Bill Medland From the President

This is a sad day for Viterbo University and for so many people and their organizations who have been touched by the leadership, service, and friendship of Bill Medland.

One of the significant reasons I accepted the presidency in 2006 was the opportunity to follow Bill's outstanding leadership and to build upon a very solid foundation created by him and others.

The academic presidency is a difficult position. There are many competitive pressures and many constituencies to serve. Bill served Viterbo as president for 15 years, twice the tenure of the average college president-testimony to his leadership and to his commitment and dedication to Viterbo. He then continued to serve Viterbo in the role of chancellor, and was honored by the board of trustees with the title of chancellor emeritus when he retired in December 2008.

The academic presidency is also a privileged position and I know Bill appreciated and enjoyed the unique opportunities we have to shape and influence lives and contribute to the vitality and vibrancy of a community.

I am grateful for the warmth and kindness with which Bill and Donna welcomed Joan and me to Viterbo. Bill leaves a significant legacy as the longest serving president of Viterbo. Our prayers go out to the Medland family. Even as we grieve his passing, we celebrate his goodness and his many contributions to our academic and civic communities.

Dr. Richard Artman
President, Viterbo University