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Substance Abuse Counseling Program Requirements

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Requirements

  • B.A. – 14 credits of world language in preferably one, but not more than two languages
  • B.S. – 11 credits from math or natural science (seven of these credits are met by completing the Scientific Reasoning in the Natural Sciences and Quantitative Literacy core curriculum requirements)

Core Curriculum and Mission Seminars

  • Fine Arts - 3 credits
  • History with a Mission component - 3 credits
  • Literature - 3 credits
  • Philosophy with a Mission component - 3 credits
  • Religion (Theology) - 3 credits
  • Religion (Faith and Practice with a Mission component) - 3 credits
  • Natural Science with lab - 4 credits

Other core curriculum requirements are covered by completed associate degree coursework. Students not transferring an associate degree would be required to complete additional core curriculum.

​Major Courses