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Transfer Credits

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Flexible in accepting transfer credits. Viterbo is committed to providing opportunities for students to earn their degrees by transferring credits from all other regionally-accredited institutions. See our undergraduate catalog for more transfer credit policy information.
  • Credits earned at regionally-accredited institutions in which the student has earned a grade of C or higher will transfer to Viterbo. Students may be required to retake a required major or support course in which a grade of less than C has been earned.
  • Viterbo values career education provided by technical colleges and strives to provide opportunities for students to earn their bachelor's degrees. All credits earned as part of an associate's degree from a regionally-accredited school will transfer to Viterbo.
  • To fulfill the general education requirement, coursework earned through a completed baccalaureate degree from an accredited 4-year college or university, or through an associate of arts or science degree (A.A. or A.S.) at an approved 2-year college program, will transfer for credit. General education credits earned at a technical college will only transfer as general education credits to Viterbo University if the credits are a part of a parallel program. Some schools or programs have specific support course requirements and students are not exempt from those requirements.
  • Computer-related courses that are more than 4 years old may not transfer and may not be used to meet course requirements in the major. Some schools or departments may require that previously completed coursework required for the major be certified as current with recognized academic and professional standards.
  • Remedial or pre-college courses will not be accepted for transfer.
  • Grades earned through transferred courses at other institutions are not included in grade point average computation at Viterbo.
  • Students who feel they have significant college-relevant learning from lifetime / work experience applicable toward college credit can enroll in a portfolio development course to earn credit for prior learning. The portfolio process must be completed during a student’s first calendar year of enrollment. A limit of nine credits may be earned by portfolio by associate and master’s degree students and a maximum of 15 credits may be earned by portfolio by bachelor degree students. 
  • A maximum of 45 credits (from other institutions and Viterbo) can be earned through credit for prior learning (CPL). If credit for prior learning has been earned from other institutions, students will be asked to submit support documents to transfer these credits to Viterbo. Prior learning credits must be approved through ACE, CLEP or DANTES. For more information, review the policy on Alternative Credit.
  • Viterbo students wishing to take courses at other institutions must obtain prior approval to insure that the course will transfer to fulfill major requirements. The approval form is available in the Registrar's office. For more information, see the Transfer Credit Policy.