Grad Message 

The December 2011 graduates were asked to share some "advice" with the incoming "Class of 2016" who will be starting at Viterbo University this Fall 2012.  This is what they had to say...


• Get to know your professors, study hard and take time to enjoy this great time in your life.

• Enjoy an amazing 4 years that will prepare you greatly for future endeavors ~ Andy Sadowskyj  

• Pursue your dreams, follow your heart and NEVER give up.

• Enjoy college life and make the most of a great college with teachers who are more than willing to help and see you succeed. Never give up and follow your dreams. It’s all going to be worth it in the end. ~ Cindi Rosado 

• Enjoy college while you are here. At the time seems like four years is a long time, but it flies by. – Also always put your best effort forward for each test and paper – your GPA can make a difference when applying to grad schools and for your future career. ~ Alex Edwards 

• Never doubt yourself and work hard for your dreams no matter how hard it may seem. It is always worth it in the end.

• Get involved! Meet as many people as possible! Studying is much easier when you are with other people. ~ Melissa Korish

• Study hard right away. Get a tutor from day one! Have fun! Enjoy the different groups on Campus.

• It’s a time to explore and have fun but remember your responsibilities and get the most you can from your continuing education. ~ Donald Padrnos 

• Not everyone comes to college knowing what they want to pursue but once you do, try your very best to get in touch with all the professors and people who can help you. A good place is the Career Service office, your advisor and all the other resources on campus. Volunteer a lot and participate in research if that is something you enjoy. Never take NO for an answer and never give up. There is always a way. ~ Nathalia Acolatse 

• College might be what you expected but you just have to keep pushing hard. Some of the benefits might not be obvious but I tell you it’ll pay off. Persistence is key. Bon Chance. ~ Roger M. 

• I just want to say to enjoy your four years of college. Study hard, but also have fun. Be sure to manage your school work and social life equally to ensure the best experience. It will go by quickly so make the most of it! ~ Kristen Matus 

• Make the best of each class, day, week, semester, and year. It goes by very quickly and soon you’ll be writing comments to incoming freshmen. ~ William Karl Leonard 

• Don’t take this opportunity lightly. Don’t get too caught up in a social life. Do what you have to in order to finish or you will regret it for years. ~ Laci S. Pieryina

• Work hard, be proud and dream big because all of the hard work is an endless reward. Good luck to you on this amazing journey. ~ Amy Becker 

• Viterbo es una Universidad con muchas oportunidades. Para estudiantes internacionales y com mucho apoyo de los profesores y personal.
Viterbo is a University with a lot of opportunities for international students with a lot of support from professors and staff. ~ Santiago  

• Work hard and don’t give up. You will make it through and be glad you did! ~ Genevieve Donohue 

• Work to the best of your ability and you will succeed to your full potential. ~ MJN  




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