Viterbo Trivia Answers

1. What year did men's basketball become the first intercollegiate sport at Viterbo?
2. What is the name of the university newspaper and what does the name mean?
             Lumen - light
3. What town was S. Thea Bowman from?
             Canton, Mississippi
4. What was Sr. Mynette Gross' title from 1953-76?
             Academic Dean
5. What is the address for Viterbo University?
             900 Viterbo Drive, La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601
6. What facility was used for over-flow housing in the mid 70's?
             Holy Cross Seminary
7. What is the name of the current athletic facility?
             Varsity Athletic Center
8. What are today's school colors?
             Cardinal and silver
9. What was the name of the first athletic teams?
             The 76-ers
10. What is the name now?
11. Name the most remembered security guard that served Viterbo for many years?
12. Who is the patron saint of Viterbo?
             St. Rose
13. What was the name of the first capital campaign at Viterbo?
14. Name the current and past college presidents:
             Richard Artman
             William Medland
             Robert Gibbons
             Fr. Tom Finucan
             S. Grace McDonald
             S. Francesca Zoeller
             S. Theodine Seobold
             S. Josina Roth
15. What was the name of the first dormitory for women?
             St. Catherine Hall, originally the residence of Bishop Heiss
16. When was the Murphy Center ground breaking?
             September 5, 1940
17. What is considered the founding date of Viterbo College?
18. What was the full-time student enrollment in the fall of 1995?
19. What year did an advertisement for Viterbo appear in Time magazine?
20. What year did Viterbo begin sponsoring "High Quiz Bowl" on television?
21. What was the name of the capital campaign in the 80's?
             Building the Future
22. What years did S. Celestine Cepress teach in the English department at Viterbo? (hint- she taught for 40 years)
23. What is "Touchstone"?
             A literary magazine, first published in 1949
24. Who was the first male graduate of Viterbo in 1972?
             George Glander
25. What bachelor's program started in 1967, and has more alumni than any other major?
26. What was the facility used for overflow in 1994?
             Guest House Motel

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