Antoinette DeLorbe Tributes

She was a good friend and companion to my father's sister (Rita), and she will be sorely missed.  May she rest in peace.

Ellen Rathburn

In choir, Sister Antoinette would sometimes chew us out, but her description was "a sermonette from Antoinette." It seemed to work!

Judy Andre '67
Former Student

Sr. Antoinette and Sr. Anna Marie helped me to achieve one of my goals--to learn to play the piano. I took the piano classes to earn my fine arts credits. I'm so thankful to have had both of these women in my life.

Linda Gleason '79
Former Student

Sister Anotinette was one of the true great musicians who influenced my life and decision to pursue music back when I was in grade school. I remember my former piano teacher, Sister Dolorette, who was a very close friend of Sister Antoinette, taking me to St. Rose to play for her and how encouraging she was (this at a time when I thought I should give up music because it would not be a good way to make a living). We, who had the great fortune of studying under the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, owe them so much for the incredible education we received. I was very moved to read all the loving tributes from Sister Antoinette's former students. I still remember singing her sweet hymn: "O Sacrament Most Holy" as a young student at St. John on the Northside. Rest in Peace, Sister Antoinette, and welcome to the heavenly choir of angels!

James David Christie
Friend of the family

Sister Antoinette DeLorbe was always a ray of sunshine to me. Besides being a wonderful musician, she was a person of genuine Franciscan hospitality! May you, Antoinette, continue singing, dancing and praising the God for whom you lived!

Rosalia Bauer, FSPA '56

Sister Antoinette was an inspiration to my career as an Elementary Music Educator in the Kenosha Unified Schools. Her tireless energy and love of music will always be remembered.

Dianne (Soltwedel) Dieter '65
Former Student

Memories have been flooding back of working with Sr. Antoinette in the Music Department and the Prep School, playing in the Early Music Consort, teaching the Folk Instruments class, and all the activities involved in the Christmas concert lobby parties. What good fortune for me to have spent so many years working with her and enjoying her company! She will be well remembered.

Sue Hauser

Sister Antoinette was an amazing woman. She pioneered the philosophies of Kodaly and Orff before it became popular in music education. I had her intro class when I was a student at Viterbo and eventually received my certification in Kodaly. I am thankful for having her be an educator in my life.

Linda (Medinger) Bechly '77
Former Student

I studied piano with Sr. Antoinette my first two years at Viterbo. She was always supportive and encouraging, despite my not being the most dedicated pianist. She was interested in what I was doing in my major (theatre) and encouraged me to discover what was really important to me and to set my priorities accordingly. I'm sorry to hear of this kind woman's passing.

Stephanie Miller-Lamb '85
Former Student

I attended Marycliff High School in Spokane, Washington where our FSPA sisters taught. I entered as a junior and was in the chorus for two years. Sister Antoinette taught the chorus both years. She had also taught the same chorus when they were freshman and sophomores. The class was not required for juniors and seniors, but because she instilled such a love for music, our class of 108 members found 90 of them continuing in the chorus as juniors and seniors. I also remember the phrase of encouragement Sister Anoinette wrote in my senior year book - "Be loyal to the Royal in you." She will be missed.

Sharon Bongiorno, FSPA '69
Former Student

I was not in the fine arts but knew Sr Antoinette and have fondest memories of all the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. They were very kind to me and I wish to express my deepest sympathies to the Viterbo Family all the way from Belize, Central America.

Ismael Garcia '83
Former Student

A friend of mine told me of Sr. Antoinette's passing.  Thinking of her brought back so many happy memories.  She was what our "Pinky" referred to as a "Hunny Nunny" - it was always evident in her attitude and her demeanor that she taught out of great love.  Love for Christ, love for music, and love for her students as children of God.

Sheila (Welte) Rehbein
Former Student

As a Theatre and English major at Viterbo I had the joy and privilege of being very involved in an array of musical ensembles and activities during my wonderful years at this extraordinary liberal arts university. Sr. Antoinette was one of those incredible Franciscan spirits that welcomed me with open and loving arms into the music family at Viterbo. She encouraged me to stretch and expand my creative skills and perspectives in ways that continue to impact me today as the Dean of a College of Arts and Sciences. The spirit of hospitality, kindness, and joy for life that Sr. Antoinette shared with me so long ago continue to live vibrantly in my heart and soul today.

Dean Yohnk '87
Former Student

I was fortunate to have Sister Antionette as a piano teacher when I was in seventh and eighth grades at St. Joseph's Cathedral in La Crosse. She was a caring teacher and had much patience. I also had her for a couple of years in high school. I came to St. Rose Convent for lessons. At the time I never dreamed how important music would be to my life. We now lived in a retirement community and have music classes for adults at a music store nearby. Through our classes at the Lowery organ store, my husband and I have the opportunity to learn and play music. We are blessed to have a beautiful Lowery organ in our home. Also we have met many wonderful friends. We have seen and heard many of Lowery's top musicians at our location as well at Lowery's workshops. I am most grateful for having Sister as a part of of my life.

Elizabeth (Buchner) Vaughn '58
Former Student

I remember taking piano 101 with her... You were not even one minute late or the door was locked. She held even those of us "appreciation" students to the same standards as her "majors". That expectation of excellence is what makes Viterbo special. Sr. Antoinette will be missed.

Cherie Burroughs Scanlon '96
Former Student

Thank you for sharing the information and please convey my sympathies to the Viterbo Community.  I remember Sis Antoinette well from my time at Viterbo.  She was a special person.

Brenda (Smikle) Armstrong '78
Former Student

I'm not even sure when I met Sr. Antionette. All I remember is the sweetest, most wonderful person who made you feel at ease from the moment you met her. I was even more fortunate that she visited me at the candy store over the years. Sr. Rita Rathburn, a great friend, made sure she got her last treat of chocolate covered marshmallows a short time ago. May God and his angels watch over you, Sister Tony. You'll be missed, but always remembered.

Laurie (Otte) Finn '87
Former Student

Sister Antoinette was such a wonderful gentle voice teacher to a new incoming freshman to Viterbo. I learned so many things - and I learned not to take my singing voice for granted. And as I aged she ever so thoughtfully told me what to expect of the changes in my voice from my "glorious" (LOL) younger years of hitting those high notes. She taught me to look at the way I was singing - something that I had never done before: How the tongue should be placed ... She bravely tried to teach me to sing French - someething I just couldn't get the hang of - but we did try. Many amazing things I learned - those things still are with me today. Thank you Sister T.

Kathryn (Lukasek) Lyman '74
Former Student

I remember my early years at Viterbo well, when Sr. "Tony" was active at Viterbo. She was a dedicated and talented (and demanding!) musician who was instrumental in helping shape the excellent reputation Viterbo enjoys in the arts.

Pat Kerrigan
Communications and Marketing 

Sister Antoinette was my piano teacher while I was at Viterbo. She was a wonderful person who showed great patience and optimism - at least in terms of my ability to play the piano :) My sympathy to her family in Iowa and the FSPA community.

Mary Beth (Halpin) Hundley '79
Former Student

Sr. Antoinette was an inspiration to me not only as a musician but a strong Catholic. As a result of many wonderful piano lessons with her, I have taught piano now for over 30 years and also accompany at two Catholic churches. I thank her for being such a wonderful teacher and a strong witness in her Catholic faith. She will be remembered in my thoughts and prayers.

Susan (Schreier) Winters '80
Former Student