with Earl, (He had me by a few pounds at the time) I would always give in. Getting to know Earl as a person and a friend was truly a gift from God! His laugh, his incredible tenor voice, and his mischievous side were all things I enjoyed and loved about Earl. I will always hold a special place in my heart for Earl. He took an Iowa boy under his wing and loved me for who I was. My deepest sympathy to Marci and his family. Rest im Frieden!

Tim Heerts '92

I first met Earl in 1998. I was visiting the USA and he made me feel so welcome. When I returned in 2000 ans became a student at Viterbo University, I was delighted to be in one of his classes. Earl was a genuinely good person, always had a ready smile and attentive to needs of his students.I was impressed by his positive attitude towards life and all it had to offer. Earl loved his family very much and this was evident from the way he sais their names. I count myself priviledged at having known him.I loved his singing!! goodbye dear friend, you will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace and may God's light shine upon you.

Jacinta Jackson FSPA, '03
Friend of the family

Earl Madary was a wonderful teacher. My last summer class before my graduation was Environmental Studies. I loved working with Earl. I felt so close to him. That summer, I cried and told him all the things that were bothering me. He told me that he would always be there for me. He will be missed, but never forgotten. He was a great man. I wish him peace. May GOD continue to bless him and I will keep his family in prayer.

Rubie Morris '06

Memories of Earl as an overweight freshman in the Marian Hall men's dorms always make me smile. Reading about all he accomplished in his life makes me realize what an asset he was to Viterbo. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

Brad Solie '96

Oddly enough, I never had a class with Earl. I wanted to, but my schedule never allowed it. My first memory of Earl was at our freshman orientation. He and Tom Thibodeau were there to speak to us, get us out of scared-mode if you will. I remember Earl told us the infamous story of when he was a young boy watching _George of the Jungle_, a young boy with an imagination trying to reenact what he saw on the screen. The image of him hanging out of his window in nothing but his underwear still makes me laugh, especially when I think about his mom making him hang on a little longer so she could take a picture. And when the story was done, he sang. I would hear him on several occasions after that, but the experience was always the same. His voice radiated what he was feeling when he sang those words to the Lord. The joy and faith was palpable, both in the church and on the water. People have surely said it already, but it must be said again. Going on a canoe trip with Earl was like being in church. It was so peaceful, so meaningful. That is how I remember Earl.

Geri '04

 Many of the memories I have of Viterbo include Earl Madary. One of my first memories of Earl was calling him during the first week of classes during my freshman year to ask about St. Francis Choir. After addressing him as Mr. Madary, he said "Mr. Madary is my father, call me Earl." I was blessed to go on three service trips with Earl. The last service trip I went on was one of the trips to David, KY in 1998. I have a picture of our group standing around a sign that said "No Hiking Beyond This Point"…we had been way beyond that point and then some, enjoying the beauty of the Appalachian mountains. Earl saw the potential in every student and encouraged us to go the extra mile. He made things fun with"just enough seriousness to get the job done." He never judged and he always made time for those who needed him, no matter how busy his schedule was. There are so many other wonderful memories that I could share, but those of you that knew Earl, know what a joy he was…a kind, gentle soul who embraced humanity. He was a wonderful example of Christianity. It has been a few years since I last saw Earl but he has been in my mind and prayers. I am greatly saddened by this loss and will miss him immensely. I am honored to call him my teacher, mentor, and friend. To Marcie, Rachel, and Joseph, thank you for sharing Earl and yourselves with the Viterbo community. I send my deepest sympathy to you. May God give you strength and comfort during this time. To those that knew and loved Earl, may his spirit and memory remain with you always. Rest in peace Earl, until we meet again.

Maryanne (Bridwell) Anschutz '99

I never had the fortune of taking a class with Earl, and I wish that I had. Every college has the kind of professor where everyone tells you that you have to take one of his classes because it's the best class you'll ever take. Earl was that kind of professor, and I know that his students felt blessed for having had him as a teacher. I did have the good fortune of working with him and am thankful for the laughter and smiles he always brought to campus. Earl sings to me everyday as I play one of his CDs in my office. I'm grateful that we'll always have the gift of his music. Earl, you were an inspiration to all of us, and you will be greatly missed!

Jen Roberdeau '04

My first class at Viterbo was with Earl, and within the first 5 minutes I knew that I was blessed to have him as a teacher... Earl was an amazing professor, incredible friend, and a mentor to me in every sense of the word. He loved with all of his heart, and every moment I spent with him strengthened my faith, and showed me the beauty of Christ's love. Words cannot express the gratitude and joy I experienced through Earl, and a reflection upon everything that Earl was makes that joy even more meaningful. My thoughts and prayers will always be with the Madary family. Pax et Bonum, Earl. You will forever be missed.

Austin '07

My sympathy To Marci and the children. I have so many fond memories of Earl. From the first day he moved into 3rd floor in Marian Hall, the mornings he'd be running down the hall in his underwear after taking a shower and yelling,"Don't peek Mom". The summer he worked for housekeeping, he would hide and then jump out to scare the housekeepers. He always kept us laughing. His greatest memory of working that long hot summer was when Sr. Jeanice had him clean the tunnel in Murphy Center. He always had a hug for me. My best memory was having Earl sing at my daughters wedding. He was a great friend and one of my boys that was a true treasure.

Lynda (Mom Colbert) Bahr, Colleague

As Ron Amel said to me today, "Earl was the best of the best." That sums up my impressions of Earl. I will always remember his great love of his family, of FSPA and of being a faculty member at Viterbo. Whenever I would thank him or compliment him on something, his response was always a comment like "It's such a blessing for me to be at Viterbo." My sympathy goes out to Marci, Rachel and Joseph. My feeling is that Earl will continue to take good care of them. I believe he is already making heaven an even more enjoyable place than it was before he got there.

Mary Ann Gschwind, FSPA, '65

My deepest sympathy goes out to the Madary family for the passing of Earl. He was one of the greatest men that I knew. He always knew how to add a little fun into the life of a child. He was caring and loving and lived a great life. If one man would ever go straight to heaven, it would most definitely be Earl.

Friend of the family

Even though Earl was sick himself he would always take time out to see how everyone else was doing. He was the most understanding teacher I have ever met through my years of schooling, he was and still is a great man. Through him Viterbo and La Crosse are better places, there will never be another like Earl.

Charlotte Large '07

I am sorry to hear the of the loss of a wonderful person - he was one of the most inspirational teacher that I had at Viterbo and send my wishes to Earls family.

Shane Lanning '02

There are some people in my life who will never be forgotten, and Earl is one of them. He taught me to look beyond my own ideas of who God was, and that God could not be contained in a box. It was evident to all who knew him how much he loved his family. I remember many stories he shared of his family in class--when he spoke of them it was with joy. May his family have the peace that only God can bring in difficult times, as they know Earl is rejoicing in the presence of the One whom he loved and served.

Suzanne (Longenecker) Fleming '05

The most unique individual I have ever known. I am blessed to have had his guidance through high school and college. My thoughts and prayers are with the Madary Family.

James Vacek '96

Marci, Rachel, & Joseph Thank you for sharing your precious husband and loving father with Viterbo University students and staff. Both my husband and I were blessed to have had Earl for a teacher. When my brother died suddenly my senior year your father was one of the few teachers to come up to me and talk openly with me about it. He told me that it was alright to be angry at God, even to yell at Him, just so long as I never stopped talking to Him. I also want to thank your father and Marci for helping to start the Place of Grace. I spent many evenings there washing dishes and working with children. It was one of the few places I have ever truly felt in a community. Thank you and God bless you all.

Meredith (Zondag) Hink '03

Prof Madary had a very large impact on the way that I saw the world. I was fortunate enough to have him for two classes in my 3 semesters at Viterbo. He had a true caring spirit for all of this students and I enjoyed the fact that he not only allowed but encourage open debate both within the classroom and one-on-one. Being a non-Catholic he taught me a foundation of understanding about the faith and I believe that my spiritual life is more directed thanks to my short time with him. Prof Madary will be missed!

Matthew De Vries '02

I had the pleasure of taking Earl's Environmental Spirituality class. One of my favorite poems was "When Death Comes" by Mary Oliver. Like the poem, I believe that Earl is embracing death with curiosity and amazement. It is sad that he leaves behind so many people who loved and cared for him, but his legacy will remain with us. I had no idea that I would grow so much personally and professionally in his class. I remember him telling me and several of my nursing student peers that there was something special about a "Viterbo nurse." I hope that I bring the same compassion to my patients as he did to the Viterbo community.When I think of Viterbo, I think of Earl Madary! All of us have been so blessed to have Earl be a part of our lives.

Emily Kobs '05

I mostly remember Earl's voice. I came to Viterbo in the fall of 1985 ready to pursue those classic dreams of a college-bound young woman-obtain a college education, get a good-paying job and be happy for the rest of my life. I wasn't quite prepared to have a roommate for the first time who wasn't kin and all those classes that seemed so overwhelming to me that I began to suffer from homesickness. On that first week away from my family, I thought that attending the Sunday Mass on campus might bring me some peace. I barely got settled in my seat when the liturgy was about to begin. We stood and the choir was leading us in "City of God"-a song I'd never heard before. We are Sons of the morning! (morning!) We are daughters of day! (of the day!) The God who has loved us (loved us!) Has brightened our way! (our way!) And so on…..well, the man behind the guitar who was chiming in with the echoes was none other than Earl Madary. I was raised in a small parish where most of the songs we sang were "Now Thank We All our God" and "Immaculate Mary"-good, solid, practical music. This contemporary music was new and strange, but I loved it immediately. And it seemed to me that guy Earl Madary loved it too. During the summer of 1987, Earl and I were "working the desk" at Marion Hall. There were no personal phones in the dorm rooms and no one had a cell phone or internet access back in those days, and so "working the desk" meant that you acted as a switchboard operator by answering the phone and then paging the person over the intercom to pick up the call on a payphone on any given floor. We also handled the mail and greeted visitors and students, etc. Lots of "other duties as assigned." During the summer months, the Marion Hall dorms were used by several different groups of people who had meetings in the La Crosse area. On the particular night that Earl and I were "working the desk," we were to greet a busload of boy scouts. Somewhere along the way the bus broke down, and they were going to be late. Earl and I received the call around 10 pm. We were both bone-tired and ready to close up for the night, but we told the troop leader that we'd be there when the bus arrived. 11:00 pm came and went. Midnight. Earl went to get his guitar. He came back and started strumming a familiar tune. Pretty soon we are singing, "Michael Row the Boat Ashore, Halleluiah," and I'm keeping even rhythm with my pencil on the counter. We sang the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine," among others and finally turned our voices to the more sacred texts of John Michael Talbot and Marty Hauge. We sang "City of God" complete with Earl's echoes. I loved it. At the end of that song, as if on cue, the boy scouts' bus was outside, and we rose to help them with their luggage. Earl Madary-a Son of the morning whose voice echoes this day, December 19, 2007. May you rest in the eternal peace of God, and may your loved ones know the comfort of God's tender care in their time of need.

Jayne Curti Coster '89

Earl... Oh, how you will be missed. The kindness in your eyes, the fire in your soul and the grace that was ever in your presence. I truly loved you my friend, and I always will. My fondest memories are of the music we shared, the many talks, the fishing trips we took... and the ones we intended to take, the games of racquetball, the pranks, the many thousand times you would embarass me, the constant battle in concert choir over who really wore boxer shorts... the tenors or the baritone-basses, the choir trip to Europe with all that beer,our stay at Melk and the night we locked Bill Griffel out of our room (DJW tried so hard to be mad at us... but we heard he and Emmy laughing down the hall), the fact that neither one of us could figure out how we were so blessed to have such beautiful wives who would put up with us, and then there was that laugh. Oh how I will miss that wonderful, marvelous, evil and very contagious laugh. You were truly special, and one of the most genuine people I have ever met. With you, my friend, what you saw was what you got... and there was always so much of you to get. You were born with an incredible gift of music and ministry and you continued to give of yourself to the very end. I've never known anyone with the kind of love and passion for life that you had. There are not many people in this world that you can honestly say everyone loved, but you were! You meant so much to so many... and sometimes I would feel sorry for myself because you wouldn't have time to get together, but I always understood. There simply wasn't enough of you to go around. I am so proud of you and the many things that you accomplished in your life. Your legacy will live on in the incredible woman you married, the two beautiful children you created together, the music and ministry you left behind and the many thousands of people whose lives you touched. We were all so honored to have your presence in our lives and Viterbo community will never be the same without you. You were like a brother to me and I will do my best to honor the promise I made to you so many years ago. I called your office three times today just to hear your voice again. I will never forget you singing "Ain't Got Time to Die" with us in concert choir and how you would bring down the house with your inspirational and improvisational solo. Typical tenor! Such a show-off! How little did we know just how foreshadowing that spiritual would be of the life that you led. I just wish I had told you how much you meant to me while you were here... but then again, maybe you knew. Rest in peace my friend. Pax et Bonum.

Dean Witz '90 & Brenda (Neubauer) Witz '94

I had Earl my first and only year at Viterbo, now 5 years later I graduated from another college, but Earl is one member of the Viterbo community that I have always thought of, through the past four years away from Viterbo. He was there when I questioned everything about life, he also lead a class with many different view points and made us realize there was never a wrong view. Earl you will be missed by all and you have touched so many people. RIP and thank you for everything you have taught me in that one year at Viterbo

Abbey W, Former student

Earl was without a doubt the single most beautiful person I have ever known, or could ever hope to know. He was so full of grace, hope, faith, wisdom and love. I can recall more than once actually having tears in my eyes while listening to him lecture. His faith radiated from him, and was present in every word he said. He loved life, his family, his students, and God. During college I questioned my faith until I met Earl. Earl was proof to me that God existed, and I am certain that Earl was sent here for those of us who needed to be shown the way...who needed to be shown the love of God. I can honestly say, that the world will never be the same. I am not sad for Earl, as he is where he has always wanted to be, and is living eternal life in God's glory. I pray for his beautiful family, and I am sad that there are so many people who will never get the chance to feel his presence or hear his beautiful voice.

Emily (Wallace) Rademacher '05

I so admire the life Earl has lead. Memories from long ago as a fellow classmate, tecite/musician, eating & praying together in the koinonia room are some of my favorite. Earl you made a difference in the life of so many people, Thank you. My sincere sympathies to your wife and children. Along the blue highway my friend.

Tammy (Laska) Singer '88

An ordinary kind of guy who made an extraordinary difference. Joy he gave, joy he has found...

An Admirer From 3rd Floor, Colleague

To Marci and Family, The world has lost a fine man and model of what Jesus' ministry and Gospel message is all about. My deepest sympathies to you. Earl touched me in many ways while I was a student at Viterbo.He always had a kind word, was respectful, compassionate, a good listener, and always managed to lift your spirits whether in class or outside of class. Earl offered support to me as an "older student" who was trying to find her way to honor God's call in her life. Earl was one of the most remarkable professors I had while at Viterbo. I have been honored to serve with Earl on the Jail Ministry Board and we shared some laughs together as we discussed the purchase of "women's underclothing". I will miss Earl. He touched so many people, and while his time on this earth was short, Earl will live on in all the hearts that he touched. Marci, and family, May you find comfort in the Lord and may your be surrounded by the glory of God's love in your time of grief. I know that Earl was one of the angels that God put on this earth to do God's work. Peace and blessings.

Kathleen Charles '02

As a freshman, I arrived from out of state - knowing no one and nothing about La Crosse. I was shy, quiet, and very worried of how I would make it in this new environment. Then, I went to my Freshman Studies course and met Earl. Words could not describe the passion I saw - the kindness and respect of everyone who came into his presence. I knew Viterbo was where I belonged. There were many days during my college career I wondered how I would make it through and, somehow, Earl would know and bring some comfort. To this day, I tell all my former students that college was where I earned my degrees, but also learned who I was and what I stood for. Very few professors have that gift of compassion, strength, kindness and the ability to speak truth without harshness. I will miss his laugh, his stories, his strength, and his devotion to his family and career. My prayers go out to the Madary family. Earl, thank you for taking the time to help a meek soul like me survive and thrive in this ever-changing world. Pax et Bonum!

Juan F. Jimenez '01, '06

Earl, Your work is finished. It is up to us "to do what is ours to do". You have given us all a beautiful example in life and in death. You were a truly gospel person. My deepest sympathy to Marci, Rachel and Joseph. My prayers are with you.

Carlene Unser, FSPA, '53 
Friend of the family

Earl - my heart is broken. Marci, Rachel, and Joseph - thank you for sharing such an amazing man with the rest of the world. I truly wish I could stand at your side today. My fondest memories are surrounded by music. Playing my flute with you at church, singing along in David, KY, hearing your voice and your inspirational music at my wedding. Everywhere I am, I hear the instrumentalists, and I think, "Gosh. I miss Earl. He had such a way with that piano." You always tried to get me out in the open, so everyone could hear me play - I'm still such a chicken about that! My favorite photos of you are from our trip to Camp David, the human pyramid (covered with paint) and the time you stole my camera and made that goofy face - the insane elf face? - right in front of the lens. As sad as I am, you keep making me laugh! You are a light for me out in the world, inspiring me to be a better person everyday, for my kids, for my friends, for my husband, for myself. If it is as the song says, that "the only measure of your words and your deeds will be the love you leave behind when you're gone", then Earl, your measure reaches all across the world to all the lives you've touched. Thank you for being an angel in my life. Enjoy singing with the angels! We'll be listening for you...

Yvette (Heritsch) Geissinger '97

The first time I met Earl was for freshman orientation for the "Tom and Earl Show". I got to see the show for two more years by being an O'Leader but the thing I remember most was when I had him for a teacher for Gospels. I remember how much I learned from him since he would challenge us to understand the Gospels-not just read it. I learned so much from him and remember his stories that he would tell. This is a great loss to the Viterbo community and outside community. He will be greatly missed to all that he touched. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

Shayna (Evans) Arndt '05

I'm reading through all these heart-felt tributes to Earl, and I'm finding it hard to find something that hasn't already been said. Earl was such a wonderful man, with a deep abiding love and commitment to his family. He had a soul of service and laughter, such a joyous spirit, blessed voice, and great courage in adversity. His devotion to teaching, learning, and expanding God's kingdom was exemplar. Perhaps one unique thing I can say is that Earl had an amazing way of touching all those around him, making each of us feel unique, special, and valued. Earl truly lived out his mantra of "Pax et Bonum," and I will treasure the years of singing in the church choir under his direction, a spring break mission trip to a L'Arche community, traipsing over to the Madary's for a choir gathering with Marci's delicious food, and of course, teasing him about his loyalty to the Lions. Marci, Rachel, and Joseph, I am so sorry for your loss. You will be in my prayers.

Rae Myers '01

I wanted to thank Earl for all the good modeling he did for my three daughters to graduated from Viterbo. They are wonderful young women and I can see compassionate in the way they work in the world. What ideals he passed on. I pass along my sympathy to the family, I am sure he is up in heaven watching over you. Thanks,

June and Tom Reinert
Friend of the family

Earl, oh you will be sadly missed. I never was in school at the same time Earl was, however, had the opportunity to get to know him quite well during my time as a student at Viterbo. I had seen Earl around the music floor frequently during the fall of 88. One day he stopped me in the hall and asked what I was doing up there all the time. I told him my name and that I was a freshman music ed. major. He just started laughing. I didn't really know what to do or say. He told me that he already knew my name, but thought that I seemed to "normal" to be a music major. I began laughing at him and from that day, we were good friends. When I returned to Viterbo, during my last week of Grad school in July of 2003, Earl made a point to come and find me and chat for awhile. It was great to see him. As stated earlier, I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to have met and known Earl. He was a beautiful Christian man. He is now one of Viterbo's guardian angels.

Nancy (Anderson) Grams '93, '03

Earl was such an amazing person. He truly inspired me in many aspects of my life. I grew so much in my own faith through his excitement and passion for God, which he clearly displayed in the religion classes he taught. My heartlfelt sympathies to his family and friends.

Katie Trelstad '05

Earl Madary had the most profound and enduring effect on undergraduate students of any teacher I have known. His wisdom, goodness, and compassion will be missed by us all.

Rick Kyte, Colleague

In 2005, a number of individuals participated in a process to nominate Earl for the US Professor of the Year in CASE competition. This is what I wrote and it is as true now as it was two years ago. "I have learned much from observing Earl Madary: That power is not an absolute but rather about influencing the common good; that teaching is a mission and vocation, not a job; that humility is one of humankind's greatest virtues, and that knowledge becomes exponentially powerful when combined with wisdom and compassion."

Bill Medland, Colleague

I feel I have been truly blessed to have known Earl in my lifetime. There are a few professors on campus who, as an advisor, I always guided my students towards, and Earl was one of them. This was a lesson I learned early in my career at Viterbo; students adored Earl for his knowledge, warmth, faith and his heart. I heard countless stories from students about Earl's lectures; he moved them to tears with his words. I don't think many teachers can do that - move students to really think about their core beliefs or who they are. Read Earl's Teacher of the Year Award "Message to our students" in Strides and you will see why he received this award. When I think of Viterbo, I have always thought of Earl as one of those individuals who embodies all that I believe about this university. I agree, he was always the voice of reason and patience at faculty assembly or at our Letters and Sciences chairs meetings. I always loved when Earl said or sang ("How beautiful") the opening prayers at various events. Most of all, I will miss him terribly on this campus. I pray that he has taught enough of us about what it means to "give" to others, to be there when others are in need, and to love life and to live it to its fullest. I will miss his smile, but whenever I think of him, I will always remember it.

Marlene Fisher, Colleague

My deepest sympathies to Marci and family. I was shocked and saddened to hear of Earl's death. I will always remember his clear and beautiful singing voice and his deep and contagious laugh. I sang with Earl and the contemporary choir on Sunday mornings at the campus church. It was a joy to share in the music ministry with that group. That one summer while "working" at the Marion Hall front desk, I taught myself how to play guitar. It wasn't until my internship at St Pius, when Earl and Jay Nelson came to give a mini guitar "clinic" to us that I embraced the full and strong strum of the instrument. I so loved the music, the church music program led by Sr. Beth, and was honored to be able to share in the music at Marci and Earl's wedding. I have been so proud of Earl. He really embraced his faith and I'm in awe of where his life journey has led him. A life well lived. Pax

Julie (Krueger) Mugavero '89

Earl was a wonderful blessing to my during my time in Environmental Spirituality class. Though I went into the class somewhat worried about the amount of work and projects; Earl made the hard work so rewarding and so enjoyable that I felt somewhat "lost" when the class ended. His personal feedback and encouragement helped me to embrace my love of writing. And after the class (Fall of 2005) Earl remained available to me through email, phone contact, etc. I enjoyed several visits with him in La Crosse at his office. And though we didn't get a chance to sit down last May when I was at Viterbo for an appointment, it felt great to see him in the hallway--have him greet me by name and shake my hand. (I took the class with him online and had visited twice before in person). I had Earl listed as a reference on my resume, and his influence got me into the habit of signing letters and emails with "Peace and All Good." Each time I have done so I thought of Earl. May we all find solace in the knowledge that he is with Almighty God and now at rest. God's Blessings on his family, close friends, faculty and students. And certainly all those who came in contact with Earl benefited in an abundance of ways. My college experience, my life, my future goals and dreams received many blessings through him. I will think of him often.

Thomas Hotek, Former student

I am and will be deeply saddened for Viterbo University by the loss of a person, friend, teacher, and spirit found in Earl Madary. Students yet to attend this great institution will only be able to hear recollections from others lucky enough to be touched by Earl's messages of love, compassion, and care for others. Students-to-be will only be able to imagine what is was like to have the day brightened by his smile, laugh, and greetings in and around campus. Life lessons will be missed out on. Challenges will remain unissued. And, Viterbo will burn a little less bright without Earl. I know people have mentioned the affect of his smile, but it his laughter that I can still hear in my head. I miss that, and it is ironic that it is his laughter that brings a smile to my face and a thought of hope to my head in this time of irreplaceable loss. Pax et Bonum. Thank you Earl.

Aaron '05

Don't you wish that we could have shared with Earl, when he was still with us, all these wonderful tributes and memories from such a wide variety of students, friends and colleagues? What a great difference he made in his short life. He was truly loved and respected; his legacy is alive through all whose lives he touched.

Audrey Penner, Colleague

On my first day of class with Earl, he gave out his personal phone number and said, "Don't hesitate to call, I will always be here if you need me." He went on to say that he had a previous student that was arrested and called him for bail money and a ride. And Earl out of the goodness of his heart, bailed him out and gave him a ride home. He laughed when he told the story to my class. I thought this was a great story about Earl because it shows his compassion and great love for helping people. Earl will always be remembered in our hearts.

Emily (Larson) Root '07

Wonderful teacher and leader, always smiling and providing encouragement. Will be very missed by all. Thoughts and prayers are surrounding at this time.

Sonja '04

Earl was an amazing mentor and example of God's love and grace. He helped me so the good in me and to use my talents in the way that God intended. As Fr. Tom said in the homily at Earl's funeral, I would not be the person I am today if I had not met Earl. I pray that I can be an example to my students as Earl was and is to his. Rest in peace my Friend.

Jenny Tilleman '98

To the Madary family, may you find peace this holiday season in knowing how much Earl's love for you radiated through his teachings. He was inspiring, encouraging, and a joy to learn from. As I canoed for the first time this summer, I understood Earl's love for the water. He encouraged his students to appreciate the beauty around us and to not be afraid of silence. His voice his teachings will be remembered by many.

Gina Pearse, Former student

Trying to count the number of people that Earl touched is like trying to count the stars. He was truly a man that made the most of "moments" in every minute of his life. He could always seem to find the words to ease pain, to heighten understanding, and to bring joy. Earl was one of the few people that could touch your soul with a smile. Earl's multitude of gifts will be missed but those he inspired will be a tribute to his life, love, and praise of all that is good. May his memory live on.

Katie (Germain) Davy '01

I had the privilege of taking one of Earl's religion classes, and it was one of my favorites because it helped me to better myself. I found out more about myself in that class then any other. He made us think and wonder about things in life that we normally wouldn't feel we had time to wonder about. I am a nurse and I believe that you must really know yourself in this profession because there will be times that your morals and values are tested. Earl has helped me to trust myself and to know what I should do when I'm struggling. I hate getting emails from Viterbo with just a person's name as the subject because it usually means bad news, and when I saw Earl's name in the subject line I prayed it wasn't what it was. I teared up the minute I read the unfortunate news of his passing, I pray he's found comfort and happiness in heaven. I will pray for his family that they find comfort in God and each other. Earl you were a great teacher and I will miss you and your stories. I will never forget the day that you told us that a Smashing Pumpkins song was one of your favorite songs! Thank you for what you've given to us as your students.

Liz (Olson) Roske '05

There are very few people in life that I've met with that distinctly suffuse glow of sanctity - the same freefalling careless caring which enabled St. Francis and enabled St. Thomas Aquinas: I have strong confidence to hope that Earl is among their number now. Other than that, I should like to leave a poem I wrote and once showed to Earl and which, by his reaction, he seemed to understand better than I, its author. But that was always Earl: showing us without words what most of us couldn't take a a lifetime to tell... Understanding Real Presence Every morning before I go to work I understand all over again The meaning of mystery: My daughter comes up to kiss me Believing she will see me At the end of the day As sure as the end of the day Will open night Into another morning of kisses. My son will embrace me As much with his farewell voice, The gruff silkiness of its boyhood, As with his tiny strength Pushing against my own, As if emotions were physical. And my other daughter, the small One, she will watch the scene And she will believe: It's not an act, but real, As really real as my presence, As really real as my absence. - JOB

Joseph O'Brien, Colleague

I'd like to extend my thoughts and prayers to Marci, Rachel and Joseph. I was shocked to hear of Earl's death because it basically has not felt like 20 yrs since we were all at Viterbo together. Earl had the most amazing voice and could have done anything. I remember when he accepted his first (after college) job working for Fr. Malin at St. Elizabeth's in Holmen ... what a start to the amazing journey your life became. It should be a lesson for us all.

Cindy Hougum '88

Earl first touched my life as a student. He was a kind, thoughtful, caring, and passionate teacher who truly believed and lived what he taught and challenged us to do the same. Later he touched my life again through my son, a very good friend of Joseph's (and also Marcie, Rachel, and Earl!). A sleepover at the Madary's is the best - an inviting home full of life, love, and fun. Earl will be missed by many, and his life and work will live on in each person he touched. Marci, Rachel, and Joseph - we love you!

Former student
Friend of the family

Earl, I have so many fond memories of attending Viterbo College, but the best involve the time I spent involved with the Viterbo College Concert Choir. I had the privilege of being "bus buddies" with Earl as we toured throughout Germany, Austria and Hungry. I was only 19 years old at the time and remember I was very homesick. Earl did everything he could to make me laugh and feel at ease. I remember the Benedictine Abbey at Melk, and the "3 finger mix" red wine and coca-cola at the wine cellar party in Austria. I have some wonderful photos of Jay, Earl, Emmy and DJW all looking pretty rosy faced and little glazed over! I recently have returned to Viterbo University as part of the Post Bacc. Program and on this past Friday passed by your office door. I only wished I had taken the time to stop by and visit an old friend. My sincerest sympathies to Earl's family. Earl was a great person and he will be sorely missed by all that had the pleasure to meet him. Rest in Peace Earl.

Kimberly (Hoag) Shrake '91

I took my first class at Viterbo from Earl. This happened at a very difficult time in my life. Earl was always understanding and supportive to me. I just wanted to share something that he wrote to me at the end of class. "These hard times are not the last page in the book of your life only part of the great story." He will be missed.

Dena Navoichick, Former student

Last Spring, my friend and brother in Servant-Leadership, Jim Neppl urged me to stop whatever I was doing and enroll in Stewardship being taught by Earl Madary. I cannot recall what it I was doing that was so important, but I will be forever in Jim's debt for getting me to Earl's class on time! I have read the many tributes. Many of you were blessed with years of knowing this great and holy man and may call him friend. It would be presumptuous for me to do so. I shall always call him Teacher. I will always be his student. Earl took us on the journey toward stewardship from classroom; to breakfast at a downtown restaurant; to a coffee shop for hot java and hot debate; to dinner at his home with food, song, poetry, and dialogue; and back to the classroom to view a movie about a poor Irish family coming to America to escape a family tragedy. We cried with Earl, and he thanked us for crying with him. It would have ended with a canoe trip if it wasn't for bad weather. Too brief a journey with Earl, but what a journey it was! Truly an Aha! moment. And his genius - all of it connected! All of it taught us the deeper meaning of Stewardship. The sacred meaning of Stewardship. Last night the Bloomington, MN cohort stopped whatever they were doing and sang these words: Mud and dirt...water and skyyyyyy..... Mississippi.... And spoke these words: Khi - (Lakota…to arrive home) At first new light you and sacred canoe glide beneath the parish bridge spanning the river Styx. Blossoms in slow dance fall upon your Mississippi like the tears upon your pillow. It is your Day! In far off ageless mountains, the sound of your prayer wheel and guitar mark the moment you traverse this holiest of thresholds. Remember? All you need do is ask the Innkeeper for the key. You have graced our lives, my brother, here on Turtle Island. Starman, Celtic Peace Maker, Prince of the Michigan Woodlands, God's Balladeer. Jesus awaits you with open arms, friends, the best cup of wine, and the most delicious bread! It is your Day of Feasting! Please place your storybook within the nest of the Bohdi Tree where we may journey to memorize and speak these chapters: Who You Were Who You Are Who You Will Always Be. Your Bloomington Cohort We love you, Earl Madary.

Thomas Pendergast '07

Earl - the man and spirit has touched and inspired my life briefly but deeply. I was honored to take his Stewardship Course as part of the MASL Program. A small band of aspiring Servant-Leaders from the Bloomington, MN cohort gathered last summer at VU and Earl's abode to engage in theological discourse, prayer and ritual that included food, laughter and adult experiential learning. The spirit of Earl resides in me and all who were present. Not loss, but only tremendous opportunities now present themselves; as Earl would say, "Rage against the machine!" My tears are gift. I was able to sit in the same room as Earl. That has been enough from which to serve-lead and follow Earl... b'Shalom/Salaam/Pax,

James A. Neppl, St.Cloud, MN

If we listen close enough, we can hear the angels singing God's glory - and there is Earl's voice in the harmony. "Thank you" doesn't even come close to expressing my appreciation for the many ways Earl Madary inspired my life. All I can do now is live as he hoped we all would. What a legacy he has left behind, what a difference he has made! The world is a better place because Earl lived and Earl loved. God's peace to Marci, Rachel, and Joseph - you have a huge extended family that loves you! May we all stand united in faith, hope, and love.

Kimbrel Johnson '00

To my Papa Earl, You have been my advisor, my professor, my friend. And you have been my papa. You helped carry me through the last 5 years. As part of your department, we will honor you with your legacy. We, the religious studies department, will carry out your work. I love you Earl. I will miss you deeply, but treasure your memory. Thank you. For everything.

Nicole Keuper '07

To Earl, You often called us the Faithful. It was where we gathered, outside your office door on the "bench". The bench where a certain bare-footed student sat, and others would trickle in. Laughter could be heard no matter where you were on the third floor. Knowledge could be found seeping underneath the crack of your office door. Love could be found wherever you looked. And so, as you taste and see the goodness of the Lord, know that the Faithful on the Third Floor, stand watchful of the eleventh hour and will continue God's work.

Nicole, Former student
Friend of the family

I just can't believe this! This is very sad news indeed. I can picture Earl right now in his Environmental Spirituality class. I can also envision his wonderful comments on the many papers we wrote. May his soul rest in peace. I know he is with the great Lord right now. We will miss you Earl.

Tambudzai Shamu

Earl Madary invited you to partake in joy. He recalled the spirit of land to us as students, reminding us that trees, the bluffs, the river, thrive as we do. He showed us this to us in classes, through poetry and music, conversations over beer and cheese curds. With a canoe paddle. But mainly he showed this to us in the way he exuded his respect and utmost humility in the face of this thriving power. He communicated this when he sang, always when he laughed. Harnessed it even. When I have been most in doubt, for reasons Earl defined naturally, I have turned to him in my heart. He seemed to welcome doubt - in the form of unending questions, anything you could ask him, anyway refute - with the sincerest foundation of joy, and with a steady force of wisdom. The way he held you in regard was a lesson in one's own humility, for if a person as Earl held you in such regard, confronted you with so much faith in you as a force of God, where is there room for shattering doubt? I think for Earl, joy was best reciprocated, and doubt was best dissolved by the best of company...which Earl also was. I remain confident that Earl and Sister Laurien are now able to commune more readily about the higher things that we cannot or are not yet meant to understand. I remain satisfied that Earl was esteemed as he should be, myself among his admirers, just as he was satisfied to esteem life. I remain hopeful that there are other people who are as good and whole and faithful as Earl. And yet, Earl, I must be honest...I remain sad too. And I turn to where you are now with my doubt that Earl-sized holes are hard to fill. And I think you might say to me that these holes are best filled in with the earth, with good books, with wonderful words, holes put to music, filled in with love for friends, family, and God, and by serving them with all might. And I would believe you. Peace and All Good.

Sarah Goldstein, Former student

I was a student at Viterbo in the early to mid eighties, one of the only students there with a significant physical disability, cerebral palsy. Many times in life people touch each other and help each other in the smallest of ways without their knowledge of it. Earl did this for me many times when we were students together with his acceptance, kindness, humor, and friendship. Are not these the best ways we can all give to and help one another? Without self knowledge of it, but ever so profoundly. As silently as the wind's whisper but with as much meaning as anything in life ever holds. This was my experience of Earl. Every time I have thought of him over the years I have joyful remembrance of the times he made me LAUGH!!!

Dianne (Schutz) Gauger '86

When Earl came into my office early that October morning in 2006 and closed the door I thought he meant serious Religious Studies Department business. No, it wasn't that. Earl broke my heart. He told me he had been diagnosed with liver cancer and my legs gave out and rightfully so I fell to my knees and wept with him and for him and for us all. But I held out hope and knew that this stellar Christian man had more to teach to live with a dreaded disease and just months ago I sensed Earl was now teaching me how to die. Let no coward or unbeliever doubt God's magnificent plan. Look at a tapestry's back-side and you see nothing but confounding senselessness. Yet, look at the artistan's plan, dream and hope on the right side and you see the beauty. The back-side of his life was cancer; the right-side of life was beauty named Earl Joseph and God, all along, has been the artisan. We saw a withering body, cancer, tragedy, and great loss. Earl saw resurrection life, eternal vitality, great gain, and the hope we would, we should, and we can follow him. I still cry. As I sit in my office in my chair and look at Earl's chair where he first spoke of death, it is empty yet my life is more full because Earl has taught me to live until I die. One day, one day I will stop crying and smile! Peace and all good my dear are in the Land of the eternally Living while we feebly struggle in the Land of the slowly dying.

Bill Reese, Colleague

My wife and I pray for the Madary family and the Viterbo community as we mourn the passage of Earl. Jen and I had Earl in religion causes at Viterbo and he inspired both of us through campus ministry activities. Earl's life embodied what servant leadership and Franciscan life is all about. May God bring peace to Marcy and family!

Taka and Jen (Jahsman) Kuvaoga '03

My first memory of Earl was when I was a freshman. Earl had already graduated but would come and sing in Concert Choir. When he sang, I was completely mesmerized by his voice! Being a piano major, after listening to Earl sing, I gained a new appreciation for singing. Later on, I went on a TEC retreat (Teens Encounter Christ retreat) with a couple of other Viterbo students. When we got there, I wondered if we would know anyone else besides just the three of us that were going. But, lo and behold right at the door was Marcie. She greeted us at the door and made us feel much more welcome. At the retreat, I remember Earl doing the music and funny skits that made me and others look at the Catholic faith in a more brighter perspective. And, later on after I graduated --I was blessed to play piano a few times while Earl was the music director at St. Elizabeth's. What an amazing experience! I certainly learned a lot. Earl had such an impact on many people's lives. I know my life was never the same after knowing Earl and Marci. So Earl, Marcie, and family---thank you for all that you do for the Viterbo Community and the La Crosse area. Marci, Rachel and Joseph--you will be in my prayers. I know that Earl will be in heaven watching his family and living on in your hearts. Thank you again for all that you all do.

Barbara Johnson '99

Earl encouraged me greatly and gave me insight to love and life. He had such a passion for God, faith, love, nature, and teaching that was shown through every class he taught in. I will miss Earl and his incredible positive and spiritiual outlook!

Melanie Sutton '09

I was devastated to hear of Earl's leaving this world and those of us who loved him as a teacher and a friend. Earl was unique, a very self-possesed individual who inspired me to be the best that I could be under any circumstance. Earl had beauty in his soul and I am content that he is now seeing and experiencing more beauty in the heavenlies. I have had my own struggles with breast cancer this year. I only pray that I can endure with the same dignity. GOD's Blessings upon Earl's family, friends, co-workers, and those of us who sat at his servant leader's feet.

Charlene W. Kirst '06

Earl made me want to be a better person... his faith was contagious and his legacy will live on at Viterbo for generations. I cannot even imagine how beautiful the songs are in Heaven now that he has joined the choir!

Leah Wyland '02

Words can't express how sorry I am to hear of Earl's passing. I have had many religious classes over the course of my life, and he was the first teacher to really make me want to learn and appreciate my faith. I will forever remember his passion and love for his family, his faith and his music. He is a man who made me want to be a better person. I thank him for giving me that and pray that we can all learn from him and all the good he did.

Lisa Buley '98

I hope you'll extend my condolences to the entire Viterbo community. Earl was a great soul, a man of infinite compassion, humor and love. I will miss him personally and Viterbo will have an immense hole in the fabric of the community for a long time. Earl was a rare person who embodied the sense and soul of the place he chose to make home. The community embraced him as he embraced them.  What more can anyone of us ask

One of our final conversations was about the gifted-ness of the cancer he received. It raised ideas that I will long cherish and ponder. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you all and of course most especially with Marci and the kids.Peace,

Paul Sannerud, former Dean of the School of Fine Arts at Viterbo

It has been a privilege to have had the opportunities to be taught by Earl, listened to him during mass, and to have known him as a friend. Even with the short amount of time that I've known Earl, I've learned so much from him. I don't know if I have ever met or known anybody that was the quality of human being that Earl was. I know that I'm a better person today because of him and often refer and reflect on his teachings when making decisions in my own life. I think the Bishop and the Star Tribune got it right when they said that Earl's name was synonymous with La Crosse and Viterbo University. Earl will be missed but surely never forgotten.

Zach Clements '06

I never had the chance to meet Earl face to face, but I did have the great opportunity to have him as one of my on-line instructors. Earl was always so pleasant and was a great teacher. I will always remember his kind words and the motivation that he gave me to want to succeed. Thanks Earl!

Mark Roose, Former student

Earl was special to use all; his passion for life and compassion for the Lord was woven into everything that he did. I will remember him as a friend, mentor, teacher and one talented storyteller. I consider myself lucky to have been able to share a laugh and a canoe with a very special individual.

Zachary Johnson '06

I feel so happy and blessed to have known Earl, to call him a friend, to have shared in that goodness of relationship with he and his family. I feel deeply grateful for all we have shared. As for so many, he has been a guiding force of goodness and love in my life.

Chan Sherin '96, '06
Friend of the family

I had him for only one class, an online class, and he changed my life. He was a great man and will be remembered through all those he changed.

Chelsea, Former student

I was one who came to Viterbo University hoping for the best, but not realizing how much my life would change in four short years. I came wishing to be a lawyer, and I left ready to serve in ordained ministry. Earl was a blessing unto me and many others, for he did not see himself simply as a teacher, but as a learner, and one who celebrated life as a gift and appreciated each person as a child of God. He touched many lives, and in honor of his memory, the lives whom he touched will continue to touch the lives of many others. May we always give thanks for Earl's life, not simply by speaking nice words, but by living our lives with the joy and passion that he did.

Rev. Brian Konkol '01

Earl was the kindest, most open-minded, Christ-like person I have ever had the privilege to meet. When I came to college, my faith was not an important part of my life. Frankly, I didn't even know if I had any faith, or what I believed. Earl was the first person to show me that being a Christian isn't a black and white, word for word, this or that kind of thing. It's about love of all of God's Creation. He was a key player in me finding and solidifying my beliefs, even though he might not have known it. I'll remember him as a wonderful professor, but also a friend. We went on canoe trips, joked about the lack of electricity and music back in his day (though he claimed he knew who the Foo Fighers were ;)), and he counseled my husband and me before our marriage. I literally *would not* be where I am or who I am right now if it weren't for Earl. I know he's joyful walking with Christ as we speak, and I can only hope that those of us who knew him can pass on even a tiny bit of the wonderful man he was.

Becky (Morphew) Morse '04

I am deeply saddened to hear the news of Earl's passing. I remember the amazing times we shared together when I was a senior in college at Viterbo when he stepped in to lead the choir at Campus Church. He had a way of helping students understand that music ministry is more than just singing songs of worship. He made our experiences fun and made us want to be a part of the worship service. I had the honor of being a part of one of the first service trips to David, KY in May 1996. We left the day I graduated and spent a week in the mountains assisting residents of David. Earl was a total prankster and helped assure that the students got a laugh or two on my behalf. At the time I was embarrassed, but now I can look back and laugh as well. My heart goes out to Marci and the kids. I will always remember my times with Earl both as a student and a colleague.

Rob Anderson '96

I had Earl for my Gospels class and some other Religion classes in my first two years at Viterbo. Earl had this...magical way of being able to make me laugh even when I was feeling my lowest. I remember that he was also my advisor for a short time when I thought I wanted to go into the Religion major. He always had a great smile and his laugh always had the class in giggles. I'll always remember him saying what his versions of Heaven and Hell were in class. Earl, I hope your heaven is what you pictured it as. I will always remember you and thank you for everything you gave to me, the University, and our community.

Ashley Handel, Former student

Earl, you brought out the best in everyone. I loved watching you interact with the campus choir, preparing them for what was always a true celebration. One of your most outstanding qualities was that you did not know how deeply you touched each of us that was privileged to know you--just by being you. I will miss your smile, your fun spirit, your beautiful music. You were so deeply loved and respected. Viterbo , Campus church, our community will not be the same without you. My hope is that we all will strive to live by your example. My prayers are with Marci, Rachel, and Joseph.

Joyce Libert, Former student
Friend of the family

Earl it is Christmas Eve, almost a week after learning that cancer has taken you away from us and to the Lord. I am so sad to know I will not see you when I return to campus. You have taught me about love, generousity, giving, learning and living and I will forever be greatful. I will miss your strong, quiet leadership and you deep understanding of the humanness of us all. I pray that your family will find a way to live happily by remembering your love and faith that is so much a part of them. Thank you Earl!!

Debra Randall Anderson, Colleague

I fondly remember taking Environmental Spirituality with Earl, and a certain canoeing trip we took. Needless to say, my canoe ended up flipping over as I was attached to a tree, and Earl in his usual kind and humorous manor looked at me and said, "At least you saved the canoe." I will greatly miss Earl and the wonderful opportunities he gave me while I was a student at Viterbo. He will be greatly missed!

Katy Tyler '06

As with so many students and Alum who have posted before me, I never had the honor of taking a class with Earl. In the 2.5 years I spent as part of the Viterbo community I was, without a doubt, influenced, enlightened and inspired by Earl's actions, ideas and knowledge. Earl showed compassion, acceptance, love and genuine care toward everyone he met. On the facebook group created in support of his couragous battle Earl was described by on member as the most Christ like person he had ever met. Despite not knowing him well I had to agree with that statement. During my time at Viterbo my spirituality was nourished, nurtured and embraced. This Lutheran girl became a Franciscan; inspired to do what she can, where she is with what she has. This wouldn't have happened without amazing role modeling from Earl and his religious studies department exuding the essence of both Jesus and St. Francis in everyday life thus inspiring others to do the same. The news of Earl's passing has effected me on a deeper level than I had expected. I feel honored to have this amazing man be part of my world, if only in a small wayfor a short time. He was an inspiration to everyone who was blessed to have met him. An inspiration that will truly be missed.

Lindsay Caldwell '05

I first met Earl Madary this semester when I returned to classes after having been away from the classroom for several years. I was impressed by his compassion for his students and also by his sense of humor. He really cared about our learning. My deepest sympathy to his wife and children at this difficult time. Viterbo University has lost a great instructor but his family has lost a husband and father. He will be missed by all.

April Harman, Current Student

He was a really fantabulastic guy, I never graduated but he was the best teacher I ever had, I can remember going to his class and learning stuff which is awesome, my prayers and thoughts go out to his family and friends, I learned that a guitar is an instrument is used a lot in music, I play guitar with myself in my basement and it is a lots of fun, well I think I go now I'm hungry

Phil, Former student

Amazingly, I don't think I had a single class with Earl. Nevertheless, this did not stop Earl from getting to know me (I think he knew my name as soon as orientation!) and allowing me to witness his inspiring love and wisdom. Earl taught me not through lecture but through life experience the true meaning of faith, the power of generosity, and the ability one person has to change the world around them. I would occassionally join the choir at San Damiano, and every time I stopped in, Earl never questioned why I wasn't there the last 3 weekends, but always greeted me with a smile and a warm welcome. Every discussion I ever had with Earl was met with abject compassion and patience. His spirit is one that is infectous, as seen on how long this list has become. God bless you, Earl, for being an angel for us here on earth.

Jennifer Spridco '04

I guess I'll remember Earl's laugh the most. He was always happy and really enjoyed life when I went to school with him. He really mentored the underclassman and had the most beautiful singing voice. He will be missed tremendously!

Mark Frank '89

I am currently attending Viterbo to get my BIL for psyche and religious studies. I was in the last of Earl's biblical studies and environmental studies classes. Earl had a penetrating an masterful way of taking the overwhelming idea of a omnipresent being like God and making God approachable and an intimate force in one's life. A special teaching that I received would be on religion. It is hard to see and hear sometimes that the word religion which means "to bring together" to many means to tear apart. The concept Earl taught is that there are three main pillars of any religion. First there is orthodoxy= right thinking, this is when everyone agrees on a certain doctrine of thought. The second is orthopracsis= right practice= this is when one observes certain rites of passage, rituals, or established days of prayer. Each of these concepts can be beautiful but are very dangerous and can start wars and divide the human family. The main pillar is that of orthopathos= right heartedness, or intent. If we as a people can lead our personal and religious life through right heartedness. We would have a much better world. What is right heartedness? For me it is to love God with all my heart, mind, and spirit and to love my neighbor as myself. Earl was one of my mentors and continues to ring through my ears when I am in meditation on religious affairs. Thank you earl for a life lived well!

Matt Cripps, Former student

As saddened as I am by Earl's passing, I can't help but smile at the memories. Campus church choir was so fun under the wonderful leadership of Earl. One funny thing I learned from Earl...never leave your camera unattended while he is around! I don't know how many times I would get my film developed at Walgreens, look through the pile...and then reach an interesting picture, sigh, and say "Earl found my camera again!" He had the most amazing sense of humor. He was the greatest role model and example setter. I will forever miss him.

Heidi (Staggemeyer) Myhre '99

Having participated/attended a workshop wich Earl conducted, left me inspired. Not only his words but his music lifted my spirits. His love for Marci and his famiy was evident. May Earl sing and 'be' free as he continues his presence with my/our cherished memories. Eternal joy be his! Strength and peace for his beloved wife Marci and family.

Rosalia Bauer, FSPA, '56

 I am proud to say that Earl was one of my closest, dearest friends during our college days at Viterbo back in the 1980s. We met first semester, freshman year as two nervous 18-year-olds, away from home for the first time. He and I were members of a close-knit group of friends who seemed to do just about everything together: Jay Nelson, Jeff Bohanski, Kevin Melgaard, Molly Fox, Carol Ryan, Tina Mickett and Renee Fitzgerald. Over the next four years, "the gang" changed as members joined or moved on, but Earl, Jay and I remained close throughout. We've since grown up, gotten married, and raised families...the last time I saw Earl was at Jay and Molly's wedding about 10 years ago. But he has always remained in my thoughts and in my heart...and always will be. Thank you, Earl, for those great times and your wonderful friendship.

Tom Schardin '87

I had the opportunity to take an on-line class with Earl two summers ago. Communicating with him through an online class left a big impression on me. His kindness,love for others and nature was passed on to his class through his written words. I found his class on environmental spirituality a gate to my own personal spirituality and appreciation for our environment. I never met him in person. I would walk by his office and thought about stopping by to tell him how much his class meant to me. I was always in a hurry! Life is too short sometimes! Peace,

Tania Anderson '07

Sending my deepest condolences to the Family of Doctor Earl Madary: Doctor Earl Madary was my most profound instructor in 2005 in Environmental Spirituality Class. He was one of my most respected, influential and honorable professor. He was indeed a treasured and profound instructor. During the 8 weeks of class that I had him as my instructor, he had so much to offer. I have learned a great deal from him and I'm honored to say that I had such a profound and wise instructor who made a difference in my life. He was one of a kind Professor, who was very wise, open, friendly, peaceful, generous and trusting. One of the important topics that Professor Madary educated his students in Environmental Spirituality Class was about what can be done to protect the environment. He was a strong advocate for the environment. Professor Madary taught the class about the environmental issues which impact us in any part of the world. I'm glad that I had the chance to be his student to pass on the valuable knowledge that I gained from him to my children, siblings, friends, and neighbors so they can also learn to be environmental friendly to protect our environment that we live in. Professor Madary is not just a memory, but he is part of us that will always be treasured the most. I pray for Professor Madary's family to heal their pain as time passes. I can deeply feel your pain because I also lost my youngest brother who was killed last year. He was only 17 and had a full life a head of him. I know what you are going through; this is one of the toughest times ever imagined. May God bless Professor Madary's soul! May Professor Madary rest in Peace! Kind Regards,

Jennifer Niaz '05

Earl was such an inspirational man. I had the opportunity to meet him when I joined the campus choir. He was a man of deep faith and devotion. I also had the opportunity to go to David, Kentucky with him as our leader. A journey with many lasting memories! I am so lucky that I had the opportunity to know him and have all of those college memories! My prayers go out to the entire Madary family.

Krista (Hamus) Pavelec '99

A couple years back the thought of physical bodiless life came upon me quite strongly. I wondered about what I would use up my time in after this body was worn out and my mind and spirit were floating around somewhere. I remembered a old spiritual teacher of mine from the 90s, Maestro Sergio Garcia de la Garza, a disciple and promoter of ancient Essenian values. The key is to meditate and pray, he would say. So I tried to "pray mentally", as an exercise to prepare for those moments. After years of the drilling of prayers through memorization, I found it hard to concentrate without the aid of verbally pronouncing the words, of lip and through movement... to pray without a physical crutch. Earl was to help me out here. Whenever I would lose concentration, will-power or even desire to pray, all I had to do was imagine Earl's voice "HAIL MARY!", all happy, charged with energy, a mental sound that carries its own conviction in truth and beauty. That's all I needed to continue to pray. In fact, I have added other mental voices to the action, enriching the entire experience. Definitely, Earl, through his life example, which is pure music, has inspired in me, and surely others, a more pure way to pray and fall in admiration of the Divine.

Turtle '02

I want to express my deepest sympathy to Earl's family. I was devastated by the news. I live in Portage so it took a while to reach me. I was a member of the Campus Church Choir when Earl first took over directing it. What a spiritual inspiration he was. The joy of his voice and passion for our Lord and music was phenomenal. He was a dedicated family man and often spoke of his pride in his children and family. Singing/talking with Earl is among my fondest memories of college. I went on to become a teacher and hope to inspire children as Earl inspired all of us to do our best, be good people, and help others. May God be with you in your time of sorrow but know that Earl definitely achieved angel status on earth and was a guiding light for so many of us.

Angie Gulrud '97

When I remember times spent with Earl, I think of the mission trip I took with him my freshman year (fall of 1999) to the Cities. We worked with the homeless and at Catholic Charities, and that one weekend was such a humbling experience for me--one I'll never forget. I also remember Earl driving in afternoon traffic in St. Paul! I think it was the first and only time I saw him frustrated. He showed me how to read the Bible, and understand who was writing it--how they lived and died. I remember also his story about jumping around the living room in his pajama's. For someone like me, who's never really been in touch with my faith, he showed me there are so many levels of faith. I loved his classes and wish I could have taken more. He prayed for me when I had cancer. I hope he knows how much that means to me. Thank you, Earl. My greatest sympathies to his family, and the Viterbo community. He touched so many lives!

Melissa (Brabender) Roe '04

I served as a barista at Earl's regular coffee house stop for a number of years. Earl and his lovely wife were always simply kind and funny and joyful and witty and interesting. Always! This simple daily conversation and witnessing of their lives for such a brief time almost daily tuned me into the fact that Earl was a beacon of light and hope. Through his actions, he challenged me to "step it up" in my own life. Earl was a living example of Christ for me, and for that I will always remember him. Thank you Earl! I will drink a double cup in memory of you today. Maybe a Sprecher root beer too! Peace.

Natalie Schwinn
Friend of the family

 I was blessed to have been a student of Earl's for two years as a part of the Diocese of La Crosse/Archdiocese of Denver Bible study program held at UW-Stevens Point. Earl not only shared his passion for Christ and the Word of God with us but also his personal experiences that shaped his faith and hope. He talked lovingly about his wife Marci, and their children Rachel and Joseph. Although I have never met his family, they are alive to me as Earl remains because of his stories and the love that shone on his face when he spoke of them. Because of Earl, I fell in love with the Hebrew Scriptures and felt compelled to begin a life of active witness as I hadn't lived before. His humor, professional personalism, his joy, and his curiosity were treasures he shared with all. Most of all, I remember the story he told of his late grandfather, his Opa, who died in Germany during WWII. He said that his Opa, a teacher, had refused to sign an agreement to teach Nazi ideology and was later sent to a camp. He was allowed to take one thing with him and he chose a page from the New Testament, Romans 8 - if we are for God, no man can be against us. Earl never met his Opa, but was inspired by his courage and faith and so generously shared the story with us. Thank you Earl. Thank you Marci, Rachel and Joseph for sharing your husband and father with us. Earl, I know that your Opa and Oma were waiting for you with open arms at the side of Jesus to welcome you to Eternal Life. I cannot imagine the joy in your soul as you contemplate the face of Christ forever more. Thank you Earl. Thank you.

Colleen McLean, Former student
Spokane, Washington

My deepest sympathies go out to Marci, Rachel, Joseph and all other family and friends. Earl really was an amazing person, I remember the energy and fun he brought to the San Damiano Church Choir which I sang with for awhile at Viterbo. He was never judgmental to anyone, and would listen patiently and offer encouraging thoughts without putting someone down. I remember going canoeing and hiking with him and other classmates during my freshmen year at Viterbo. He was in awe of all of God's creation and passionate about helping anyone he could. I remember him singing "Aint Got Time to Die" with the Viterbo Concert Choir and blowing all of us prospective singers out of the water! That song was a great narration of his life. He "kept so busy praisin' his Jesus" that he didn't take extra time to dwell on his own hardships. He was taken too soon, but lived every minute to the fullest. Maybe that is the most important thing we can learn, through our grief, to follow his example and live our lives to the fullest. Everyone here who was touched by him can carry on his legacy and reach out to those around us. In his memory, and when we find our own strength from God, we can all make the world a better place. I'm sure Earl is smiling down at us. I can still hear his happy voice and see the joy that he radiated to everyone he knew.

Francine (Peroutka) Brocious '04

I was privileged to be one of Earl's students, twice actually! He taught me about life, ethics, religion, and most of all about myself. Being in his class made you learn about the true meaning of your life and who you wanted to be or become. I have been shaped by his wisdom, love, and never ending prayers. He is truly missed by all...especially members of the Viterbo community. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends Earl.

Jessica Thieme '06

I had one class with Earl in spring of 07. I did not know him well before the class. Within a short period of time the brightness of his soul stood out. Earl was positive and looked towards the future in a light not seen often by others. He was a great and wonderful man. I am sad to see him go but glad that he was here.

Ajay Jones '07

I remember going to Place of Grace with my sisters and meeting Earl for the first time. It was around Christmas, and I remember doing the dishes singing. Earl was such an honest and awesome person with a beautiful gift. He was extremely talented and I will miss going to mass and hearing him sing.


How saddened I was to find out today "by accident" of Earl's passing.  My friend, Bob Lawson who is also a Servant Leadership Master's degree student, was doing a Google search of Earl's name to find some music lyrics which Earl had written.  Bob came upon Earl's obituary and called me immediately.  I was privileged to know Earl for only four short weeks--two in the summer of 2006 and two in the summer of 2007.  But those weeks helped shape my understanding of what it means to be a true servant-leader.  Earl's kindness and compassion will live forever in my heart.  I am so grateful that his cancer "took a rest" last summer so that we could spend time with him as he inspired us up on the bluff and in the classroom and during a dinner that we "crashed" at his home.

Earl--I hope you have met my brother, Rick, who passed on in September.  He was my "little" brother and too left us way too young at the age of 52.  We had no preparation for his passing as it happened suddenly and without warning.  I trust that you will keep Rick in line.  God bless you--I will miss you terribly when I return to Viterbo this summer.

Elaine Wiatr, Former student

This is my blog entry form the day after I heard that earl had died: this last summer I took an "environmental spirituality" class. I've mentioned it I think. Posted a couple of short pieces that I wrote as part of my final project. It's one of the requirements of graduating from a Roman Catholic university that I had to take two religious studies classes and this seemed like a fairly painless way of going about it. Highly condensed, heard that it was pretty, easy very popular; it ended up being one of the most interesting, enjoyable classes I've ever had. This was in no small part because the professor is an incredible individual. Earl Madary received his B.A. in music and taught for an elementary school before receiving his doctorate in theology and getting a job teaching here. He showed an amazing amount of optimism and insight in class and created an environment that truly led to open, and respectful discussion on some topics that could be conservatively described as "controversial." This was no small feat considering the fact that the views expressed in class ranged from me (yep, still an atheist) to a young lady that held views that I have only been exposed to in parody (e.g. there is no such thing as evolution). Professor Madary was able to fully accept all his religion had to offer while simultaneously being aware of the ways in which its tenants were contradictory or led to bigotry and hate. His expression of faith was dynamic, he was always open to new ideas, yet expressed the basic foundations of love and charity in every interaction I ever had in him. I found myself thinking somewhat critically of his unwaveringly optimistic approach to life, thinking that anyone that optimistic must being blinding themselves to glaring truths about reality. For Earl there was no need to be blind. In seeing the best in everyone, all the time, he brought it out. He made sure that we went outside at least once every day in class. Despite the fact that he was undergoing drug treatment for cancer of the hip, he took us canoeing, and hiking. We read poems to each other on a mountaintop overlooking the Mississippi, and read scripture tethered to each other in canoes, in the goose island estuary. I stayed in contact with him after class. We had intended to go canoeing again, but he was busy, grading papers and frequently incapacitated by a new round of drugs to fight his cancer. Yesterday I received an e-mail, from the director of the religious studies department. "Earl Madary died at 4:30 this morning, Sunday, Dec. 16th at his home" ......... My friend Xxxxxxx is due to give birth on the 15th of Jan. The day after I return. Xxxxxxx was in environmental spirituality with me. She found out she was pregnant the first day of class. I talked with her a lot about it. The pregnancy was unexpected and her parents' initial reactions were less than positive. Most of her friends (me included) responded to the news by asking (with concerned faces) what she was going to do. She told Earl and he beamed and said, "Congratulations". I think he was the first. I'm going to put aside my views on abortion, overpopulation, and the Catholic Church's ridiculous views on contraception for a moment. Xxxxxxx was going through a hard time. I tried to be a good friend; we talked, discussed her options. "Congratulations" was what Xxxxxxx needed to hear.

Edward Rico '08

Wow - I am shocked and saddened to learn of Earl's passing. Even after reading through many of the comments left for Earl and his family, I feel that it cannot be said enough: Earl was a man among men. He really knew what mattered most in life - the love of God, family, and friends, reaching out to help others WHENEVER possible, and the importance of maintaining a positive outlook on life. What I remember most about Earl is the way in which he taught those around him about those things; subtlety emphasizing the importance of service in every class he taught, showing his love for life by telling one of his innumerable entertaining stories, and teaching by prime example how important it is to always have a smile ready to share. The other thing that really stands out in all of my memories of Earl is how he always genuinely cared about what everyone around him had to say. He will be greatly missed in this life, but his soul will continue to live on in his family, friends, students, and service projects, and for this I am extremely thankful.

Matt Ida '03

I will always remember him asking me if I would train him. He was working out at the YMCA in La Crosse when I came to school at Viterbo in 2004. I really wasn't fitting in with the rest of my ministry classmates and Earl being Earl didn't want anyone to be left in the dust. He pulled me aside one day and asked if he could buy me lunch and said that he had something he wanted to talk to me about. He was in the process of getting into shape and saw that I was into body building and asked me if I would train him on how to add some musculature. He did everything I asked of him and worked out with me for most of 2005-2006 and in the process made me feel like I was apart of something. I will never ever forget him telling me in June of 2007, when I last spoke to him that he was so grateful for what I taught him about working out, nutrition, and getting into shape. He told me that he never would have been able to get through his chemo without what we had done the year before. That just blew me away and I'll never forget you bro. Someday, here is to one more ride. Big Dave.

Dave Dittmer '07

Earl is someone who lived a legacy. His love for God and for mankind has left a mark and has born fruit that will last. I had Earl stand in my wedding because he was a man of integrity that I knew I could count on to keep me accountable in my marriage and in life. As a student, Earl and I grew to be close brothers in Christ. I am so excited for Earl, because he is in the presence of our glorious maker along with all the angels and believers. Yet, my heart and prayers go out to you Marci and kids. I pray that god's presence comfort you richly in this time of loss. We love you and hope to see you this summer. "Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted." The blessings of His presence and His people are with you. Sincerely in the love of our Lord,

Kris Connors '97
Former student
Friend of the family

One of my first memories of Earl is seeing him perform in the musical Diamond Stud in the ol' black box theatre. I was still a high school student at the time, but I remember being very impressed with his beautiful voice and guitar playing. Later, as a Viterbo student, I took Earl's "Search for Human Christian Values" class. Not only was it a great class, Earl gave me something extremely valuable -- confidence that I could succeed in graduate school. I remember vividly him handing a paper back to me and noting that he thought it was of graduate school quality. I can't begin to express how that one remark affected me. Earl was a one-of-a-kind, and he will continue to be celebrated as much as he is missed.

Karin Maresh-Silva '95

I was very saddened to hear of the news of Earl's passing. He was a truly lovable soul. He touched so many lives at Viterbo and the halls will seem empty without his presence. Peace to Marci, Rachel, and Joseph. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Amy (Mikkelson) Matson